Orion Co., Ltd. "Cocoa Cigarettes"
"TC Musical Instrument" Collaboration Electric Guitar

In 1951, a candy "Cocoa Cigarette" representing Orion Co., Ltd. in Osaka was born. The time when the cigarette was cool yet .... All children have been admired by adults and smoked.

The show of the Giants V9, the king player's 756. Blue Rain, such as "Hayabusa" and "Asahike", and super car boom. When I had a dial-type black phone, I was able to go to Zekodi Ko. It is a guitar with plenty of such memories.

TC instruments tried to make TC musical instruments with nostalgic candy of such boyhood, TC musical instrument, not in recent instruments!♪

【What is Cocoa Cigarette ...? ]

Headquartered in Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City,Orion Co., Ltd. Sugar confectionery, which is sold from 1951, package that reministes tobacco.

Taste / package, etc., it is not changed as at that time, it is a waste of long seller that represents Orion Co., Ltd., where the flavor of the hacker and the flavor of cocoa spread to the mouth full.

In 1951, Fender's broadcaster / no-caper is famous for the year when "telecaster" has been adopted as a new name !!

1950s after the end of the war, Japan's high growth period. In Japan at that time, Matsu Yoshida strive to prime minister, and the first to commemorate the NHK red and white song battle is broadcasted on the radio, Japan's first LP record is released from Japan Columbia, and the first LP record of Japan is released, and the father "force mountain" in the Japanese wrestling world It is also a year of debut. After that, the first Motorcycle "Cub" of Honda's small motorcycle "Cub" and Sharp's first TV "TV3-14T type", the first work of the movie "Godzilla" is released, and the Antarctic winter party is the first landing of Antarctica, Tokyo Tower completed, And Misora ​​Hibari is a dating that has established the basis of current Japanese culture, such as recording a hit one after another as an actress / singer.