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Limited edition of 50 pieces of Brazilian Rosewood model!

Martin D-50 Deluxe

Limited edition of 50 pieces of Brazilian rosewood model!


Model Specifications

Red text shows the specs of Martin D-50 Koa Deluxe.
MODEL :. D-50 Deluxe (Koa Deluxe)
CONSTRUCTION : Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint
BODY SIZE : D-14 Fret
TOP : D-14 Fret Solid Sitka Spruce w/ Heavy Bearclaw
ROSETTE : Solid Sitka Spruce w/ Heavy Bearclaw Herringbone Pearl
TOP BRACING PATTERN : Pearl D-OMLE Forward Shifted
TOP BRACES : D-OMLE Solid Adirondack Spruce Scalloped 5/16
BACK MATERIAL : Solid Adirondack Spruce Solid Brazilian Rosewood (Solid Hawaiian Koa)
BACK PURFLING : Fiber/Heart Pearl/BWB Fiber/Herringbone Pearl/BWB Fiber/Heart Pearl/BW fiber (Mitered Inlays And Pearl)
SIDE MATERIAL : Fiber/Heart Pearl/BWB Fiber Solid Brazilian Rosewood (Solid Hawaiian Koa)
ENDPIECE : Style 45
ENDPIECE INLAY :. Boxed, Heart Pearl
BINDING : Pearl Grained Ivoroid
TOP INLAY STYLE : Herringbone Pearl with Balck/White/Black Fiber Inlays
SIDE INLAY : Pearl with Balck/White/Black Fiber Inlays Abalone Pearl with Black/White/Black Fiber Inlays
BACK INLAY : Abalone Pearl with Black/White/Black Fiber Inlays Abalone Pearl with Black/White/Black Fiber Inlays
NECK MATERIAL : Black Genuine Mahogany
NECK SHAPE : Genuine Mahogany Modified V
NUT MATERIAL : Modified V Fossilized Ivory
HEADSTOCK : Fossilized Ivory Solid/6 String Diamond/Square Tapered/Heart Pearl Border
HEADPLATE :. Solid Brazilian Rosewood/45 Style- Heart Pearl Border
(Solid Hawaiian Koa)
HEELCAP : Brazilian Rosewood (Solid Hawaiian Koa)
SCALE LENGTH : Solid Black Ebony 25.4'' (645.2mm)
FINGERBOARD WIDTH AT NUT : 1 11/16'' (42.9mm)
FINGERBOARD WIDTH AT 12TH FRET : 2 1/8'' (54.0mm)
FINGERBOARD BINDING : MOP w/Heart Pearl Border Grained Ivoroid
FINISH BACK & SIDES : Grained Ivoroid Polished Gloss
FINISH TOP : Polished Gloss Polished Gloss
FINISH NECK : Polished Gloss Polished Gloss
BRIDGE MATERIAL : Polished Gloss Solid Black Ebony
BRIDGE STYLE : Solid Black Ebony Standard Belly
BRIDGE STRING SPACING : 2 1/8'' (54.0mm)
TUNING MACHINES : Waverly Gold Hand Engraved w/Butterbean Knobs
RECOMMENDED STRINGS : Martin SP 4200 Medium Phosphor Bronze
BRIDGE & END PINS : Fossil Ivory/Star Sapphire Dots Bordered in 14-Karat Gold Settings
PICKGUARD : Black / Beveled/ Tree of Life/Mother of Pearl Border Inlay
CASE : Black / Beveled/ Tree of Life/Mother of Pearl Border Inlay 545DL Geib style
INTERIOR LABEL : Signed by CFM IV- Numbered IN Sequence with Total (50)
ELECTRONICS : Signed by CFM Optional


The sides and back, as well as the head plate and heel cap, are made of Brazilian rosewood (Hakaranda), a rare and top-quality material. The top is made of high-grade Sitka spruce with heavy bearclaw, and the top brace is also made of high-grade Adirondack spruce... It is not difficult to imagine that this is a premium instrument that produces a superb sound, but what really draws attention to this model is the The most noteworthy feature of this model is its artistic inlays.

