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Hello, I'm a newcomer to Splendor!

TC Musical Instrument RepairKoyamauchiIt is.


Suddenly, everyone, please take a look at this newspaper.


It is a headline from the Ibaraki Shimbun published on December 24, 1965.


It is featured in this article.Hitachi Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co.is located in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and was founded in March 1965.

They had 13 employees making guitars at the factory.


The year 1965 was when the Ventures came to Japan in January, and electric guitars seemed to be in a frenzy, but the Beatles came to Japan in 1966, so it was earlier than that.

This means that the company was manufacturing guitars in Japan before the Beatles came to Japan.


The guitars produced by Hitachi Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co. "Splendor" (Splendor)  The brand name is "Splendor".

Nowadays, as a Bizarre/Japan Vintage brandIt has become a well-known brand among people in the know.


In fact, this Splendor is our store. TC Instruments and our store.We are very happy to be able to offer our services to you.


As previously introduced on Youtube by TC Gakki, Hitachi Musical Instrument Mfg.President Koji KurosawaisChairman of TC InstrumentsHe is also the chairman of TC Musical Instruments!


After a career in various businesses, including the manufacture of musical instruments,In 1989, after a long history of manufacturing musical instruments and other businesses, he founded the Used Musical Instrument Store (now TC Musical Instruments).


Splendor was already producing Fender copies at that time.

Fender copies are famous for being released by Greco, Tokai, Fernandes, etc. in the 70's, but Splendor was already making Fender copies before that.


In other words, Splendor was the "first Fender copy in Japan"!


In addition to the guitars made in Hitachi's own factory, there are acoustic guitars made by Kawai Gakki and other factories,The range of Splendor brand guitars is wide and varied.


SuchThe history of Splendor isTC Musical Instruments YouTubeYou can also find the history of Splendor on the TC Musical Instruments YouTube page!

We have also renewed the "Splendor Special Display Corner" in the store!


We have displayed the actual newspaper articles from that time, as well as the guitars that have newly "returned home" to us.


KoyamauchiIt was




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