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BOB BURT was founded by Bob Burt, a talented builder who was friends with the late John Landgraf. As a guitarist himself, Mr. Burt has been producing high-standard pedals based on his experience in building and modifying amplifiers for many professional musicians.

We are pleased to announce that we will be handling the pedals created by Mr. BOB BURT himself at TC Gakki!
The ultimate lineup of overdrive and booster pedals, including our staff member Sano's favorite overdrive and booster pedals, which are praised along with LANDGRAFF! We have also specially ordered a reverb that was produced in the past in limited quantities.

We have also custom-ordered a reverb that has only been available for a limited number of orders in the past. or "I want to try a pedal that is one class higher than my current one...", please contact us for more information. Please contact us if you have any questions.

All models except for the Allen Hines model "BB AH-1 DISTORTION" are available in a special finish.


BOB BURT is proud of this high quality overdrive!

By focusing on the dynamics of the sound and minimizing compression as much as possible, a clear and grainy tone is achieved without killing the attack. The midrange has been held down for balance in an ensemble setting. It can handle a range from a natural overdrive sound with good picking response to a fine, high-gain overdrive sound with rich overtones. The wide range, sound balance, natural distortion texture, and low noise all make this a great pedal! It is a great drive on par with the Landgraff DYNAMIC OVERDRIVE and others.
This is a new version with a thinner chassis and Swirl paint job, specially ordered by TC Musical Instruments!


This is a low gain version for those who find BB OVERDRIVE too distorted!

The BB OVERDRIVE's constants and other parameters have been reviewed to make this model more nuanced and with a little less gain. This is an overdrive that drives powerfully even with an amp set at low volume, and allows you to create a clear and transparent sound without cloudiness.
This is a new version with a thinner chassis and Swirl paint job, specially ordered by TC Musical Instruments!


Push up the sound without changing the simplicity and sound.Clean booster to push up the sound without changing the sound!

A simple 1-knob clean booster that boosts the guitar signal without adding overtone or distortion. It features a fat and rich midrange, shimmering highs, and a boost feel that boasts outstanding transparency that does not become muddy even at high volumes and amplifies the guitar's original sound without affecting it. It can be used with either single coils or humbuckers.
This is a new version with a thinner chassis and Swirl paint job, specially ordered by TC Musical Instruments!


The new version of the BB GR8T DISTORTION (Swirl) is a combination of BOB BURT's technology that can be used in all kinds of situations.The drive pedal is a combination of BOB BURT's technology and can be used in all kinds of situations!

Two completely independent distortion circuits are built into the pedal: Gain, Tone, and Volume, as well as an 8-way rotary switch. The more you turn the rotary switch to the right, the more compressed the sound becomes. In other words, this is a fantastic pedal that allows you to enjoy 8 different types of changes from natural drive to heavy distortion drive. This is the ultimate BOB BURT drive pedal, and Allen Hines has given his stamp of approval.


This new model is a further evolution of the AH-1 pedal, which was created through a collaboration between BOB BURT and Allen Hinds!

The AH-1 distortion pedal, customized to meet the needs of top session guitarist Allen Hinds, has received considerable acclaim in many quarters. The AH-1 is now available with a mini-switch that allows you to choose between three different sounds: an open, low-compression sound that is reminiscent of the stack amps of yesteryear, a slightly more compressive sound, and a mode recommended by BOB. The natural distortion is still there, and it conveys the volume control and picking nuance of the guitar body. This model has an exquisite "boxy" sound that is as good as that of the best tube amps, and gives you a great feeling of pleasure. The paint job was done by BOB BURT himself!


Allen Hinds also recommends this reverb pedal!

The BB REVERB (Swirl) is a full analog reverb pedal with a warm, transparent sound, designed to be somewhere between a spring reverb and a plate reverb. The "Decay" control allows you to adjust the sound level of the reverb. The "Decay" control adjusts the length of the reverberation and the "Reverb" control adjusts the amount of the effect sound mixed with the input sound.
This is a new version with a thinner chassis and Swirl paint job, specially ordered by TC Musical Instruments!