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He joined Fender in 1991 and was promoted to Senior Master Builder of the Fender Custom Shop in 1997, and has been building guitars for famous guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Richie Sambora. "Eric Clapton," "Jeff Beck," "Richie Sambora," and many more.Todd Krause (Todd Krause)"。

Todd Krause is a master builder known for having built guitars used by Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, two of the top three guitarists who use Strats as their main instruments.

We are pleased to announce the miraculous arrival of two signature models made by Todd Krause.

These two guitars are Stratocasters, known for their unique specifications. Only at our store can you experience these two top-of-the-line models at the same time.

You can experience the same level of quality that Krauss himself uses, and you can even "picture the scene where he is playing" and feel the nostalgia of the best time you have ever had.

Please take it in your hands and have a look.



The "Blackie" is the royal road to "Eric Clapton".

2015 Fender Custom Shop MBS Eric Clapton Stratocaster "BLACKIE" by Todd Krause

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Surf green, used in collaboration with Santana and very impressive

2003 Fender Custom Shop MBS Custom Jeff Beck Stratocaster by Todd krause

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