The warm and rich sound of a large, heavy trumpet is now available in the LOTUS UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL MODEL.
The same warm, rich tone of a large, heavy trumpet is achieved with the updated "37 shape" bell as the CLASSIC.


Easy to ensemble in a section, but with all the presence and energy of a solo moment in any style.
Especially recommended for lead and commercial playing.




Shape: Medium taper
Bell diameter: 130mm
Bell stem: yellow brass
Bell flare: Phosphor bronze

The bell is slightly thicker than the CLASSIC bell and is made of a different material. The yellow brass bell stem reproduces a familiar tone. The Phosphor Bronze bell flare produces a more stable sound with a thicker core.
Compared to its brighter, standard-sounding cousin (CLASSIC), it has a fuller, warmer, richer tone.


Receiver: lightweight, machined bronze
Lead pipe: Light weight, machined from brass, 0.6mm thick

The leadpipe is manufactured in-house to maintain the accuracy of the appropriate taper and tube thickness.
This makes it easy to aim for the desired sound and enhances its accuracy, resulting in a richer sound.

Tuning Slide

Three options are available.
Yellow Brass
Phosphor bronze
Nickel Silver
The material of the tuning slide greatly affects the tone and feel of the instrument.
You can choose two from the above.

Valve cap】】

You can choose from the following
Top cap
Light or Heavy

Bottom Cap
Light or Medium or Heavy

A light weight top cap, two medium weight bottom caps, and one heavy weight bottom cap on the third valve are generally used.
Each model comes with a light weight top cap set, a medium weight bottom cap set, and one additional heavy bottom cap.

When we combined the 37-style bell shape with our signature bell material (two-piece bell with brass stem and phosphor bronze flare), we knew this model was going to be on our menu. We knew this model was going to be on our menu.

Like the classic, the Universal is an ML bore model, which is probably the blowing feel many players "expect" from a standard weight ML bore model. However, the sound produced by this trumpet is much richer, warmer, and more expansive than the sound produced by 37/43 bell style instruments.

A shallow mouthpiece (LOTUS S, XS, or XS2) produces a core reed sound that masks the "ear-splitting brightness" that tends to occur with standard model trumpets.
A medium shallow mouthpiece (LOTUS M2, M) will keep the brightness bright enough to keep up with the reed player, and will allow you to hear yourself on a loud stage without problems, but with a much fuller, richer sound.

It is ideal for solo and improvisation moments, or for small group or acoustic performances.
With the deeper cups (LOTUS L2, L, XL2, and XL), they are perfect for orchestral sections and wind bands. For jazz, it can add a creamy richness to bebop lines.

If you dream of a rich-sounding instrument but are frustrated by the disadvantages of playing with large bells (the need to sacrifice range, accuracy, and endurance, or the feeling of a monotonous sound), the Universal is perfect for you.