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Hello, I'm Mr. J. H. Harris, and welcome to Advance Guitars.Advance Guitars My name is Inoue.

This time,Advance Guitars fromGibsonSJ-200/J-200Professional Bookwill be published.


MartinsD-45D-45GibsonSuper Jumbo", the pinnacle of the Gibson lineup.


You can see it here.A total of 20of vintage super jumbos are,
Data based on actual measurements taken by ourselves and photos of the detailsand detailed photographs.


We have focused on J-200s from the 1950s through the pre-war period, including SJ-200s from 1938, the first year of mass production, as well as J-200s from the,If you are an acoustic guitar lover, you are sure to be satisfied with the contents.


I myself am very much looking forward to seeing this become a book, and I hope that many people will take a look at it.


Also, since the opening of our store, Advance Guitars, we have been selling vintageJ-200and we have been displaying vintage J-200s since the store opened,

You can actually hold the actual product in your hands if you come to the store.


You will not be able to see so many King of the Flat Tops in one place at one time,

This may be your only chance to see so many King of the Flat Tops at once.


Stay tuned for more information.


Release date: Friday, October 27, 2023

Retail price: 3,850 yen including tax

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