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The sister project of our popular "Modification Guitar Contest"! This year's theme is effectors!
▶︎The first remodeling effector contest is here!

A dream collaboration has come true! The Mega Man sound in a compact effector!
▶︎TCGAKKI new effector project

The rosewood that is now the talk of the town is dissected along with the Martin guitar that has built the history of acoustic guitars!
▶︎Secrets that have never been told
▶︎The New Brazilian rosewood
▶︎Rare rosewoods working in the shadow of New Brazilian rosewood

Electric guitar

A new attempt to realize players' dreams and free concepts.
▶︎REFINE project

That remodeling guitar contest is powered up and held this year!
▶︎2nd remodeling guitar contest
▶︎1st remodeling guitar contest

I will do it again! The popular plan of our own No. 1
▶︎3rd remodeling guitar contest
▶︎2nd remodeling guitar contest
▶︎1st remodeling guitar contest

What is the history of GRECO (Greco) & GO series?
▶︎GRECO (Greco) History and Details feature

In the history of old guitars, the commentary of models produced by age and the characteristics and differences for each age by decomposition commentary
▶︎First chapter Fender Stratocaster
▶ ︎ Chapter 2 Gibson Les Paul

Inherit the gene of Leo! ? Thinking man's commitment.
▶︎About T.s Factory

"More fun with free ideas!" Remodeling guitar contest is held!
▶︎1st remodeling guitar contest held !!

Super Long Seller's Divert ES-175. Let's approach the charm of the thick and glossy tone "Ichinago" while drying!!
▶︎Fulco ES-175 loved by the name

Pick up Fender JAPAN that is popular and popularity in Japan vintage
▶︎Fender japan Dream top-level model
▶︎Fender JAPAN JV Model
▶︎Fender japan extrad model
▶︎Fender Japan Custom Edition

TC instruments are all considered as a lovable brand that Nippon is boasting "JAPAN VINTAGE"
▶︎We buy domestic guitar "Japan vintage"!!

New guitar brand "NobuWorks" appeared from Kamakura City Tree Kuni Coast. Variable sea inspiration and technology that have manufactured windsfboards, extremely high completeness and unique individuality
▶︎Sea grown up with the sea brand nobuworks

Same as people! TC Musical Instrument Original Control Knob Customization
▶︎Nobs that emit light according to the position of the selector switch

At least some frustration and problems with their instruments and sound aspects. Let's finish my favorite guitar with fine parts while it is not easy to buy
▶︎Introduction to pickup replacement
▶︎Maintenance beginner's class
▶ ︎ ︎ Heavy tone ranking! Down Tuning Course!
▶ ︎ ︎ Synchronized Tremolo Bridge !! Floating adjustment course !!

Only 98 people blessed in the world, who can be owned by good luck is a miracle guitar GIBSON 58 flying Viced by 1.26 of the world population.
▶︎Only 98 bottles in the world! 1958 GIBSON Flying V

In addition to the popularity and excellent skilled skills, we introduce the supreme gem known for its creative design that is born from rich ideas
▶︎Vol.1 ABE RIVERA '80S Septer Eclipse
▶ ︎ Vol.2 Mosman Super Custom by Baxendale
▶ ︎ Vol.3 Zemaitis 1996 Metal Front

The secret of improvement is from a sound instrument! Professional repairman checks all bad places in diagnosis!
Luxury feeling! Create our original "Instrument Health Diagnostic Diagnosis". If it is easy to fix easily, repair on the spot is also possible!
▶︎Instrument health check

A tender lock course for beginners who will send you a funny episode of YouTube and artists!
▶︎Great varieties who played the end of the rock

Explanation of stretching and adjustment method of strings that often receive questions and frequently asked questions. Special and a little bit of easy exchange We will explain to beginners in an easy-to-understand manner
▶︎I would like to export to the strings of the strings

Monster replica reproduced by the astonishing [commitment]. Thorough verification without getting to the details!!
▶︎A bombing sound that exceeds the replica frame and reproduces the spirit is now here!

That B, W & R came again!!
Custom Engraved Alminium Pickguard with careful sculpture by hand crafting on corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy!
During handling only with TC instrument!!
▶︎Super cool accused B, W & R appeared!

