Please take advantage of the second opinion

Have you ever been rejected at another store because the repair cost would be too expensive, and it would be cheaper to buy a new one?

You don't want to let go of an instrument that you are attached to... You are welcome to consult us for a second opinion on instrument repair!

TC Musical Instruments, which boasts a wide variety of repair methods, may be able to offer you a better proposal in terms of both technology and repair costs. Please feel free to ask us anything before you give up.

Hearing requests

"It's live tonight, but ..." also makes emergency repair to meet production. We will proceed while eliminating customer circumstances and uneasy points.
Customers who can not visit us at a distance are also possible to respond to mail repairs! In order to request peace of mind, you can send photos of repair status by email, etc., and work to work while consulting with phone or email.

Ensure a lot of valuable parts

Are you giving up because you don't have the parts?

Instrument repair requires not only skill, but also the efficient use of original parts and wood, as well as an inventory of various parts.

In order to meet any request, we will secure even the parts that you may not expect, and restore your instrument.

In order to achieve the ideal reproduction and restoration, we are not limited to Gibson and Fender, but also secure vintage parts from Japan.

Even if you think it is impossible, please consult with us.