The original one is expensive, worried about maintenance and faults, and the shape of the rack type, so I did not get into the effect pedal board ... I received a number of users, such as a number of users.
If it becomes a compact pedal, you will feel free to carry out to a studio etc. Yes!!
Redesome the "Rocknan" circuit and assemble at a Japanese plant. Overcoming the weaknesses of original circuits such as noise reduction, and "TCGAKKI" is led by the development of new products that can be easily enjoyed by Rockman (Rockman) sound and full supervised!

In ordre to make this project a reality, a special team was formed under the leadership of effects Chief Sano, the them that created the Sano-Face pedal, G.O.A.T., a manufacturer and distributor of unique and maniacal items, and the engineers and domestic factories that have designed many famous effect units.  G.O.A.T., which manufactures and sells unique and maniacal items.

-Goat Blue Series-




● It is an illustration under development, specifications and designs may be changed


It is an effector dedicated to distortion / overdrive. A compressor is installed, and an equalizer that can adjust the frequency band easy to use with a guitar.

● DISTORTION HARMONIX: Gain distortion gain. Low Overdrive, MID, normal distortion, high and intense distortion can be switched with switch.

● Pre Dist EQ: Bass, Mid Boost, 2 KHz Equalizer, each boost, can be cut, respectively.

● TREB BOOST: Only boosting of the treve area is possible. From the sound with depth, reproduce sounds like pushed out on the front.

● Clean: Stranges the guitar volume and highlight the clean sound.

● Phase: Switch ON directs phase cancellation effect.


An analog circuit chorus. With sweet and soft sound, the compatibility with the guitar is also outstanding.

● Sweep Speed: Speed ​​adjustment of fluctuation. Adjustable in the range of 0.25 Hz to 1 Hz. The more Hz, the faster the wavy.
● DEEP CHORUS: Strong the depth of the chorus effect with the switch ON.
● DELAY / DIRECT MIXER: Select the output method below.
● Wide Stereo: In the chorus by stereo output, it produces a chorus effect by overlapping phase with the positive phase. Very deep chorus.
● Normal: The same as WIDE, but monaural output is also possible. SWEEP SPEED goes up and the depth is shallow.
● Equal: This is also possible with both stereo and mono. Stereo has a very fast Sweep Speed, and the depth is further shallower. A chorus with a deep deep SWEEP SPEED in mono.
● Mono: Mono output only, SWEEP SPEED slow and shallow chorus. It is often used for distortion.


It becomes delay / echo using an analog circuit. Express the correct stereo image in space from any setting position.

● feedback: Sets the duray duration.
● ECHO TIME: L at 75 to 300 ms, r by L, adjustable to 125 to 500 ms.
● PAN SELECT: Selection with the output method. The upper part is mixed with the stereo signal with the mono-localized direct signal. Intermediate is output with echo and direct signals in both stereo. The lower part is output at different mixes on the left and right.

About Rockman

Boston (Boston) leader, Tom Scholtz (Tom Sholz) launched SR & D (Scholtz Research & Development) 1980. The brand name is "Rockman (Rockman)" and a number of models centered on the effector. Original Rockman is said to have been developed in the hint of Sony (Sony)'s Walkman, the original, "Sony), the concept of" so that you can carry it and enjoy the guitar ".

Each model's sound is a very unique thing full of originality, and the Distortion Generator (Distortion Generator) announced in 1987 was reigned as a representative of a few rockman models. Distortion Harmo-NIX sets distortion characters and controls tones with 3-band iconizer.

Final adjustment is possible with pre-out treble boost. We also follow high gain sound in lead boost. Middle area emphasized distortion sound is unique to Rockman (Rockman).
Stereo Chorus is also a popular model, closely entangled with distortion and is characterized by a flowing chorus sound. Especially Long Chorus mode demonstrates the greatest effect on solo play. Plus the spatial effect of the distortion sound. STEREO ECHO sets echo time to echo time to have more effects, and different echo times in different echo times to create unique space spreads and express majestic sounds. It is an echo of commitment as everyone listens to me.

In the beginning of the '90 ', the Rockman, which is a complete analog effector, is a complete analog effector, and the full analog effector will follow the decline.However, the sound with its unique tone still leaks a faded brilliance, and there is still a lot of ridged fans.

Of course, Tom Shorz mentioned above, Mr. Kohiro Matsumoto of B'z uses preamplifier / multi-effector type model Sustainor and headphone amplifier model X100. He has a history of using 1U rack model XPR live.

"Generator" with that unique sound and distortionAnd the warmth and sweetness of the analog to become a habit "STEREO CHORUS", "STEREO ECHO" will be released with the left and right echo balance.

That sound I was listening to records and CDs now revives here!

※ "Rockman", "Sustainor", "Long Chorus", "B'z" are registered trademarks.
※ This product is not related to "SR & D", "JIM DumLop".