This is a page to introduce a collection of creative private brands from Japan and abroad.
From unknown private studios to handmade brands from all over the world, we introduce you to a wide range of products that show the attention to detail!
TC Gakki, a used/vintage specialty store for 30 years, carefully selects and introduces you to the best of the best!

Electric Guitars and Basses



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TMG Guitars

Oregon, U.S.A.

Electric Guitars & Basses

TMG Guitar is located in Bend, Oregon, USA. There are many music studios in Bend, and Jonathan, the owner of TMG Guitar, has organized a group of skilled craftsmen living in Bend to produce guitars. TMG Guitar's main feature is that it is "community made".

We at TC Guitar have been delivering usable instruments for over 30 years as a used/vintage specialist, and at TMG you will experience what we consider to be a usable instrument.
Please note that order prices will increase by about 5% from June 1, 2022 due to rising logistics costs.

T.S factory

Tokyo, Japan

Electric Guitars & Basses

This is an instrument made by T.Sfactory, a long-established workshop, which woodworked, painted, and assembled a "usable" condition from a body and neck that were in the process of being processed and scheduled to be discarded because they could no longer be made into products at a guitar factory in Japan. The instrument was to be discarded, but not because it was functionally defective, but because it had some stains on the wood.
In other words, they were NG items because there is nothing wrong with them for use as musical instruments! They are "usable" as usual if finished properly!


Tokyo, Japan

Electric Guitar Effects and Accessories

G.O.A.T. stands for "Greatest Of All Time. G.O.A.T. stands for "Greatest Of All Time," which means "the best ever," but to us it means that we are trying to create and offer the coolest stuff in a particular field. We look forward to seeing you in a place near you.


florida, usa


BOB BURT is a high-end effects pedal brand founded by Bob Burt, a genius builder who is friends with John Landgraf, and whose pedals have been used by Allen Hines and many other artists and are highly acclaimed. He is a guitarist himself, and his experience in building and modifying amplifiers for many professional musicians has been utilized to produce high-standard pedals.
The ultimate lineup of overdrive and booster pedals, including our staff member Sano's favorite overdrive and booster pedals, is now available. We have also specially ordered a reverb that was produced in the past in limited quantities.

RoShi Pedals

Okinawa, Japan


We are an emerging handmade effects pedal brand with a workshop in Okinawa, a tropical country. They produce pedals with high quality sound and housing.


Iwate Prefecture


We manufacture and sell instruments and unique products that stimulate artists' sensibilities. We sell various models including "Arare," the world's first effector that uses "Nanbu Tekki," a craft of Iwate Prefecture, for its housing.

Organic Sounds

Aichi, Japan


Our elaborate vintage clone pedals are carefully assembled one by one in our workshop in Aichi, Japan, and are always developed with a passion to please pedal geeks all over the world.



Wind Instruments

This is an Italian-made mouthpiece that began production in 2014. The mouthpiece uses a two-piece system that can be split into upper and lower sections, and is popular for its careful craftsmanship and a wide lineup that meets the delicate needs of players. The popularity of this mouthpiece is rapidly increasing all over the world.



Wind Instruments

High-end trumpet and mouthpiece produced by world-class trumpet player Adam Rapa. We have evolved our conventional mouthpieces to be more manageable, efficient, and effortless. This mouthpiece has been thoughtfully designed to fit many people.


Tokyo, Japan

Effectors & Accessories

We love music/instruments. We are also a team of maniacs. We want to create things that we think are "good," "desired," and "useful.
We started this project with an idea, but we are serious about planning and manufacturing products that can be used properly.
We would be happy if we could add a little flavor to your musical life. We also mean that it would be OK if the products that appeared from our selfish project could make 100 people in the world happy. We hope that this circle of 100 people will continue to grow.