Sell your instrument

Musical instruments are not consumables. A good instrument does not lose its value as it is used, but rather its true value is realized through use!
And it is not only beautiful and new instruments that are sought after!
Because we specialize in used musical instruments, we do not give a negative appraisal based on appearance alone, but rather maximize the value of the instrument itself.
We will purchase your treasured instruments responsibly so that they can be handed over to the next owner.

1) "Instruments bought at other stores" are also eligible for a 10% increase in the appraisal value!
Instruments purchased from other excellent stores will have their appraisal value increased by an additional 10%!

Target Music Stores】】 【Target Music Stores
Ishibashi Gakki Ikebe Gakki Uemura Gakki Woodman Wind Bros. Guitar Planet Kurosawa Gakki Kurosawa Wind Shimokura Gakki Hyper Guitars Shimamura Gakki Miki Gakki MUSICLAND KEY Yamano Gakki Miyaji Gakki Foochies Guitar Traders ESP/Big Boss Dolphin Guitars Nancy Maru Guitar Shelter Guitar Licks Hobos Deer Prudence Walkin Bluesy Rimshot Nico Nico Guitars Yamaha dealers nationwide etc... Please ask for other music stores at the reception desk.

(2) "Buy-backs" also receive a 10% increase in valuation!
Please let us pick up your instrument purchased at our store!

Trade-ins are also eligible for a 10% increase in appraised value!
If you sell your instrument at the time of purchase, we will purchase it under better conditions!

The increase in valuation is limited to one of the following conditions

Free Appraisal Form

Click here to go to the form page immediately. Please fill in the form freely.

There are three ways to sell
(1) Bring in to our store in Shin-Okubo (Shinjuku) / Receive in cash
(2) Send by mail and request an appraisal/bank account transfer
(3) Visit at your home or designated place
Please see below for details.

First time customer

Don't worry, the process is surprisingly easy!😆The procedure is surprisingly easy. Our staff, who specialize in musical instruments and have over 30 years of experience in this field, will explain the process to you in detail via chat.

About estate liquidation and end-of-life care
Organizing the belongings of the deceased. Also, you are considering to dispose of your belongings during your final days of life. Our staff specializing in vintage and used musical instruments will evaluate and purchase from a single item, and pass it on to someone who will cherish and use it.

Business Owner Customers

We can help you liquidate your inventory due to closure of business, business relocation, downsizing of operations, change in product mix, etc.
We will respond with cash purchases of anything, both used and new.

No matter how old or how small or how big, we will carefully respond to your convenience, even if it is old or without accessories. We will keep strict confidentiality, so please feel free to contact us via chat.

TC Musical Instruments, Okubo Wind Instrument Store

Our staff loves musical instruments.
We appreciate the scratches and the feeling of use as the taste of the instrument!

We have a group of music lovers who have experience in bands, brass bands, big bands, and so on,
We have been in touch with various musical instruments for many years.
We will deal with any instrument with love, regardless of its age or condition.

Bring it to the store (cash payment)

Bring in to our store in Shin-Okubo (Shinjuku)
We will listen to your story and give you an accurate assessment and appraisal.
We always have over 4,500 instruments on display at our store, so please feel free to ask us about trade-ins (replacements)!

What you need

Please bring your identification (driver's license, health insurance card, passport, etc.)
Minors must have a parent or guardian's permission.Purchase Authorization FormPlease download and fill out the form and bring it with you.

Home delivery (free delivery/free assessment)

Send the instrument by mail and request an appraisal. Deposit to your own bank account
You can send the instrument by Yamato Transport freight on delivery!
Address: TC Musical Instrument Appraisal Section, 1-11-23 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073, Japan
Packing sets will be sent free of charge upon request!

What you need

Once your purchase is approved, we will send you a form to complete the procedure.
If you are a minor, you will need to obtain the consent of your parent or guardian, and you will also need to submit the "Purchase Consent Form (for minors)Please download and fill out the "Consent to Purchase (for Minors)" form and enclose it with this application.

On-site purchase (pick-up)

Our staff will visit your home or designated location
There are many items," "they are heavy," "it is troublesome to pack them," "I don't know if they have value."
Please try and ask us about any requests you may have!

What you need

Once your purchase is approved, we will send you a form to complete the process!
If you are a minor, you will need to obtain the consent of your parent or guardian, and you will also need to submit the "Purchase Consent Form (for minors)Please download and fill out the "Consent to Purchase (for Minors)" form.

Solid knowledge and understanding of vintage instruments

We will maintain your instrument and pass it on to the next owner.

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience because we purchase more than 800 items every month!

We have come in contact with a large number of used instruments and have encountered a wide variety of instruments, from masterpieces and ultra-rare items to kiwimono, and we have a great many customers who come to our store after being told by other stores that they do not understand the instruments.

And we are delighted to pass on the charm of old and tasteful instruments, instruments that have been carefully played, directly to the next owner. The whole company is united in conveying the charm of used musical instruments to the world!