What kind of adjustment instruments have been purchased?
I will answer Zubari !!
▶︎Electric guitar

First of all, the guitar strings make an interesting commentary from various perspectives and introduce them from the way to the tension of gauges, tensions and strings. Aim! Strings Mania!
▶︎Talk of the first volume guitar string

It will be possible to find a new discovery of the parts that could not be seen before comparison! I am also listed selfishly selfishness while studying every day!
▶ ︎ ︎ 2nd Gibson Les Paul Gold Top 1956 & Made in 2000

It is a big expectation and a bit of anxiety to start new things. "Choose the first instrument" will respond to such people!
▶︎First instrument selection
▶︎Electric guitar
▶︎Electric base
▶ ︎ Acoustic guitar
▶︎Guitar amplifier
方 How to choose an instrument store

Acoustic guitar

Martin boasts [Shaded Top], and this column prepared eight originals representing the times rather than modern reprint items.
▶︎Martin Shadered Top

Thorough dissection of the Japanese Aco-Stick Guitar History!
▶︎First of all YAMAHA "Original guitar created by pioneers"

"D-50 deluxe" with the highest peak of the Martin guitar and the ultimate "Tree of Life". Enjoy the exactly art gem, with the other three points that sit in the store
▶︎Martin Guitar Top Peak · Ultimate "Tree of Life"

Supreme gem, Priwa Martin and its history. Amazon the historical value and the sound of another dimension!
▶︎The supreme gem, Priawa Martin miracle large gathering!!

It is the biggest successful person who developed Japan's acoustic guitar culture!
▶︎Side of loneliness guitar designer terry

Acoustic guitar We looked out the romance about [Martin] and [Gibson]! Some of the several episodes! !
▶︎50 small vest to say acoustic guitar "? !!"

I want to play the phrase of that song !!
I want to support you like that !!
▶︎Acoustic guitar Names phrases

A column to introduce a spot to a folk song that colors the times and an artist's guitar who has played songs!
▶︎Folk song jambore

Welcome to the luxurious world of Gibson 100th anniversary Aniversary model SJ-200, a gem !! Gibson 100th anniversary aniversary model SJ-200
▶︎Welcome to the gorgeous world of SJ-200!
▶︎SJ-200 CUSTOM LINE others

It seems that the web representative has fallen into the bottom of the abyss due to the number of vast pages and the number of images (wry smile), and it is a special feature that gained well with that hardship. Gibson I love me! Please be prepared for planning that we have further powered up in the future.
▶︎J-45 & J-50
▶ ︎ ︎ J-200 & J-160E
▶ ▶ ︎ Others

Pickup for acupuncture that does not go straight to amplify the acupuncture rawness as it is. I think I'm thinking about myself and my best! Expected to be visited in the future!
▶ ︎ ︎ ▶ ▶ ︎ first chapter ▶ ︎ Chapter 2

It is a big expectation and a bit of anxiety to start new things. "Choose the first instrument" will respond to such people!
▶︎First instrument selection
▶ ︎ Acoustic guitar
方 How to choose an instrument store

Effector amplifier

Sisters planning of our shop's leading popular planning "Remodeling guitar contest"! The subject of this year is the effector.
▶︎The first remodeling effector contest is held!

Dream collaboration is realized! That rockman sound is compact effector!
▶︎TC instrument new effector planning

Legendary Wow Pedal Vox Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah Pedal
▶︎Legendary Wow Pedal Vox Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah Pedal

I want to put out the sound of the guitarists who are listening through CDs and tapes etc. If you think that it is quite difficult, you should think once if you are playing guitar. Rockmann's staff will make a brief description of each model
▶︎Effector that makes a unique sound

It is a big expectation and a bit of anxiety to start new things. "Choose the first instrument" will respond to such people!
▶︎First instrument selection
方 How to choose an instrument store

Base drum

Introduce high domestic base that rushed through the times!
▶︎Of the wolf
▶ ︎ ︎

It will be possible to find a new discovery of the parts that could not be seen before comparison! I am also listed selfishly selfishness while studying every day!
▶︎First Country Fender Precision Bass 61 & 92

We also research and report Rickenbacker from various angles as it is for your study. Reading Ali, such as unexpected history and structure secret

