We at TC Musical Instruments propose a new way to enjoy used musical instruments. Rather than simply refurbishing and selling them, we will add a completely new concept to them while taking advantage of the quality of the materials, and propose them as "refined products" in a fresh and innovative way.

We take good quality, well-made Japanese electric guitars manufactured by Fuji Gensen and Matsumoku in the 1970s and 1980s, refurbish them (including repairs and repainting), and select pickups, electrical components, and other carefully selected hardware. The pickups, electronics, and other carefully selected hardware were selected and set up for professional use.

The new project, "ReFINE," was launched as an expression of respect for the craftsmen and people involved at the time, and incorporates the charm of tune-ups by TC-TUNE, the repair department of TC Musical Instruments, which is a proud member of TC.

For more than 30 years, TC Musical Instruments has handled as many as 10,000 instruments per year, ranging from valuable vintage instruments to reasonably priced used instruments.

Noteworthy are the products made in Japan, which have now established a world-renowned MIJ (Made in Japan) category due to the high quality of their skilled craftsmanship, and have earned a high reputation and popularity.

We would like to spread the goodness of Japan Vintage to the younger generation who still do not know the world of MIJ, and for the veterans who know the vintage in real time, we would like them to enjoy it with the know-how and playful spirit that only TC instruments can offer.


Skilled professional skills
TC original instrument series,
The T.S factory, a long-established workshop that produced the TACHIKOMA GT and the ATD-GT, has put its expert woodworking and painting techniques to work without hesitation.

Unique and conspicuous colors
A visually enhanced model clad in striking and distinctive colors.

Use of high quality wood
Amid concerns about the decline in wood quality due to recent wood regulations, the luxurious wood materials used for domestic instruments at the time are appealing.

Respect for Japan Vintage
The company also respects the advanced woodworking techniques of domestic factories such as Fuji Gengen and Matsumoku, which are now highly recognized and popular even among overseas enthusiasts, and aims to pass them down to the present day.

Selection of bass models
The domestic bass models are selected mainly from those with a lot of use and low originality that do not meet the so-called collector's demand (because TC does not want to lose valuable vintage instruments).

Professional setup
The setup is handled by TANAKA, the wizard of setting up TC instruments, to achieve a high player-oriented playability that can be used by professionals.

Vintage ready for use
We aimed to remove the impression that "used instruments are dirty" and "not easy to use," and to create an attractive product that will satisfy even those who have shied away from used instruments.

Greco (TC-TUNE)
1980 EG800PR ReFINE

P.U. cartridge replacement system!
Greco (TC-TUNE) 1980 EG800PR ReFINE

Comment: Greco (TC-TUNE) 1980 EG800PR ReFINE
We have made several variations of pickup cartridges (3 hum, 3 single, P90x3, etc.) to create a guitar with a variety of sounds that can be enjoyed by changing cartridges. Socket wiring for easy cartridge replacement can be ordered.
Pulling up the rear VOL knob activates the center P.U. (reverse phase) and provides a phase-out sound with the rear P.U. The top has been refinished in a subdued color to match the wooden pickup mounts.

Refinished parts
P.U. cartridge machined from black persimmon wood has been dropped in and mounted.
Top refinish (urethane)
Center P.U. ON/OFF switch (Pull Up on the rear VOL knob to turn on the center P.U. in reverse phase.
center P.U. in reverse phase is turned on by Pull Up on the rear VOL knob)
VOL knob Down position: P.U. switch [Front/Front & Rear/Rear].
VOL knob Up position: P.U. switching [front/front & center & rear (phase)
out)/center & rear (phase out)]
Upgraded electrical system, CTS pot, oil capacitor, switch craft
jacks are adopted

BODY: Solid Maple 2pcs Top /Mahogany Back
NECK: Mahogany 1pc
FINGERBOARD: Striped Ebony 22F
P.U.: Original U-2000 x3
TUNERS: Waffle back type
SCALE: 628mm
WEIGHT: 4.92kg
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification

It is carved from a thick black persimmon board.

The P.U. cartridge section is precisely machined from the body
precisely into the top of the body.

Image of P.U. variation.

Image of P.U. variation.

Fender Japan (TC-TUNE)
1986-1987 ST57-55 ReFINE

High performance machine that can be used for multiple purposes!
Fender Japan (TC-TUNE) 1986-1987 ST57-55 ReFINE

Comment: This is a high performance instrument that can be used for multiple purposes.
The ST57-57 was designed to look like a studio-style high-end guitar. New technology pickup, Lace Alumitone, is installed on the body with psychedelic and high-visual finish. The fretboard was refretted with medium-high frets with a looser fretboard R. The bridge is a Wilkinson VG300, and the rear direct fretboard is a Wilkinson VG300. The bridge is Wilkinson VG300 with rear direct switch. We wanted to create a correct high-end guitar based on a Japanese guitar.
It has a wide, well-balanced sound as good as its flashy looks, and has been refined for ease of use.

