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Hello.Advance Guitars. InoueIt is.

The rainy season is almost over, and we can see sunny skies these days.
Once the humidity settles down, the next challenge is the temperature.
Since it sometimes rains, a humidity thermometer is indispensable.
The next step is dryness, and this is an island country that really makes musical instruments weep.

If instruments are left unattended, they will get impatient,So, we have to take good care of them on a daily basis.I think this is the best maintenance, and I enjoy my guitar life peacefully.

But before I go any further, Advance Guitars / TC has a lot of valuable materials and catalogs in storage.
Even if you think you don't have them...Mr. OgouchiI have enough to ask Mr. Kogochi. And it is still in paper form.

Of course it is fun to look at the guitars themselves, but such valuable materials make me feel like I have discovered a new treasure chest, which is very exciting.

You can also see them on YouTube if you like.

There will be articles on the web created based on these stored materials, the actual instruments themselves that we have handled, and the experiences and impressions of our TC instruments staff.

TC Musical Instruments Magazine

The magazine is

Web site.👇on our website.

Recently, we have been in charge of effectors SanobyTone Bender ArticleElectric Guitarist, Electric Guitarist two bottlesbyLes Paul Custom ArticleCurrent Advance (Formerly in charge of basses at TC Instruments) NaitobyArticle by Ken Smithhas been updated.

And this time, I, Inoue, made the article. I am very happy to report that I am the first one to write an article on this topic.

The contents are as follows,GibsonsHummingbirdAbout.

Since all the early models are now available in one place, we thought we had to do this and compiled a list of them. There are many other articles on the changes in specifications and so on, so this time we will focus on the charm of each and every Hummingbird up to 1963, when the square-shouldered Dove was introduced.

This time, we will focus on the charms of each piece, focusing on the pieces up to 1963, when the same square-shouldered Dove was introduced.
Please take a look.


We are planning to introduce many more articles in the near future.

Please look forward to it.

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