Recruitment of employees

We encounter an instrument that you want to say, "Ideal sound got!"
We offer pleasure that seems to be "fun to play something"

TC musical instruments are currently recruiting staff. Even inexperienced OK!
Of course, those who are working and working now are also welcome.
It is a chance to challenge my new possibility.
Those who are experienced will be consulted.

We do not want you to think "I have failed" after a job.
I think it is no longer giving up despite having a job that feels like you're.
In the company "I'm looking for a man who is doing a yo-yo who is a hobby to the president at a sake seat, I was able to work with a store and collaboration", etc. If you have developed an idea product, etc. And high touch! There are many things to feel pleasure through work.

At the 30th anniversary in 2019, more than 4,500 products are now on stores of Shinjuku.
The first year is working hard as a part-time job, and there are many people who become employees in that
Everything is going to be motivated and the results! It also takes into account by experience.
From the voices obtained in a professional communic and professional recording engineer, a lot of touching, "Tell me a good setting, let's live a good live" or "It's your own sound in recording! It will grow to employees who can work with confidence that instruments can be provided.

Active employees are still studying, and the accumulation of the customers' thank you.
Would you like to grow with us?

Currently there is no new recruitment.