Like a high performance F-1 machine
It also has the flexibility to blend in with its surroundings.


Easy to ensemble in a section, yet gives presence and energy in all styles in solo moments.
Particularly recommended for lead playing and commercial performances!




Shape: Medium narrow taper
Bell diameter: 137mm (option: 130mm)
Bell stem: yellow brass
Bell flare: Phosphor bronze

This bell has a narrow taper for excellent control. The brass bell body produces a traditional tone, while the phosphor bronze bell flare produces a rich tone at any volume.
The bell flare is slightly larger in diameter than that of a standard trumpet, which gives the sound more core and breadth.

[Reed pipe

Receiver: Light weight, machined bronze
Lead pipe: Light weight, machined bronze, 0.6mm thick

This leadpipe stabilizes pitch and produces a rich, transparent sound.

[Tuning slide].

Three types of slides are available to choose from.
The material of the tuning slide greatly affects the tone and feel of the instrument.
Yellow Brass
Phosphor bronze
Nickel silver

Valve cap】】

You can choose from the following.
Top cap
Light or Heavy

Bottom Cap
Light or Medium or #3 only Heavy