The "Tree of Life" pattern, which is applied to the fingerboard, bridge, and pickguard in jet-black ebony, was designed exclusively for this D-50 Deluxe. At first glance, it appears to be the same as the regular D-50 Deluxe, but upon closer inspection, all of the ivy has been trimmed to make the "Tree of Life" appear even more gorgeous. The "Martin & Co." logo is also trimmed with an Avalon inlay. The herringbone pearls running around the body purfling and rosette are also truly magnificent, and are more than enough to tighten the overall impression of the body. The one-pointed "Tree of Life" on each corner of the sides and back also expresses the prestige of the instrument.


Martin Guitar has released many gorgeous Brazilian rosewood models with inlays, such as the D-45 DX CFM released to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of C.F. Martin I, and the D-45 Deluxe (in stock at our store), which has been produced in limited editions every year since 1993. The D-50 Deluxe, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, is the pinnacle of the lineup.

We managed to ask a collector living in Canada to sell us this item. We hope you will enjoy this superb item.

Martin D-50 Deluxe '02 Ltd. 27 of 50

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Martin MC-45 '83

Martin MC-45 '83

Grand Auditorium cutaway with Hakaranda specs!

This Hakaranda Grand Auditorium cutaway was produced to commemorate Martin's 150th anniversary. A completely custom-ordered instrument, this gorgeous instrument shines with the Avalon inlays on the bridge, pickguard, fingerboard, and headstock.

The Grand Auditorium (OOOO) is larger than the Dreadnought at 16" (406.4mm) full body, but has the same body thickness (104.8mm) as the Auditorium, which is full of originality. The elegant and dynamic sound of the top-quality Hakaranda wood is superb. The label is signed by C.F.Martin III and IV.

Top/Spruce, S&B/Hakaranda, Neck/Mahogany, Fingerboard & Bridge/Ebony, Cutaway, Tuners/Original Gold (pearloid white buttons), Nut width/42.9mm, Scale/645.2mm. Comes with original hard case.


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Martin OO-45 Jacaranda "Tree of Life" Custom

Martin OO-45 Jacaranda "Tree of Life" Custom '91

The ultimate grand concert model!

This 12-fret jointed OO-45, a favorite of John Baez, was ordered in '91 with a German spruce top and Jacaranda specs, and the Avalon inlays are absolutely gorgeous. The torch inlay on the headstock and the tree of life that occupies the fret board are also overwhelmingly magnificent, and the bridge and pickguard are also lavishly made of Avalon. The bridge and pickguard are also made of Avalon, making this the ultimate grand concert model. The elegant tone produced by the finest Hakaranda. Don't miss this opportunity.

Top/German Spruce, S&B/Hakaranda, Neck/Mahogany, Fingerboard/Ebony (w/Avalon Tree of Life), Bridge/Ebony (w/Avalon Inlay), Pickguard/Original Black (w/Avalon Inlay), Tuners/ Original Gold, Nut width/46mm, Tuners/46mm. Original gold, nut width/46.0mm, scale/645.2mm. Comes with original hard case.


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Martin D-45 Deluxe Ltd. '93

Martin D-45 Deluxe Ltd. '93

Limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide! This is a special model made of selected Hakaranda wood!

This is a very rare Martin D-45 Deluxe that was released in 1993 in a limited edition of only 50 pieces worldwide. This Deluxe Edition model is made of selected Hacaranda, a very rare wood!

The first thing that jumps out at you is the artistic tree of life on the fingerboard! The bridge and pickguard are decorated with beautiful Avalon, and even the pegs have been meticulously decorated. This alone is enough to tell you that this is a special model!

Of course, since this special edition is made of the finest Hakaranda wood, the sound is also more than convincing! The sound is also very convincing, with a thick yet elegant sounding bass, clear highs, and well-balanced mids! The sound is superb with sparkling overtones!

This is a very special model, and you are very lucky to have it!

Top: Sitka spruce veneer
Sides & Back: Hakaranda Veneer
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard & Bridge: Ebony
Nut Width:44mm