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Hello! TC instrument Inoue!


TC Musical Device 2nd Floor Acoustic Guitar Floor Buy Campaign here!

"Headway (Late1970S ~ Early1980S) purchase reinforcement !!"

LINEPlease feel free to contact us because it will be a simple purchase estimate.

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Headway HD-110
> Property stock up to 60,000 yen !!

HeadWay HD-510
> Property stock up to 60,000 yen !!

> Property stock up to 150,000 yen Purchase !!

Headway HD-420
> Property stock up to 150,000 yen Purchase !!


Burning period:March 5, 2022 (Sat) -20222 (Thu)!!

※ Beauty products are close to new items without feeling of use, and will be an individual who will have an accessory item.
It may vary depending on the actual condition / model / age / specification.
※ The purchase price fluctuates depending on the detailed model.
Other models not listed in the listWe specialize in Headway's acoustic guitar from late 1970 to 1980 years, expensive purchase!!

Everyone's instrument,Buy high!!!

Please feel free to contact me from here for the assessment / price.【Cantan free assessment】

Acoustic guitar in charge: Inoue