Systems and Rules

Introducing the company's love for its employees, which can be read through its systems and rules.

Homeownership allowance

I want to get one someday! I want a "home" for my family, a warm welcome when I return home tired!

Long service allowance

Thank you for working for us for so long! I command you to have a nice experience on a trip abroad!

Homecoming Allowance

When you get a promotion or a raise, you report to your parents! We'll pay for your transportation back to your parents' house, plus support for dinner parties!

Walking Allowance

We provide an allowance for those who live within walking distance from the company. We value the value of your time!

Other Allowances

This is completely the owner's hobby, but if you introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to the owner, we will support the date fee, and if you plan a dinner party with your spouse, we will support the gift fee! It's true!😁

Employee Policies

We document individual job descriptions so that anyone can do them, and we have rules for annual 360-degree evaluations and monthly interviews.
At the same time, we encourage our employees to be respectful and considerate of their co-workers.

Vacation Policy

We require all employees in groups of three or more to take eight consecutive vacation days once a year.
You work hard, so it is your duty to forget about work and enjoy yourself from the bottom of your heart at least once a year.

Souvenir Policy

Isn't it common? Whenever you go on a trip or go back to your parents' house, you are always asked to buy souvenirs for everyone...
I want my bag to be filled with things for myself and my family rather than souvenirs for my in-laws because I am enjoying my trip.

What not to do in conversations with younger people

Don't "lecture," "talk about the old days," or "brag," which I got from a quote by Junji Takada.
I will be careful not to be euphoric with myself without resonating with younger people.