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NIHEYWe have Vintage Fender Mustangs!


I hope everyone is doing well in this season of rapidly changing temperatures, when it is easy to get sick.

March is the graduation season, but what a surprise to us at TC Musical Instruments..,

Everyone's favoriteFender Mustangare in stock now!

MoreoverMid-1960sfrom the uncontoured pieces to the contoured ones.after 1969models to models with contoured surfaces from 1969 onward!

And this time, it's not only guitars,Mustang Bassalso in stock!


So, we are pleased to announce that Mustang is now in stock!


1966 Mustang 


Early Round Rose Fingerboard '66 Mustang!

The phase out sound is very easy to use!


1973 Mustang Competition Red


A '73 Mustang with competition lines!

Competition line Mustangs were only made for a short period of time, and they are the coolest!


1973 Mustang Mod


Sonic Blue refinished '73 Mustang!

There are many modifications including refinishing, so feel free to play it!!


1966 Mustang Bass

Mustang Bass made in 1966, the first year of Mustang Bass!

This bass has been played and has a lot of dignity. The sound also has the dignity of the 60's!


1969 Mustang Bass Competition Burgundy

 Competition Burgundy! Matching head! 1969 Mustang Bass!

The ever-popular color. This is one you'll want to keep in your room and grin!


Mustangs of all ages, now you can choose as many as you want!

This is a great opportunity to pick up a vintage Mustang!



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