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Age: 47 years old (Married with 3 children all grown up)
Background: Graduated from Toyama Prefectural Toyama Commercial High School and joined the company after working
a store manager at Kyoritsu Gakki Shinjuku Store.
I was so excited, but they sold out right before I got there, and I haven't seen them at all since.
His favorite musician is B'z. His hobbies are horse racing and golf. Please feel free to talk with me!


Age: 26 years old
Background: Graduated from Kinki University,
as a developer for a food manufacturer.
Last year, my daughter was born, and I am living a stimulating life every day! I hope we can play music together in the future... I handle a musical instrument, but I prefer singing (lol).


Birthplace: Nirayama-cho, Tagata-gun (now Izu-no-kuni City), Shizuoka Prefecture
Age: 45 Years Old
Background: University Graduate (The university is famous for its football team.)
I like '70s hard rock/progressive rock. My favorite instrument is Gibson Flying V. On my days off, I go to Hanshin Tigers (baseball), Okayama Seagulls (volleyball), and other games. I am a collector of analog records (old communist countries) and retro games.


Birthplace: Sadogashima
Age: 23 Years Old
Background: High School Graduate
Influenced by his father, he enjoyed playing the Nintendo Game Boy Advance as a child and sweated through his childhood playing softball for boys. After placing 8th in an intramural marathon in 6th grade, he joined the track and field club at junior and senior high school, and is very impressed with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana.


AlpsAge: 25 years
oldBackground: Graduated from a vocational school, graduated from an izakaya (Japanese pub)


younger name is Sakiho, written as Sakiho! I love to laugh, sing, eat, and sleep! I do not drink alcohol!
Last year, I got a Degu. His name is Boku-chan.


Born: Fujimi City, Saitama
PrefectureAge: Born in the year of the Tokyo Olympics and the opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen!
Background: dropped out of Tokai University, Department of Optical Engineering, and joined the company after working in the SILVER accessory industry.

During his sales floor days, he was in charge of effectors and was called Ogachan. Former manager of the guitar store "SMASH☆HITS" in Shinjuku. His hobbies are building his own PC and photographing airplanes. I am always crying from back pain when I swing a cannon lens around airports, air bases, and air festivals....

Karibe (Karibe


Birthplace: Yokohama
Age: Secret
Background: Secret


play bass guitar as a hobby


Oh, and I sometimes make plastic models and collect yo-yos. Also... I eat ramen for half of the week.
I'm from Yokohama, so I eat ramen. The recommended way to eat it is "thick and little" please.


Birthplace: Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture
Age: 26 years old
Background: Chuo University, Faculty of Law, Law Course Dropout ~ Music School Graduate

I have

been listening to Southern/Keisuke Kuwata's music on my car stereo since I was a child


I always attend live concerts and buy new releases!
Now I am trying to get a driver's license to marry my partner (I should have gotten it when I was a student...). I wish I had gotten it when I was a student...) for the sake of marrying my partner.



Birthplace: Wakayama
Age: In mid-summer, just before the Tokyo Olympics,
was born with a feeling that the world was in a frenzy.
I wanted to be a saxophonist, but I had to change to trumpet due to personnel reasons. Since I have made the thing I love most into my job, my hobby is watching movies, although it is not so ordinary. Recently, I have been wandering around the Tama River in an effort to get back into fishing, which I used to be addicted to.


Birthplace: Center of Kanagawa
Age: 28 years old
Background: Graduated from Global Technical Institute of Wind Instruments,
and since my school days were also in Shin-Okubo, I found myself in this town for 10 years.... I have been playing the trumpet for a long and thin since junior high school. My job is a music shop, and my hobby is the trumpet. I am happy to answer any questions about instrument cases, accessories, customization, etc.!


Hometown: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Age: Beyblade and Mushi-King generation
Background: Graduated from Komadori Kindergarten

While playing in a

band as a hobby, he was constantly complaining that he only wanted to play the guitar, and ended up working at a music store. He lives in the countryside with a view of the mountains because he doesn't like the city. Besides musical instruments, I also enjoy cars. I have a problem with excessive oil leakage from my old car. I like cats. Cats are the cutest after all.



Birthplace: Yanagawa, Fukuoka
Age: 32 years old
Background: Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, ESP Guitar Craft Academy Graduate
Kendo from elementary to high school


Toward the end of high school, he suddenly decided he wanted a hobby, so he bought an acoustic guitar with his New Year's money, and later became interested in bass guitar. In college, when everyone around him was busy with job hunting and graduate school exams, he decided to go into the repair business.


Birthplace: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Age: 24 years old
Background: Yokohama Souei High School, Global Wind Instrument Technical Institute Graduate


hobby is to watch recorded dramas at home while drinking in the evening. I have been playing the baritone saxophone since junior high school and belong to a working brass band. Drinking beer at the end of a concert is my life's ambition. Recently, I've been hooked on Green and Yellow Society (a J-POP band).


Osanai Koyamauchi

Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
Age: 23 years old
Background: ESP Guitar C

raft Academy I

studied calligraphy from kindergarten to junior high school, and my Dan level is 5-dan. In high school, he joined the light music club and started playing guitar, and as a result, he found himself becoming a metaller. Recently my hobby of modeling has been rekindled and my wallet is on fire.


Birthplace: Iwate Prefecture
Age: 21 years old, born in 2000. Easy to remember.
Background: Graduated from ESP Entertainment Tokyo. Since the
whole school was a junior high school with less than 30 students, the two choices for club activities were baseball or brass band
I was not good at sports, and from there I went into music... Oh, I like game music. Especially Mon-Hun, I guess. I use it as my daily alarm.


Birthplace: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Age: 50 (born in 1969)
Background: Graduated from Waseda University, Ikebe Gakki


started playing guitar as a teenager because of my admiration for Bryan Adams. Since then, I have grown up mainly on 80's HR/HM, but I also like Japanese pop music. I am not a collector, but I think I have about 30 guitars.


Born: Raised in Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Age: In my 30s, born in the Heisei

Background: Nursery school teacher,
. I used to sing and play guitar and piano in nursery school. Porno Graffiti is my roots music.
My recent favorite artists are chet attkins and Joe Pass. my favorite things are cats, One Piece, Wednesday, baseball, and making my own effectors.