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We are pleased to announce that TC Gakki's 2F Bass Corner and 1F Effectors Corner have collaborated to offer a new campaign titled"Everyone's got a bass effects pedal purchase campaign".We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting a "Buy Back Campaign" for all the bass effectors you own!

Below are the purchase prices of our main models.

Tech 21 SANSAMP BASS DRIVER DI (early model)  12,000 yen

Tech 21 SANSAMP BASS DRIVER DI  8,500 yen

MXR M-80 bass D.I.+  8,000 yen

EBS MULTI COMP (early model)  10,000 yen

EBS MULTI COMP  810,000 yen

EBS MULTI COMP (Studio Edition)  8500 yen

EBS MULTI COMP(BlueLabel)  9500 yen

We will purchase bass effectors other than the models listed here at high prices!

This campaign will last until March 31, 2022 (Thursday).

For inquiries about pre-assessment of other models, please contact us atClick herefrom here.

Please note that the purchase price may vary depending on the actual condition/use.

TC Musical Instruments 1F Sano

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