Safe feeling that repair work can be seen

The repair booth of the wind instrument floor is at the corner of the sales area. As all repair staff are doubted with sales staff, we can see the face of our customers who came to the store. There is no partition and wall. We do not disconnect, repair and musical instrument selection, and we will propose a wide range of consultations from customers.

Hearing requests

The repair staff will ask you directly, and we will propose how to repair along your request. Specifically, please tell us if there is a request that "I want here".

In the case of "I don't know what you want, I don't know what to ask", we will make the whole inspection, focusing on bad things. We will tell you where you will need to repair in the future and the current condition.

"I'm using it for a long time, but I have never been to adjust." Also, please feel free to contact us if you say "I want you to see what kind of condition".


Please leave vintage and unusual instrument

In our shop, we have dealt with various instruments from historic insergetics to the latest high-end model. In addition to making vintages only in the state of sound, we keep in mind that you can upgrade to more functional things while cherishing the texture and atmosphere at that time.

In addition, it is the most requested by the brass instrument, but it is in the pipe. We will clean the instruments that have been sleeping for many years, and will be cleaned in the same way as a second-hand vintage instrument sold by our shop.

Repair rate

In the table below★There is a free note on the warranty period. (However, if the cause of the problem is due to the accident after purchase, or if it is accompanied by the part exchange, it will be a fee for request from other people other than our shoppers.) ※ Display price will be taxed .

· Regular inspection, adjustment, etc. will be free within the warranty period. However, if the accident after the purchase is caused by the cause of the cause and part exchange, it will be a fee for requesting from other people other than our shop.
· When requesting adjustment / repair, please make a reservation. Please let us know the type of instrument and request contents by phone and email before delivery.
· Please use the price of each table as a reference for reference. Even with the unauthorized instruments, please contact us individually, so please feel free to contact us.
· Depending on the instrument, it may not be possible to repair for the day of reception. In that case, we will inform you of repair estimates and delivery schedule after the store.
· You may want to change or add repair contents at the stage you start repair. At that time, we will proceed with your work as soon as you accept changes.
· The shipping cost of adjustment request products will be borne by our shop purchased and general requirements.
· If you have our warranty card, please bring it (enclosed).

※ All display prices are tax included.
※ Price may be added depending on the state of the manufacturer or instrument, and the parts used. As the amount changes depending on the condition, please feel free to contact us.
※ Repair and adjustment is basically a few days, but please consult at any time when hurry.