Corporate Policy

Common concepts and business activities described in the management plan

Management Philosophy

We are all comrades in arms, working together as a community of common destiny to contribute to the development of the world and the music life through work that brings satisfaction to our customers, and to the growth and personal development of all of our employees.

Code of Conduct

We change when we find a better way.
Stop when you think it's wrong
Speed over accuracy
Always try new things

Store Charter

We have a guideline that allows us to make our own decisions without waiting for instructions.

Do not lose customers
No danger

About the business

About the business of TC Instruments

We do not just "sell musical instruments to customers," but also provide them with what is useful for their future music life.TCinstruments are always thinking about what they can offer to help customers in their future music life.

 'We're glad you're here.!I had a great time.!We aim to be a musical instrument store where we can share happy feelings with our customers. We aim to be such a music store.

TCWe are a used musical instrument store that offers everything from guitars and basses to wind instruments. Yearly6,000We handle more than 100 items, including electric guitars/Effects Floor, Bass/Acoustic Guitar Floor, and Wind Instruments Floor.

In recent years, we have introduced our original brand "hundred." In recent years, the new product by the original brand "hundred" has become a big hit, and more and more ideas are needed. You do not have to worry about your assigned tasks alone. Experienced seniors and sometimes even the president himself will consult with you.TCTC Instruments has such a homey atmosphere. 

Alsoregularly create videos,YouTubechannel. In the past, we have also produced a video titled "TCIn the past, we have also broadcasted an original program called "TC Musical Instruments Saturday" on live TV.

You can learn about musical instruments after you join the company. If you continue to work hard and diligently every day, you will naturally find your way. The most important thing is to communicate with each and every customer. We would love to hear your smile and your communication skills.TCWhy don't you put your smile and communication skills to good use at TC Instruments?? 

About Okubo Wind Instrument Store's Business

We are a musical instrument store that deals mainly in used musical instruments. Mainly as a store specializing in wind instruments such as trumpets and saxophones, we assist our customers' music life from all aspects by selling, repairing, and purchasing them. We also sell some Japanese instruments such as shakuhachi (bamboo flute), shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo), and violins.

Recently, we have been expanding our business as an import agent and authorized dealer by finding excellent products from overseas by our own staff members.

Our business can be divided into three main categories: sales, repair, and purchase.

The sales staff mainly provides trial tours: helping customers choose the right instrument.

We try to make proposals that better meet the needs of various customers, from those who want to start playing an instrument to students and veteran players, by attending to their requests and concerns.

One of the characteristics of used instruments is that, unlike new instruments, the condition of each individual instrument differs when it arrives. Some instruments have been used for a long time, while others have been sitting unused since they were new. Repair and adjustment are essential to ensure that these instruments can be selected under the same conditions as new ones.

Therefore, the second main content of our business is repair work. More than half of our staff members are also responsible for repairing their respective instruments. Basically, we work to make our store inventory ready for sale: cleaning, polishing, and adjusting. One of the attractions of being a second-hand store is the opportunity to come into contact with a variety of historical instruments, including valuable vintage instruments that are no longer being made. (It's a must for instrument lovers.)

In addition, we also receive many requests for regular maintenance (in-warranty adjustments), replacement of consumable parts for customers' instruments, and consultation on customization.

Another feature of the floor is that there are no barriers between the sales area and the repair area. Repair work is also very rewarding because we do not work quietly behind the scenes, but sometimes communicate with customers.

Third, we buy instruments that are no longer being used or traded in at the time of purchase/replacement. We accurately determine the history, production background, and current condition of the instrument, assess the value of the instrument, and provide initial support for the instrument to be placed in the hands of a new user.

We have a veteran manager with over 30 years in the industry who has seen many instruments and is trusted by our customers.

Other responsibilities include updating our website and taking photographs of instruments for our mail order website,

We also have light duties such as cashiering, taking out small items, and making POP.

Since we are a small store, each staff member is the face of the store. Why don't you come work with us in an environment surrounded by musical instruments and make the most of your individuality? Please feel free to contact us even if you just want to take a tour of the store. We look forward to hearing from you.

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