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A dream collaboration has come true! The Rockman sound in a compact effector!
▶︎TC Gakki New Effects Pedal Project

Unearthed a nearly unused 1961 Fender Stratocaster!
▶︎Real Closet Classics

Electric Guitar

Unearthed a nearly unused 1961 Fender Stratocaster!
▶︎Real Closet Classics

This is a new experiment that embodies the player's dream and free concept.
▶︎ReFINE Project

The ES-175, a super long-selling masterpiece, let's get close to the charm of "Itinago" with its dry yet fat and glossy tone!
▶︎The ES-175, a full-acoustic instrument loved by the best players.

What is GRECO's History & GO Series?
▶︎History of GRECO (Greco) and detailed feature

The history of old guitars includes a description of the models produced by year and a disassembled explanation of the characteristics and differences between the different eras, along with photos.
Chapter 2 Gibson LES PAUL

Inheriting Leo's genes! The persistence of a twisted and stubborn craftsman.
▶︎About T.S factory

Pick up Fender Japan, which has become conspicuously popular among Japan Vintage
▶︎FENDER JAPAN Dream top-of-the-line model
▶︎Fender Japan JV model
▶︎Fender Japan EXTRAD Model
▶︎Fender Japan Custom Edition

TC Gakki will purchase "Japan Vintage" as a beloved brand that Japan is proud of.
▶︎We buy Japanese guitars "Japan Vintage"!

NOBUWORKS" is a new guitar brand from Zaimokuza beach in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. Inspired by the vast ocean and the technology of windsurfboard manufacturing, NOBUWORKS has created a guitar brand with extremely high perfection and one-of-a-kind character.
▶︎NOBUWORKS, a supreme guitar brand nurtured by the sea

Customize your own original control knobs!
▶︎Knobs that emit light according to the position of the selector switch

You are not able to buy a new guitar easily, but you can customize the smallest parts of your guitar to make it your own. While it is not easy to replace it, let's make it your own by tweaking the smallest parts!
▶︎Introduction to Pickup Replacement
▶︎Beginner's Guide to Maintenance
Down-tuning Course!
▶︎Synchronized tremolo bridge! Floating Tuning Lecture! Edition

Only 98 Gibson '58 FLYING V guitars are left in the world, and only 1.26 out of 100 million people in the world are lucky enough to own one.
▶︎Only 98 in the world! 1958 Gibson FLYING V

A supreme gem known for its original design born from a wealth of ideas, in addition to its craftsmanship and outstanding skill.
▶︎Vol.1 Abe Rivera '80s SEPTER ECLIPSE
▶︎Vol.2 MOSSMAN SUPER CUSTOM by Baxendale

The secret of progress starts with a sound instrument! Professional repairman checks all the bad parts by diagnosis!
Full of luxury! We will prepare our original "Instrument Health Certificate". If it's a problem that can be easily fixed, we can fix it on the spot!
▶︎Musical Instrument Health Checkup

A beginner-friendly rock course with interesting episodes from Youtube and artists!
▶︎The great weirdos who played in the early days of rock music

Explains how to replace and adjust strings, which is a surprisingly common question asked in stores. The special and slightly complicated replacement technique is explained in an easy-to-understand way for beginners.
▶︎I'd like to write about various aspects of string tensioning.

Monster replica reproduced with astonishing attention to detail. Thoroughly examine every detail!
▶︎The bombastic sound that transcends the framework of a replica and recreates the spirit of the original is here!

That B, W&R has done it again!
Custom Engraved Aluminum Pickguard, carefully hand crafted and engraved on corrosion resistant aluminum alloy!
Now available only at TC Musical Instruments!
▶︎Super cool Accessory Guard B from W&R!

What kind of adjustments are made to the instrument you are purchasing?
We'll give you the answer!
▶︎Electric Guitar

First of all, we provide interesting explanations about guitar strings from various perspectives, and introduce in detail everything from gauge, tension, string tension, and string tension to care and maintenance. Aim for it! String Mania!
▶︎Volume 1: Guitar Strings

By comparing strings, you'll discover new things about strings that you couldn't see before! I'm also learning every day as I selfishly and self-satisfactorily publish this article!
Volume 2: Gibson Les Paul Gold Top 1956 & 2000

Starting something new is a time of great anticipation and a little bit of anxiety. For those people, "Choosing Your First Musical Instrument" is the answer!
▶︎Choosing a musical instrument for the first time
▶︎Electric Guitar
▶︎Electric Bass
▶ Acoustic Guitar
▶︎Guitar Amplifiers
▶How to choose a music shop

Acoustic Guitar

This column is about Martin's pride and joy, the [Shaded Top], and this column is not about modern reissued items, but eight originals that represent the era.
▶︎Martin Shaded Top

The History of Japanese Acoustic Guitars!
▶︎Part 1: YAMAHA "Original Guitars Created by Pioneers

An in-depth look at the much-talked-about rosewood, along with the Martin guitars that have built the history of acoustic guitars!
▶︎Volume 1: The many secrets that have never been told
▶︎Part 2: The New Hakaranda, the hottest rosewood material
▶︎Part 3 Rare Rosewoods behind the New Hakaranda
▶Part 4: Post Rosewood

The "D-50 Deluxe," the ultimate "Tree of LIfe," the pinnacle of Martin guitars. Please enjoy this truly artistic gem along with the other three guitars sitting in the store!
▶︎The ultimate "Tree of Life", the pinnacle of Martin guitars.

