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TC Musical Instruments Public RelationsTsushimaI am a member of the public relations department of TC Musical Instruments.



What a surprise, our store TC Musical Instruments is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year!

Since 1989,Since 1989, we have been running through the era of "THE used music store"!


Thank you for your continued patronage!Thank you for your continued patronage!



The year 2024 will beTCGAKKI35th Anniversary Year"

So, this year, we would like to launch more and more commemorative projects!



What a quick announcement!

The first one is the release of "Limited Anniversary Pick"!



What do you think? This!


Isn't it an unprecedented sense of luxury?


The triangle (rice ball) is made of shiny gold and the teardrop is made of shiny silver.💪


It is a gorgeous look suitable for the anniversary model!✨


On the front side is a newly written "Buy Frog" design. On the back side, the anniversary logo of TC instruments is printed in the same color!

This is the first time the design has been released anywhere!



We have released limited-edition picks in the past, such as the commemorative pick for YouTube channel subscribers, but they all sold out quickly...!

Of course!Limited EditionNever to be made the same again! We will never make the same one twice, so please be sure to order as soon as possible!


 Now on sale in stores and by mail order!

To orderclick herePlease click here


Introductory Video


More 35th anniversary projects to be announced!

Stay tuned!



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