This is the second annual Modified Guitar Contest.
The total number of entries was a whopping 83!

The judges eagerly checking the entries. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, but their eyes were serious as they looked at the entries.

As one would expect from people who work with musical instruments, every detail was carefully checked. The judging was fun, but also passionate.

There were many excellent works, and the judging was fierce. The judging session finally came to an end, but everyone was still talking about their modified guitars.

After that, we moved to a different location and the guitar discussion continued until late at night. Everyone really is a group of guitar lovers. Thanks to everyone, it was a fun and enjoyable judging session. The Grand Prix will be decided by the results of the judging and your votes at the store.

And the results are...

The work that made a great impact by shaving a paddle and turning it into a one-string bass.
Many customers in the store were surprised and praised the work.

Sponsors' Awards

Congratulations to all the award winners!

After the judging

The most common comments we received from the judges who sponsored this year's contest were "I was very moved" and "I am glad we could sponsor this contest. We were convinced that the thoughts and feelings that everyone put into each of the entries were well conveyed to the judges. Since each of them is a person who is involved in designing, manufacturing, distributing, and publishing musical instruments, I believe that they were able to share the excitement of how much effort and hard work went into the creation of these works of art. The fact that there are so many people who are passionate about musical instruments must have been a good stimulus to the musical instrument industry. It was impressive that everyone who participated in the judging seemed very happy to touch the works.
We would like to thank all the companies that sponsored this project, as well as the many people who applied, voted in the stores, and supported us online.

Excellent works that passed the preliminary screening

We would like to introduce some of the excellent works that passed the preliminary screening and impressed everyone at this year's judging panel, although they unfortunately did not win any prizes.

Thank you very much.

That modified guitar contest was held this year with an increased power!

In 2014, we had a surprisingly large turnout at our store! The first Modified Guitar Contest was surprisingly popular at our shop in 2014! We received a lot of "Why don't you do it again?" and "We want you to do it again. We have received a lot of support for the contest, and we are finally bringing it back this year.
This time, not only TC Musical Instruments, but also other musical instrument makers will be supporting the contest, and there will be prizes for each category! Let's make the Guitar Fair more fun and exciting with your ideas!

The grand prize is a 30,000 yen shopping coupon for TC Musical Instruments!

The grand prize winner will receive a 30,000 yen shopping voucher for the purchase of a TC musical instrument!


(in no particular order, titles omitted)

  • Next Tone Guitar Trading
  • Moridaira Musical Instruments
  • Birdland
  • Guitar Magazine
  • Kyoritsu Corporation
  • Studio Penta
  • Freedom Custom Guitar Research
  • Efebo
  • Thereafter, we will inform you as soon as the decision is made.


First round of judgingFirst screening will be conducted based on the photos you send us.
(Innovative ideas, eye-catching designs, etc.)
We are looking forward to seeing your works with a flashing sense of style.
Those who pass the preliminary screening will be contacted directly.
Secondary Screening: The actual works from those that have passed the first screening will be reviewed.
Bring your work to TC Instruments by August 31, 2018,
or send it to us by August 31, 2018.
After a strict judging process,
Winners will be announced October 19-21, 2018to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 19 to 21, 2018.
Musical Instruments Fair at Tokyo Big Sight from October 19 to 21, 2018.

Application Guidelines

Application Requirements, How to Apply

Anyone who owns an instrument that meets the objectives of this competition is eligible to apply. Modifications do not have to be done by the applicant, but music store original models will not be considered this time.
Please take a picture of your modified guitar and send it to us by e-mail with your name and phone number.
Winning nominations that pass the initial screening must be submitted to TC Musical Instruments by August 31.
We will be able to keep the winning entries until the end of the Musical Instruments Fair.

Announcement of Winners

October 19, 2018: Winners will be announced at the TC Musical Instruments booth at the Musical Instruments Fair and on our website.
Winning entries will have their photos and names published. If you do not wish your name to be published, please let us know your handle name as well.

Entry deadline: 7/31/2018
How to enter: Take a photo of your modified guitar and send it to .
Please apply by email.web@ (Japanese only)


The pursuit of sound! is very important... but we are going to send you off again this time. m(-_-)m
It is natural for guitarists to be concerned about sound. Therefore, replacing pickups, wiring materials, capacitors, etc. is a very effective customization. It is the first factor to consider when modifying a guitar. However! Let's modify guitars and have fun together this time! Let's have everyone see it at the Musical Instrument Fair! This contest is for everyone to have fun modifying guitars and show them off at the Music Fair, so unfortunately, customizations that do not change the appearance of the guitar are not eligible. It is a very important element, and customizing a guitar without changing its appearance is also a great way to show off your skills! However, it would be rude to judge and give preference to sound modifications, so please understand.
Let's enjoy the guitar! is the concept of this contest. Even if you just put a sticker on your guitar, if you have a great sense of style, there is a possibility of winning the Grand Prix!

The winners of the 1st Modified Guitar Contest areClick here >>>


Previous Modified Guitar Contest (1st/2014)
Grand Prix: Kohei's work

The Grand Prix winner will receive a TC Musical Instruments shopping coupon worth 30,000 yen!

(In no particular order, titles omitted)

  • Fernandez Prize



    Maintenance care products & tool set
  • Next Tone Guitar Trading Award



    Prima Electric Ukulele KE400
  • Moridaira Musical Instruments Award



    M264 FET Driver
  • Birdland Award



    NAZCA Strap
  • Guitar Magazine Award



    First Handcrafted Guitar
  • Kyoritsu Corporation Award



    D'Addario Strings NYXL1046/3 Set Pack & D'Addario Mug & D'Addario Tote Bag
  • Studio Penta Prize



    10 hours free at the studio
  • Freedom Custom Guitar Research Award



    Tone Shift Plate
  • Effebaugh Award



    Effebaugh Original T-shirt
    (You can choose black or white)