The supreme gem, the Pre-War Martin and its history. Marvel at its historical value and another dimension of sound!
▶︎A miraculous collection of the supreme gem, Pre-War Martins!

The greatest contributor to the development of Japanese acoustic guitar culture!
▶︎Terry Nakamoto, the lone guitar designer

We've squeezed out a few stories about acoustic guitars [Martin] and [Gibson]! That's 50 stories!
▶︎Acoustic Guitar "What? 50 stories that will make you say "Huh?

I want to play the phrase of that song!
We want to support you!
▶︎Acoustic Guitar - Famous Phrases that will be passed down from generation to generation!

A column highlighting folk songs of the era and the guitars of the artists who played them!
▶︎Folk Song Jamboree

A gem that flaunts strong impact, originality, and luxury! Welcome to the luxurious world of the Gibson 100th Anniversary Model SJ-200!
▶︎Welcome to the luxurious world of the SJ-200!
▶︎SJ-200 Custom Line and others

I love Gibson! I love Gibson, and I'm planning to make it even more powerful in the future, so be prepared!
▶︎J-45 & J-50
▶︎Southern Jumbo & Country Western
J-200 & J-160E
▶︎Dove & Hummingbird
Small Body

When you start something new, you may have both high expectations and a little bit of anxiety. If you are looking for a new instrument, "Choosing Your First Musical Instrument" is your answer!
▶︎Choosing a musical instrument for the first time
▶︎Acoustic Guitar
▶︎How to choose a music shop

Pickups for acoustic guitars are a simple, but not easy task: amplifying the live sound of an acoustic guitar. I'm doing my best to learn as much as I can! Stay tuned for more!
▶︎Preface ▶︎Chapter 1 ▶︎Chapter 2

Effects Amplifiers

This is a sister project to our most popular project, the "Modified Guitar Contest"! This year's subject is effects pedals.
▶︎The 1st Modified Effectors Contest!

A dream collaboration has come true! The Rockman Sound in a Compact Effects Pedal!
▶︎TC Gakki New Effects Pedal Project

Introducing the legendary VOX Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah Pedal!
▶︎Legendary Wah-Wah Pedal VOX Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah Pedal

You've heard the sounds of guitarists on CDs and tapes, but you wish you could get those sounds yourself. Our ROCKMANN-loving staff will give you a brief explanation of each pedal model.
▶︎Effects pedals that produce unique sounds

This is a column related to compact effectors, updated on a whim. I've been trying to lead a healthy life recently by cutting back on alcohol and high-calorie products. I'm trying to live a healthy life by cutting back on alcohol and high-calorie products.
Episode 1 A/B Box, Loop Selector, Parabox
Episode 2 Distortions
Distortion Part 2 Amplifiers
Episode 4 Cool Products Part 1
Analog Delay Part 5
Episode 6 Recent Murmur...
Episode 7 Loop Box Edition Again! Edition
Episode 8 A Slightly Core Pedal Effects Equipment Special
Episode 9 ELEHAMO BIG MUFF pi Special Edition
Episode 10 Ogachan's "Magic Box
Episode 11 "Ibanez TS-808" vs "BOSS OD-1

A serious column that delves deeply and passionately into the sound of Marshall, Boogie, Fender, and various other amps. This is a serious column that delves deeply into the sound of various amps such as Marshall, Boogie, Fender, and more. A must-see!
▶︎First issue! Marshall JCM800
▶︎Part 2! Marshall JCM900
▶︎Third! Fender Amp.
▶︎Fourth! Mesa/Boogie
▶︎Fifth! Speakers
▶︎Part 6! This is how to find the ideal sound!

Starting something new is a time of great anticipation and a bit of anxiety. The "Choosing Your First Musical Instrument" is here to help you with that!
▶︎Choosing a musical instrument for the first time
▶How to choose a music store

Bass & Drums

Honorable domestic basses through the ages!
▶ No.3

Video: I know what I'm doing... Vigor, dignity, and aggression!
▶︎Would you like to be the owner of a Fender "Vintage Bass"?

You will be able to discover something new by comparing the different pickups and circuits! I'm learning every day, and I'm posting this article selfishly and self-satisfiedly!
▶︎Part 1: Fender Precision Bass '61 & '92

I am researching and reporting on RICKENBACKER from various angles for my own study. It is worth reading about the unexpected history, secrets of the structure, etc.

