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TC Instruments "R4.March" Purchase Campaign!

TC Musical Instruments Hirabayashi(Hirabayashi)andKaribe(Karibe!

Monthly TC Instruments Monthly purchase campaign!

Electric Guitar Flooris...

From the long-established Japanese brand "Greco"...


"Brawler(BROADLER" / "BROADLER Boogie(Boogie" / "Boogie) of


We are strengthening the purchase of "Boogie" to the hilt!

Purchase periodMarch 1, 2022 (Tuesday)March 31, 2022 (Thursday)until March 31, 2022!

Click here to see the purchase price!

Greco Brawler BW-600
Purchase price:85,000 yen!

 Greco Boogie BG-800

Purchase price:80,000 yen!


Greco Boogie BG-600
Purchase price:35,000 yen!



In addition to the models we have picked up this time, we will also increase the assessment depending on the recent boogie and rare models, etc.!
Trade-ins are also welcome! Please make a simple phone call first!♪

*This does not apply to purchases made at top-rated stores.


TC Musical Instruments Electric Guitar Floor

Hirabayashi(Hirabayashi) /Karibe(To Karibe!

Please note that the appraisal value will vary depending on the actual condition of the instrument, such as scratches, etc.
☆When you use the purchase...☆
If you bring the instrument to the store, you will be paid on the spot (please bring your ID card and personal seal).
We will send you a free packing set for home delivery (for purchases over 20,000 yen).
We will send you a free packing set.



TCMusical Instruments .

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