From 2006 to 2007, we have introduced a selection of the best instruments in the magazine "Player" under the title of "Premium Selection". Please take a look.

September 2006 issue

At our office
1958 Fender ESQUIRE

October 2006 issue

At XX Road
1969 Martin D-45

November 2006 issue

In the cabbage field
A.Selmer alto saxophone MARK VI
Ludwig Black Beauty early 20s

December 2006 issue

At the construction site
1963 Fender Stratocaster "Dead Mint

January 2007 issue

at Senbei (rice cracker) shop in Sugamo
1924 Martin O-42

February 2007

At Izakaya "Zabu
1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom

March 2007 issue

At the shrine
1964 Gibson Everly Brothers

April 2007 issue

On the soccer field
1962 Gibson ES-345TD

May 2007

In Okinawa
1962 Fender Jazzmaster

June 2007 issue

At Miura Beach
1956 Fender Telecaster

July 2007 issue

At the precipice
Marshall 60s Plexi, M/B 70s MK-I HW, Fender 50s Vibrolux

August 2007 issue

In the Jungle
Fender 1969 Rosewood Telecaster