This instrument produces an amazing variety of tones and may be the most versatile trumpet on the planet for soloists.
Played by Adam Rapa (with 4-Valve)


It has an overwhelmingly far-reaching sound, filling large and small spaces alike!
Its extraordinarily thick, creamy warm tone has earned it the nickname "Dark Chocolate" in LOTUS!




Shape: Medium large taper
Bell diameter: 140mm
Bell stem: copper
Bell flare: Phosphor bronze

The larger diameter of the final bell flare compared to a typical trumpet gives the sound a wider projection and a richer core.
The copper bell stem helps produce a wide range of tones from warm to bright, while the phosphor bronze bell flare enhances projection and adds further richness to the sound.


Medium weight
Phosphor bronze, machined

Lead pipe
Medium weight
Brass, machined
Tube thickness 0.9mm

Lead pipes are manufactured in-house to maintain the proper taper and tube thickness accuracy.
This makes it easy to aim for the desired sound and enhances its accuracy, resulting in a richer sound.

Tuning Slide

Three options are available.
Yellow Brass
Phosphor bronze
Nickel Silver

The material of the tuning slide greatly affects the tone and feel of the instrument.
You can choose two from the above.

Valve cap】】

Several options are available.
Top cap
Bottom Cap
Heavy cap (for 3rd valve)

Each model comes with a light weight top cap, a medium weight bottom cap, and one additional heavy bottom cap.

The backbone of this special LOTUS trumpet is the superb new bell design. The bell stem starts out quite thin, as on the Classic and Universal, making it very easy to slot notes and providing great stability in the upper register. It eventually opens up to a shape similar to our "MAX" bell, and the sound is incredibly rich and expansive.
The copper bell stem responds with a very warm and creamy tone in softer dynamics and can also express a cornet-like sweetness. This makes it ideal for chamber music or jazz with a small group. But once you step on the accelerator, this bell shape comes into its own and erupts with sonic fireworks!

The sound emitted from the large phosphor bronze bell flare extends far and wide, easily filling any space with a vast array of tones, even at low volumes. Use a reed mouthpiece and a nickel silver tuning slide instead of bronze for a reed-and-commercial-killing sound!
On the other hand, a deep-cup mouthpiece and a bronze tuning slide will give you a warm, enveloping sound that you would never expect from a "powerful flamethrower" like nickel silver.
This model is the most versatile trumpet on the planet for soloists and fits nicely into standard trumpet sections. This is Adam Rappa's favorite model (and Ashlyn Parker's!). ), and there's a reason why it's quickly becoming so popular.