Ludwig (Radic), which has been ideal for many drummers, a number of star players. I will approach this drum world giant
▶︎LUDWIG extra edition
LUDWIG Emergency interview
▶ ︎ LUDWIG Revive Vintage Sound

It is a big expectation and a bit of anxiety to start new things. "Choose the first instrument" will respond to such people!
▶︎First instrument selection  
▶︎Electric base
▶︎Guitar amplifier
方 How to choose an instrument store

Wind instruments, Japanese musical instruments, stringed instruments

Introducing a treasure musical instrument that sleeps deeper in TC instrument!?
The first time I appeared in 1965 H. & A. SELMER Inc. (So-called Amezel) I will show you no matter where I am in "VARITONE"!!
▶ ︎ Part 2 SELMER VALITONE Find Master

Corno Da Cutcca, Chimbasso. Ovo Emuset, contrabass flute, etc. in the bassette horn etc.
Any special wind instrument also responds to cash purchase
▶︎Please sell special wind instruments with fewer turns!

If you bought a second-hand wind instrument, isn't it hard to blow because there is a person's habit of being used before? ? ?
▶︎Is a second-hand tube instrument hardly blowing because there is a habit!

If you ask your daily care method, you can do it correctly if it is correct. On the contrary, this page was suddenly launched because it was more than expected if you were making a mistake in his orel.
▶︎First installment-SAX-
▶︎Second installment-Clarinet-
▶ ︎ Tri-FLUTE-

Please sell Kinkan and sell again! ! And, it is a page that is appealing to a loud voice. Why is the sale to our shop? It is obvious if you could get through the eyes. Please contact us if you sell your kinkan bankruptcy. Expensive assessment is the industry No. 1
▶︎Cash purchase guidance of brass instruments

Beginners are also summarized for beginners to fit more stringed instruments.
▶︎Type 20 election of the stringed instrument

Explanation of the Traditional Japanese Musical Instrument. Played in Very UNIQUE TRADITIAL PERFORMANCE "Gagaku" and "Kabuki".
▶︎The Basic of JapanSe Musical Instruments

What kind of adjustment instruments have been purchased?
I will answer Zubari !!
▶ ︎ ︎ Wind brave edition

Common · non-janor

A magnificent romance that draws the conflict of the musician heart!
▶︎Will troubled Takashi's gold policy
▶ ︎ Cute A child Hen

A fascinating image advertisement back story, published on "Player" paper, focusing on "Vintage Musical Instruments". We introduce the back story for the explanation and shooting of the advertisement and shooting each other. It is full of laughter and laughter and laughter from the cliff, using a real fighter, with a guitar in the seaside
▶︎Backside of magazine advertising shooting

A second-hand specialty store that is most pleased to brush the instrument, and you will see your commitment to the cross!
▶︎It looks like it looks like this! Cleaning goods to get to know

Make your own theme song to donate to people who suffer from disasters! The CD production story of all the staff who started and started. A handy story that lyrics, composition, performance, recording and others each staff receives, and the CD is completed. You can see production videos now!
▶ ︎ ︎ t TC instrument staff is a page that introduces the process of creating a store theme song

MIL standard (US ceremony standard) compliant strength [strap ring] is launched only in cash special price!
▶︎TC Musical Instrument Original Strap Ring

I donated a guitar as part of a disaster support.
Everyone who is active for reconstruction, if you could have a few poles, you think more than anything
▶︎Wheels with echoing

The stock of more than 3000 used musical instruments where various woods are gathered, and it feels like a plant data that has gathered different materials from all over the world.
▶︎Tree trial experience Miscellaneous

TC musical instrument staff four people. What is the body composition summary!
▶︎Health is the first!

Ukulele Blue Glass, etc.

Premium rare items that only winners can handle the right to purchase. Other rare kamaca and ukulele!
▶︎Kamaka Ukulele Custom SHOP COLLECTION

Under purchase of microphones and microphones that have become unnecessary to support recording production!
▶︎Buy a microphone!

TC Instrument Conducted by the way of enjoying the blue glass of Bluegrass Introducing Blugrull Music-related Mandolin and Banjo!
▶︎How to enjoy TC instrument stream Bluegrass

Introducing Martin Ukulele's attraction and species comparison. Genius Ukuleratorija Jake Shimabukuko, etc. I am looking for a challenge
▶︎Attractiveness and model comparison of Martin Ukulele