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When you say "1950's Fender neck shape", V-neck is what comes to mind, isn't it?

The characteristic V-shape is one of the shapes that people like and dislike differently.

So why did Leo Fender adopt the V-shaped neck?

It is said that the reason was when Leo saw a country-western musician playing with his thumb on the bass strings (so-called "shake hand style").

The guitar he was using at that time was an Emperor by Epiphone.

Therefore, it is said that Fender's V-neck was modeled after Epiphone's Emperor!

I actually had a chance to touch a 1953 Emperor, and when I checked the neck shape, I was impressed that "It sure looks like Fender's V-neck! I still remember how impressed I was with the neck shape.

Around 1958, Leo switched from a V-neck to a flat neck, which is said to have been done based on players' opinions.


The V-shape was born because Fender is close to the player. It is deeply moving to think that the V-shape was lost because it was close to the player.


If you have a chance to touch Emperor, please imagine Leo's face and Fender's V-neck!


See you soon!





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