Whatever style of music you play, we can make your playing more enjoyable.
We have something for you that will make it easy to express yourself.

What is a LOTUS mouthpiece...
It's amazingly easy to tune and play...
Improved tone, accuracy and endurance
Familiar rims and cups make it easy to switch from one maker to another
Annealed brass, bronze, and nickel silver materials allow for greater control over tone, projection, and the balance between stability and flexibility.

"I, Adam Rapa, believe that the choice of mouthpiece is far more important than which trumpet you play. The mouthpiece is one instrument and a very important amplification device. What we call "sound" is determined more by the mouthpiece than the trumpet. The mouthpiece plays a major role in determining the range, quality of articulation, flexibility, durability ...... intonation of the entire instrument, and the resistance you feel when moving the air. In playing, more is affected by the mouthpiece than by the trumpet. Even more fortunate, mouthpieces are much cheaper than trumpets!"

LOTUS mouthpieces are state-of-the-art mouthpieces, developed to eliminate the extra stress of playing other mouthpieces. And we have put a lot of effort into making them readily available to many...

. Expansion of production scale
Moved the production base from Switzerland to Italy to improve manufacturing quality.
Reviewed all design details
New cups and material choices
Significant price reductions (almost half)

LOTUS mouthpieces are available in three different materials to meet a variety of requirements



Rich, expansive sound.

Ideal for
Jazz performances by small groups
Orchestral performances
When you want to fill a space with sound in any situation

Brass is the surest and safest choice. Its sound is traditional and full.
This is what most people prefer, and you can't go wrong with this choice.


・Improved sound stability

More expansive sound
Warmer sound while maintaining brilliant high frequencies

Ideal for
Jazz performances by small groups
Chamber music performances
French solo repertoire
Performances in large spaces such as halls

Bronze adds extra warmth and depth to your sound.
The brilliant overtones are retained, but the tone becomes warmer and thicker. It is especially suitable for soloists.

It is also useful for technical playing because of its increased stability.

Nickel silver

Improved sound stability

High precision and accurate hit even for difficult jumps in the upper register.
Highly directional, bright sound
Brings "pop" to articulations.

Ideal for
Lead, commercial, and studio performances
Performing with a microphone
When note accuracy is required
People who want to breathe new life into an old instrument.

Nickel silver adds a lot of sparkle to the sound. It is especially powerful for lead playing when you step on the gas pedal.

These are not plated on the surface, but the material used is different.
All mouthpieces are processed to silver plating and can be gold plated upon request.
We have tested different types of brass, bronze, and nickel silver materials. The differences are astounding and these are the result of our search for the best.

Brass is standard on LOTUS mouthpieces, but bronze and nickel silver materials are available as options for cups that accentuate the characteristics of the material. Conversely, it makes little sense to add warmth to a screaming reed sound or sharpness to an orchestral tone.

Nickel SilverisXS, S, M, M2, L, L2cup options.
M2is available only in nickel silver.
Bronzeis available inM, L, L2, XL, XL2and cup options for flugelhorn.