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We invite customers to purchase musical instruments from us. Musical instruments are not consumable items. A good instrument does not decrease in value the more you use it,use.The value of a good instrument does not decrease as it is used, but rather its true value is realized through use.
It is not only brand new instruments that are sought after. Because we specialize in handling used instruments, we do not just assess the appearance of the instrument negatively.value itself.to the maximumvalueWe are committed to providing the best possible value for your instrument. We will purchase your instrument responsibly so that it can be passed on to its next owner.


Enhancing your musical life

Our relationship with our customers does not end with the purchase of a musical instrument, but begins there. We will do our best to support any difficulties or unexpected problems you may experience after purchase, such as "It's getting harder to play" or "The sound may be a little different from what I expected. Please feel free to consult with us about any kind of detailed customization or concerns you may have, as well as long-term adjustment warranty and maintenance of your instrument.


We will take over the responsibility

I haven't used it much lately," "I wonder how much I can get for it if I sell it..." or "I'm short of funds for a new instrument. The reasons and timing for selling your instrument are different. Please consult with us according to your circumstances. We will maintain your instrument in the best condition and pass it on to the next owner.
We purchase not only current models and standard models, but also vintage and minor makers. First of all, please feel free to contact us through our easy on line assessment, by message, or by phone.


Please feel free to use our mail order service.

We understand that you are anxious about selecting an important musical instrument unless you can actually see and hold it in your hands. In order to listen to your concerns and wishes, we are available by phone, e-mail, LINE, and video call.
Each instrument is very important. To prevent shipping accidents to the utmost limit, we carefully and rigorously pack them.
We offer a 6-day trial period, so you can return the instrument if you think it is not what you expected.
We have a large number of mail order customers all over the country and the world, so you can use our service even if you are far away from us.

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Okubo Wind Instrument Store(specializing in wind/string instruments)
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