"Full of playful spirit😄"Original Project Series" by TC Instruments

Ghost in the Shell

The Tachikoma, the thinking tank from the world-famous anime "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.," is beautifully recreated as an electric guitar.

Cocoa Cigarette

The design of "Cocoa Cigarettes," Orion's signature candy, has been retained and made into an electric guitar.

Next Generation Fighter

TC Gakki has created a guitar based on the Japanese next-generation stealth fighter demonstration aircraft (ATD-X). Please enjoy the spacy sound from the bright body.


The "Dare Butai Garret" distributed exclusively at Comiket 89 is now available as a guitar! This model is a must-have for all fans of DADADADASHIKAI, as well as for all fans of candy!


This is an effect pedal with NKT275 germanium transistor equipped FUZZ FACE, finished from TC instruments' unique point of view. The ideal fuzz derived by "Sano," a man who scrutinizes more than 2,000 effectors a year.


That Rockman sound in a compact size! Veteran engineers with extensive knowledge of Rockman have thoroughly analyzed the original circuitry. The legendary sound has been reborn as a compact pedal with modern usability. Made In Japan!