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Modified Guitar Contest

Your work will be published in "Guitar Magazine"!

We are doing it again!
The popular "Guitar Contest" project

Under the concept of "making guitars more fun with free ideas," the Modified Guitar Contest, which has been supported by the unique works of all entrants and the support of our sponsors, is now in its 5th year. We are looking forward to receiving your fun entries again this year.

The winning entries will be published in the November 13th issue ofGuitar MagazineDecember issue!
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Modified Guitar Contest 2024

How to enter

How to enter: Please send us a photo of your modified guitar work using the form below.
Application deadline: August 31, 2024

Guitar Magazine
Kyoritsu Corporation
Studio Penta
Freedom Custom Guitar Research
Moridaira Musical Instruments
and more.

The grand prize winner will receive a 30,000 yen shopping voucher

In addition, winners will be published in Guitar Magazine!

Selection and Judging

Preliminary Judging: Photo Selection
Secondary Screening: Physical Screening

The first round of judging will be based on photographs. We are looking forward to seeing your unique ideas and designs that are fun to look at.

All entries that pass the first round of judging will advance to the second round of judging, provided that they can be brought or sent to TC Instruments by September 23, 2024, and will be held until the results are announced.
(The winning entry will be displayed at TC Musical Instruments for one month afterwards.)

Entry Requirements

Anyone can apply as long as the work is in line with the purpose of this contest.
It does not necessarily have to be something that you have modified yourself, as long as it is your own idea and modification.
We will introduce your work on our official YouTube channel, so your work must be available for public viewing.
Please note that works that may infringe on the copyrights of others (unauthorized use of copyrighted illustrations, brand logos, etc.) may not be eligible.

Please note
Pursuit of sound! is very important, but... We will not be doing that again this time.

Hints for winning a prize

Every guitarist wants to sound good. Modifications to achieve this are important and should be the first factor to consider. However, this contest is a chance for everyone to have fun modifying their guitars! Let everyone see it! Therefore, customizations that do not change the appearance of the guitar are not eligible for this contest.

While this is an important element, and customization without changing the appearance is also a great way to show one's skill, it would be rude to judge sound modifications and give preference to those that are superior or inferior.

The concept of this contest is not to compete in modification techniques, but to "enjoy guitars with free ideas! This is the concept of this contest. Even if you just put stickers on your guitar, if you have a great sense of style, you may win the Grand Prix!

Thanks for visiting!

Past grand prix winners