Ludwig" has been used by many star players and is the dream of many drummers. Let's take a closer look at this giant of the drum world!
▶︎Ludwig version
▶︎Ludwig extra edition
▶︎Emergency interview with Ludwig
▶︎Ludwig revived vintage sound

Starting something new is a time of great anticipation and a little bit of anxiety. For those people, "Choosing Your First Musical Instrument" is the answer!
▶︎Choosing a musical instrument for the first time  
▶︎Electric Bass
▶︎Guitar Amplifier
▶▶How to choose a music store

Wind instruments, Japanese instruments, stringed instruments

Introducing the treasured instruments that lie deep within TC Instruments!
In this first installment, we will show you all about the "Varitone", an electric saxophone system made by H.&A.selmer Inc. (so-called Amesel), which was introduced in 1965!
No.2 SELMER VALITONE Search for a master

Corno da caccia, cimbasso. Basset horns, oboe musette, contrabass flute, and so on.
We are ready to buy any special wind instrument for cash!
▶︎Sell us your underutilized special wind instruments!

If I buy a used wind instrument, won't it be difficult to play because it has the habits of the previous owner?
▶︎Used wind instruments are hard to play because they have habits?

When we ask our customers how they take care of their wind instruments on a daily basis, less than half of them do it correctly. In fact, there were more people than we had expected who were doing it the wrong way, so we have launched this page in a hurry.
▶︎Part 1 - SAX
▶︎Part 2 -Clarinet
Part 3 -Flute-

Please "Sell kumquats and sell them again"! This is the page where we are loudly appealing to you. Why is selling your kumquat to us the most profitable? It is obvious at a glance if you take a look at this page. Please consult us when you sell your Kinkan brass. Our high appraisal is the No.1 in the industry!
▶︎Guidance for cash purchase of brass instruments

What kind of adjustments have been made to the instrument you are purchasing?
We will give you the answer!
▶︎Wind instruments

We compile beginner-friendly legume knowledge to make you love stringed instruments more and more.
▶︎20 interesting knowledge about stringed instruments

Explanation of the Traditional Japanese Musical Instrument. played in a very unique traditional performance "GAGAKU" and "KABUKI".
▶︎The Basic of Japanese Musical Instruments

Common, Non-Genre

An epic romance about a musician's emotional struggle!
▶︎The money-making version of the troubled Takashi
▶▶The cute little girl version

Behind-the-scenes stories of the fascinating image ads that appeared in "Vintage Musical Instruments" and other "Player" newspapers. Here we introduce a year's worth of behind-the-scenes stories about the ads and their photography, which (apparently) had an impact on various fields. The ads are full of hilarious stories, such as almost falling off a cliff, using a real fighter plane, and stabbing a guitar in the head on the beach.
▶︎Behind the Scenes of Magazine Ad Shooting

As a used equipment specialist that spends most of its time polishing instruments, we show you our obsession with cloths!
▶︎They look the same, but they are so different! Goods that you should know about!

Let's make our own theme song to donate to people suffering from disasters! This is the story of the CD production in which all staff members participated. The story of how each staff member wrote the lyrics, composed the music, performed, and recorded the music, and how the CD was completed. Now you can also watch the production video!
▶︎This page introduces the process of creating the store's theme song with the entire staff of TC Musical Instruments.

MIL standard (U.S. Military standard) compliant strong and extremely rare [strap rings] are now on sale at a special cash price in stores only!
▶︎TC Gakki Original Strap Rings

We donated guitars as part of our disaster relief efforts.
We would be very grateful if we could be of any help, even if only a little, to those who are working for the recovery.
▶︎Let's echo each other's circle of support!

With an inventory of about 3,000 used instruments made from a variety of woods, it is like a botanical archive with materials of different ages from all over the world.
▶︎Tree Planting Experience Miscellaneous / What ecology you can do for yourself?

Four staff members of TC Instruments. What's up with the body composition meter!
▶︎Health comes first!

Ukulele, Bluegrass, etc.

Premium rare items that only the winner could obtain the right to purchase. Other rare kamaka ukuleles!
▶︎Kamaka Ukulele Custom Shop Collection

We are currently upgrading our microphones and buying up unwanted microphones to support our recording productions!
▶︎We buy microphones!

TC Musical Instruments' Bluegrass Music: How to Enjoy Bluegrass Music, featuring mandolins and banjos related to bluegrass music!
▶︎How to Enjoy Bluegrass Music by TC Musical Instruments

The best ukulele players, ukuleles, ukuleles, ukuleles, ukuleles, ukuleles, ukuleles, ukuleles The ukulele boom is back with a vengeance, including ukulele prodigy Jake Shimabukuro!
▶︎Martin Ukulele Model Comparison