"I want to make anime guitar" President always cut out suddenly. Whether I was warm or warmed, any of the animation likes were convened and what animation was discussed. If Sazae-san to Evangelion, the desired taste is different. From the beginning, the conference was difficult because the guitar just to print on the top was a concept. I felt that when a young employee is "Tachikoma?" And I checked the picture with everyone, I felt that I could see the rounded design and a loving character.

Get rough design quickly and go ahead and proceed with a good procedure. In addition, the president, who said, "What is Tachikoma?" Was completely seen from one episode to the final episode, and the figures were lined up in the office.

Thus, the "Tachikoma GT" project began.

If you do anyway, let's make a wonderful thing as an instrument, let's make it just like a guitar that the instrument is made. The spec is through neck and headless, shine fingerboard. Dreams were packed more and more and at the same time the cost went up. While doing a lot of conflict, however, it is not a dream model if it comes to compromise in terms of cost. Since I thought that I really want a guitar I really want, I wanted to make a model that I felt thoroughly, and I thought that I was decided.

And if you make it, in Japan. If you collaborate with anime works that represent Japan, with a handmade guitar built with Japanese technology and souls. I want to commit at "Made In Japan". The TCGAKKI finally raised as a guitar that disseminates Japanese culture worldwide.

Based on the design, if you round a little more here ~, you can put more Tachikoma-like ~, and everyone 's love and complete a miniature sample!

Everybody of Production Iisy is relieved. After various procedures, go to the start of production

Go to Tokyo's leading guitar studio! I will simmer while doing a meeting of production many times.
Dreams have finally come into a realistic stage, such as what wood choose what.

In consideration of the performance of the neck heel part and the ease of tuning from the body end unique to the body end, the body shapes continued to meet the day.

Through a number of copies, the real size-based drafts have finally been completed.

Even if a drafting has been decided, it may not be expected as expected to actually occur in a wood type. I also prepare a variety of templates in consideration of that.

Where I made wood type.
We will combine various patterns to determine the final shape.

How many combinations were tried and finally decided to this wood type!

A carefully selected wood. Since it is a through neck structure, it is used without any flame maple. The body side material was selected from the end of trial and error, and Basswood was selected from the weight balance and the straight acoustic characteristics.

It is exciting to see the shape of the guitar!
Small, lightweight, and honest. But the core goes well. Selection of materials that make use of the tachikoma ease was made.

Bridge and headpiece select Germany ABM.
Pickup switches are produced by imaging Tachikoma red lamp.
I am looking forward to what this is finished.

We will determine the position of the parts according to the temporary assembly.At this stage, the volume knob is still sample.This is an important part that determines the expression of Tachikoma, so I was able to make it again and again without compromise.

What can actually be installed and looks like a tachikoma? The atmosphere changes atmosphere at the size and spacing of the dot. Repeat the prototype until it was convinced. Thank you to the factory that I made over and over again.

Finally, it is easy to process the line of light shines

I will engrave the same line many times and spread the groove little by little.

Embedding neon. I will finish carefully.

Install and finish a fingerboard with neon.

Second point! Fretting. Fret strikes require high technology for finger plates incorporating organic EL neon.
For this purpose, it is better to last longer. From such a judgment, it takes time and effort, but a stainless steel fret was adopted.

First of all from the processing of the fret

Working is difficult for stainless steel fret with high hardness.

I will cut the fret's feet according to the neon position.

The lower side is processed fret. We will process it with the fret one by one to the position of neon. Because it is 24 frets, it will be a considerable work time.

Fret struggling to pay carefully so as not to scratch the neon.

Fret stroke completed. Light emission test. Shiny!

Finally I will enter paint. Molded with a blue blue blue. Use nerves for blue and silver blends to get tchikoma texture.

Frosty guitar before painting. The spray is delicate and boldly.

It will be dyed in Tachikoma blue. The first Tokimekemeck!

It will be in the drying process. If you peel off the masking, beautiful through neck will show you.

After drying, we will spray clear.

Part of the logo of "S. A. C. 2nd GIG" was entered.
B, W & R Bluodo Almight Parts prepared for this.

It is a knob made and made, but the atmosphere of the eye of Tachikoma does not come out just by putting it on the body. For this purpose, we produce dedicated aluminum plates. This is now Tachikoma.

It is a good idea to complete the painting.Escussions become two tones with blue with white in white and have a sense of tachikoma. I can't notice such a cousin! I will do it while being thrust.

came! Red lamp.I wanted to do this.

Backplate with imprinted backpack is super gorgeous!

Equipped with each commitment part and wiring.

Output Jack is also committed, installed at the position of the mouth of Tachikoma.

In this way, it is a time to say that, but two years from the design, a long way from design to a year. The feeling when the first unit rose was not in parenthesis. I felt like I wanted to spend some words as I met genuine Tachikoma.
Well, Tachikoma GT, which was born. The price is sure to ask you to get yourself and confirm. Tachikoma GT is waiting for you.