Refined parts
P.U. cartridge machined from black persimmon wood is dropped and mounted
Special psychedelic finish
Matte-finished neck grip for a pleasant touch
Rear hum processing
Wide-range, low-noise Race aluminum tone pickups
single coil and a loud sounding Deathbucker.
Upgraded electrical system, TAP switch (rear)
Replaced with Gotoh pegs

BODY: Alder
NECK:Maple 1pc 21F
P.U.: Lace Alumitone Single-Coil x2, Lace Alumitone Deathbucker x1
BRIDGE:Wilkinson VG300 Chrome
TUNERS: Gotoh SD91 Nickel
SCALE: 648mm
WEIGHT: 3.20kg
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification

Painting work (secret?!) The finish of suspicious colors is completed by the elaborate painting work (outside secret?!).

TC-TUNE is also concerned with soldering!

Fender Japan (TC-TUNE)
1989 PB75-70 ReFINE

Stylish Mary Kay style plebe!
Fender Japan (TC-TUNE) 1989 PB75-70 ReFINE

Refinished PB model with blond finish and gold hardware in the style of 1950's Mary Kay. This is an oldie but goodie! The pickups are Lindy Frailin pickups, which have a vintage sound with a modern flavor and are known for their easy-to-use sound, and the upgraded electronics make this a "usable" old-style bass.

Refinished in lacquer blond
Replaced with gold hardware
Lindy Freling pickups
Upgraded electrical system

NECK: Maple 1pc 20F
P.U.: Lindy Fralin P-Bass
BRIDGE: Vintage-type Gold
TUNERS: Gotoh Bold
SCALE: 864mm
WEIGHT: 3.98kg
"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification

Accurate and beautifully finished routing work

Special pick guard is in perfect condition
without the slightest deviation!

The cavity in the back is a remnant of the original machine.

Fender Japan (TC-TUNE)
1987 ST57-140 "EXTRAD" ReFINE

What's wrong with it?
Fender Japan (TC-TUNE) 1987 ST57-140 "EXTRAD" ReFINE

This guitar was designed in the image of 80's royal hard rock. It is a manly one-ham! (lol) For the bass machine, I chose a Fender Japan extrad Strat, the best domestic-made Strat at the time. The neck with the flame is amazing! I'm sorry to reveal my age, but when I was a teenager and started playing electric guitar in the late 70's, I had a Greco made by Fuji Strings, and I was very attached to it, so I definitely wanted to make this guitar by Fuji Strings.

For the tremolo unit, I used a Floyd Rose FRT-3, which had a great influence on the hard rock scene at that time. I chose Spurzel locking tuners instead of a locking nut, and one VooDoo humbucker P.U. was slanted to the rear and mounted directly on the guitar. The fretboard was changed to 305R for my taste and replaced with jumbo frets, extended to 24F, and I also scalloped only the high position to give it a playful look.
I love the rich mid-range, sticky and quizzical sound characteristic of the alder body.

Refined parts
24F flange, Scalloped (21-24F)
Fingerboard radius changed to 305 (12")
Jumbo frets replaced, Paint
FRT unit installed, machining
Rear Ham Modification
VooDoo pickups installed
Upgraded electrical system
Replaced with Sperzel locking pegs
Replaced with F.C.G.R. Tone Shift Plate (2mm)

BODY: Alder 2pcs
NECK: Maple 1pc 24F
P.U.: VooDoo HB59's x1
BRIDGE:Floyd Rose FRT-3 Gold(Early Ver.)
Sperzel Trim-Lok Satin: Gold
SCALE: 648mm
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification

Putting in the counterbores for humbuckers

The humbuckers are direct-mounted!

Fingerboard extensions are carefully done by hand
The fingerboard extension is carefully scalloped by hand.

This is an image of the P.U. variation.

E1980s BO-50 ReFINE

The bass that gave shape to the feelings of those days when we longed for high-end music.

A 5pcs thru-neck plebe, this would be a modern high-end bass by any measure!
I have always thought so.
I have refined it to give shape to this long-held thought.
Ebony fretless fits well with the extended sound of the through-neck, which is exactly what we wanted.

The pickups are Baritolini 8S pickups, and the carefully integrated electrical parts give it a rich and responsive modern sound.
The fretboard is extended to the maximum length to reach the pickups without fret lines. We want the long fingerboard to play beautifully and gracefully without being bound by the fret line. This refinement was made with this in mind.

Refinement part
Fretless Ebony Fingerboard
Replaced with new board, Extension
Glossy finish on back of neck
Replace with Bartolini 8S pickups
Upgraded electrical system
Gotoh 201B-4 Bridge
Grover tuners

NECK: Maple+Mahogany 5pcs: Thru-neck
P.U.: Bartolini 8S
BRIDGE: Gotoh 201B-4 Black
TUNERS: Grover Black
SCALE: 870mm? 34inch 864mm
WEIGHT: 3.89kg
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification

The fingerboard has been removed.

A new ebony fretless fingerboard is attached.

Use a vise to apply a strong pressure.

