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This website is operated by Music Solutions and its affiliates.
When customers use this site, we will tell you about what you want to understand and help you understand.

1. About copyright
Documents, photos, illustrations, videos, music, software, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the content) on this site are limited company Music Solutions and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as our company) as well as third parties It is protected by copyright. All of these sites can be replicated only by downloading the content by personal or home or otherwise to use within a limited range equivalent to this. If the content is copyrighted by the Company or a third party, it is necessary to replicate it with the copyright notice. Even if other than duplication for the above purpose, if individual content indicates individual usage conditions, you can use it according to the condition.
In the above case and the copyright law, the content can not be used without permission of the copyright holder, and it can not be used in any purpose, public transmission, etc., and in aspects. We do not license the copyright, patent rights, trademark rights and any other rights on the content on this site, and do not guarantee any guarantee for content content on this site.
If our customers fall under the abuse of the copyright of the copyright set forth above, we shall be able to limit and cancel the usage.

2. Policies of personal information handling
Strive to properly manage personal information. Please see the right for details. privacy policy

3. About the use of cookies
Cookies (Cookies) is a data file that the website sends to your computer, and the website can read from your computer when the customer visits. On this site, you may use the Cookies mechanism on some pages to omit the trouble of entering each customer, or collect historical information on the page that the customer has visited.
Cookies (Cookies) do not get your personal information. Customers can also deny Cookies Receivations. In this case, some services offered by this site may not be available.

4. SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
On this site, her SSL (secure socket layer) of encryption technology is introduced to the page that enter personal information so that you can enter personal information with confidence.
In SSL, the input data is encrypted with a PC or the like, and then the network flows to the network to be registered.

5. Possibility of changing information content within this site and this site
Content on this site or on this site may change, modify, delete, and interrupt without notice.
We are not obligated to update the information posted on this site, and do not promise. Please note that no information on this site is not reflected in the latest information.

6. About recommended environment
The following OS and browser are recommended for comfortable use.
Windows OS: Windows 10
Mac OS: 10.11 or more
Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (Latest Version), Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version), Google Chrome (Latest Version) Safari (Latest Version) Mac OS Environment

However, even within the above-mentioned environmental scope, there may be a case where some display problems and various functions may be used by the combination of the browser and the OS. (Use of various browser's beta version, preview version, etc., including some add-ons.)
Correspondence to a new browser will be supported at any time, but it may not be possible to secure the stability of the display and operation due to the unpublished browser-specific defects.

7. JavaScript and style sheet
On this site, we use JavaScript and style sheets. When viewing, enable JavaScript and style sheets in the browser settings.

privacy policy

1. Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information
We will comply with laws and regulations about protection of personal information.
2. Thorough safety management measures of personal information
By properly managing personal information, we will strive to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, tampering, leak and personal information.
3. Implementation of appropriate handling of personal information
1 When collecting personal information, we will inform you of the purpose of use and contact.
2 We will use the personal information limited within the scope of the purpose.
3 Personal information does not be obtained by false and other fraudulent means.
4 Do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without getting consent unless you are outsourcing and other legitimes.
5 Procedure for the disclosure request for personal information is established.
6 We will work to point out individual information.
4. Personal information protection efforts and continuous improvement
We will maintain and improve the provisions of personal information and continuously improve.