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Established in 1987 as Fender's premier sectionFender Custom Shop
Fender Custom Shop offers a wide range of models for the market,Vintage Modelsreissueand signature/artist modelsproduction, etc,that are distinct from the regular line.The company is responsible for the production of models that are distinctly different from the regular line, such as the production of
In addition to the regular line, Custom Shop also produces the "Team Builtand "Master BuiltThe highest line in the current Custom Shop is called "Master Built".Master Built SeriesThe Master Built Series is the highest line in the current Custom Shop.

The Master Built Series is one of Fender Custom Shop's top class in both experience and knowledge.Fender's top class in both experience and knowledge.builders,oneone guitar by one person.From wood selection to finishingThe model is made from the selection of wood to the finishing touches.

They are trusted by the world's most famous musicians.Master BuiltThe "Master Built" is a new shipment of several
We would like to briefly introduce the Master Builder Series and the Master Builder that we have produced!

Telecaster Thinline NOS Masterbuilt By Yuriy Shishkov

While following the traditional specs of the Telecaster Thinline released in 1968,
This 2015 Telecaster Thinline features a brimmed 22F neck with mother-of-pearl inlays and other features that could only be done by master bulit!

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Yuriy Shishkov
Yuriy Shishkov was born in 1964 in the former Soviet Union.
He is the only master builder with the title of "principal".
He started building guitars in 1986 in the former Soviet Union, then moved to the United States in 1990.
After working as a master luthier at Washburn, he joined Fender in 2000. Today he holds the most important position in the Master Builder team.
His greatest asset is his elaborate inlay work and artistic decorations with gemstones.
In recent years, his "Violin Master Telecaster," a limited edition of four Stradivarius-inspired Telecasters, has become a hot topic of conversation in Japan.

Major Artists
◼︎ Jimmy Page
◼︎ Paul Stanley
◼︎ Nuno Bettencourt
◼︎ Prince
◼︎ Keith Urban

1960's JAGUAR Rosewood Neck Masterbuilt By Greg Fessler

Special 2017 Jaguar with Rosewood neck made for Show in Japan.
The Rosewood neck gives it a very special feel, but the body is finished in Desert Sand, making it a special spec from top to bottom!

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Greg Fessler 
Greg Fessler
Born in California in 1961.
He joined Fender in 1990 and has been with the Custom Shop for 33 years, the longest tenured and oldest Master Builder of all time.
He was involved in the creation of Robben Ford's signature model, which later became known as the "Esprit," and later became Robben Ford's exclusive builder.
His attention to detail has earned him the support of many artists, and many top guitarists have fallen in love with Greg's skills.

Major Artists
◼︎ Joe Bonnamasa
◼︎ Jeff Healey
◼︎ Hank Marvin
◼︎ John Mayer
◼︎ Rhonda Smith
◼︎ Neil Schon
◼︎ Pete Wentz
◼︎ ken (L'Arc~en~Ciel)

1958 Stratocaster Relic Master Built by Paul Waller

This Stratocaster was built for the 2011 Tokyo Guitar Show.
Alder body, Maple neck, 7.25 fingerboard and vintage style.
The pickups are Fat 50s Single Coil wound by Abigail Ibarra.
This is a rare 1958 specs model that is not often seen in the regular line!

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1953 Esquire Master Built by Paul Waller
Fender reissued Esquire that has been in the Fender lineup since 1950.This is one of the Heavy Relic specs made in 2021.
It features wider position mark at the 12th fret in 1953. The specifications from that time have also been reproduced.
The 3-way switch, which originally functions as a PU selector, is now a tone selector, allowing various sounds to be produced with high cut, regular tone, and straight tone, even though it is a single PU.
This Esquire is so dignified that it could be mistaken for a vintage model at a glance!

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Paul Waller
Paul Waller
Born in California in 1979.
At the age of 14, he built his first guitar in his high school wood shop and decided to become a craftsman.
He joined Fender in 2003 and studied under a number of custom store builders before being promoted to Master Builder in 2010.
He has worked on guitars for many great guitarists, including Buddy Guy and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. He has also worked on numerous models for Japanese guitarist Char.

Major artists who use his guitars
◼︎ Adam Clayton (U2)
◼︎ Bono (U2)
◼︎ Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)
◼︎ Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones)
◼︎ Buddy Guy
◼︎ Nile Rodgers
◼︎ Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age)
◼︎ Char

1954 Stratocaster Relic Master Built Series by John English

Legendary master builder John English has recreated one of the first Stratocaster's specifications in 2004.
The maple neck and ash body give this Stratocaster a punchy, yet clearly contoured sound.
The dark brown two-tone sunburst body has fine weather checks all over, and the brickwork found everywhere gives it a very classy atmosphere without being obnoxious.
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John English
John English
Born in 1950, died in 2007 (age 57).
Joined Fender in 1972 and made history with the original Fenfer members.
He left Fender for a while, but returned in the late 1980s as an original builder for the Custom Shop.
It is said that he played an important role in the development of the Rellick series, the core of the Custom Shop products.
He created the Custom Shop's first signature model guitar, and with Michiya Haruhata created Fender's first Japanese signature guitar. Until his death in 2007 at the age of 57, he continued to produce guitars at the forefront of the industry, and his name is etched in Fender's history as a great builder with a worldwide reputation.

Contact: Nihei / Oda, Electric Guitar

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