Greco (TC-TUNE)
1989 EGC-600 ReFINE "Samurai

A guitar like a Japanese sword that cuts through rock!
Greco (TC-TUNE) 1989 EGC-600 ReFINE 'Samurai

Based on the rock-inspired black Custom, this guitar has been refined with gold-colored, custom-made aluminum engraved parts that add a Japanese taste to the guitar. The glossy neck finish makes it comfortable to play. This is one of the two models in the pair, gold (Samurai) and silver (Ninja).

Refined parts
Removed the paint from the back of the neck and painted with a matte finish.
BW&R Special Order Aluminum Engraved Pickguard (Samurai)
BW&R Special Order Aluminum Engraved PU Rings
BW&R Special Order Aluminum Rod Cover (Samurai)
Upgraded pickups & electrical system, oil capacitor

BODY: Solid Maple Top / Mahogany Back: Neck
Mahogany L.A.C. Joint: FINGERBOARD: Rosewood 22F
P.U.: Original Screamin' x2
TUNERS: Original Rotomatic
SCALE: 628mm
WEIGHT: 4.55kg
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification

The back of the neck has a matte natural finish.

Orville by Gibson (TC-TUNE)
1992 Les Paul Standard ReFINE

"I want an LP in this color!" Refinement of the
Orville by Gibson (TC-TUNE) 1992 Les Paul Standard ReFINE

The world-renowned Orville by Gibson LPS has been refinished in a lighter version! The eye-catching lame surf blue top is inspired by the shining tropical ocean and sky, and the S. Duncan Seth Rubber P.U. and upgraded electrical system combine to produce a high quality and tasteful humbucker sound.

Top refinish (Surf Blue Sparkle)
Replaced with Seymour Duncan SH-55 Cesslover P.U.
Upgraded electrical parts to CTS and Switchcraft parts

BODY: Solid Maple Top / Mahogany Back
NECK: Mahogany
P.U.: Seymour Duncan SH-55n/b Seth Lover Model
BRIDGE: Original
TUNERS: Original
SCALE: 628mm
WEIGHT: 3.93kg
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

1970s SB-700 ReFINE

New looks and new sound!

Yamaha's world-class SuperBass has been refined into a modern 1-ham version. The bubinga wood pickguard, dropped perfectly into the body, was achieved by skilled craftsmanship.
The humbucking pickups are combined with a simple passive circuit for a powerful and fat beat! The look and sound have changed dramatically from the original model, but the prime quality can only be found in Japan Vintage.

Bubinga wood pickguard drop-in process
Body Back Cavity Machining
Seymour Duncan SMB-4A humbuckers in matte black finish
Upgraded electrical system, series/parallel switch Schaller bridge

BODY: Alder
NECK:Maple 1pc Bolt-on 20F
P.U.: Seymour Duncan SMB-4A MM Alnico V
CIRCUIT Passive, 1V-1T-Series/Parallel SW
BRIDGE: Schaller 3-D4 CHROME
TUNERS: Original
SCALE: 864mm
WEIGHT: 4.05kg
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification


Routing is done precisely for the thickness of the board to be inlaid. This is a very time-consuming and technical work.

Bubinga wood for the embedded pickguard.

It looks like a big puzzle piece!

Fully crimped with lots of vices.

Aria Pro II (TC-TUNE)
1980 LS-500 ReFINE "Ninja

Japanese taste is added to the japabin!
Aria Pro II (TC-TUNE) 1980 LS-500 ReFINE "Ninja

Brushed up the age-old sunburst body top with a fearless black color! Custom-made aluminum engraved parts with Japanese taste are used to accentuate the charm of Japanese vintage. This is one of the two models in the pair, gold (Samurai) and silver (Ninja).

Refined parts
Top refinish (urethane black)
BW&R Special Order Aluminum Engraved Pickguard (Ninja)
BW&R Special Order Aluminum Engraved PU Ring
BW&R Special Order Aluminum Engraved Rod Cover (Ninja)
Upgraded pickups & electrical system, oil capacitor
Pegs, knobs, etc. replaced

BODY: Solid Maple Top / Mahogany Back
NECK: Maple
P.U.: Gotoh Humbucker x2
SCALE: 628mm
WEIGHT: 4.25kg
CASE:"hundred" Softcase

Actual machine before modification

Refinish the top in a bold black color.


Now, how about the above 10 ReFINE?

This time, TCTUNE will be presenting the TC staff's "I wish I had a guitar/bass like this! by TCTUNE.TCTUNE has made it a reality.

We are currently working on the next project, the second phase of ReFINE, which will include vintage Gibson and Fender guitars.We are now working on a plan for the next ReFINE project, which will include vintage Gibsons and Fenders (while worrying about the president's complexion).

At TC Musical Instruments, we would like to make various "your dreams" come true. A little parts replacementto large-scale modifications, please feel free to contact us. Our staff members are instrument lovers from the bottom of their hearts,We will be happy to help you. We love to see your smiling face!

See you soon!