GRECO GO of GO Nakayama


One day, a red car in front of the shop !!
It was a car of the president if I watched
"I'm sorry !!" When I run up, I'll try to leave the trunk and be surprised !!
Yes, the president has been scored Japan Vintage!
Such a number of arrivals were very rare ... Vintage musical instruments that have never seen were stacked.
Store a large amount of guitar in-store and carry!
A few days later,
Sudden directive from president ...
President "Nakayama !! GRECO (Gleco) GO series column is done" !!
Inside "E ...! Oh, Yes ... and I do"
I'm sorry ... I have accused ...
I can not get out later ... I have no choice but to do it !!
There are no knowledge of Japan vintage with an enthusiasm ...
Somehow ... In the old catalog and valuable materials Goso Gooso ... Study!!
That's why
GRECO research trip has begun!!
This target is a great popularity, trusted GO series from domestic guitar fans!!
We will introduce a wonderful attraction of birth secret story and GO series!!



GRECO (Greco) is 1960 years of establishment in the Kanda Corporation in its own brand ...
In earliest in 1963, we sell electric guitar, initially request OEM production to Fujigen.
1970s ... In the domestic market, the copy model war is out of each guitar manufacturer.
GRECO also born numerous copying models in Gunmo's interference!!
Proud Sales Proud Sales The Gibson (Gibson) copy model is announced one after another from the EG series!

GRECO will be focused on its own original brand production from late 1970 and GRECO (Gleco) GO series is born in 1977 in 1977!!
After that, GO II → GO III has evolved and became a historical masterpiece that is transformed in modern times.

For production of GO III
Mr. Kodo's Gitarist Asano, who has a world-like Godaigo, who has made a world-like, such as "Monkemic", "Galaxy Railway 999" and "Gandala", also is also famous for being involved in development!
At that time, guitar kids have become a longing.

We will introduce GO → GO II → GO II I III for TC instruments.

GRECO GO1400DS W / T.s. Vibrato Early Model 1978

GO series top model!!
It is the first term, but T.s.s.s. is equipped with a vibrato, and in the Kanda Corporation Repair
Reward remodeled has been performed.
A carefully selected wood select, a luxury looks like a luxury !!
A wide range of sound makeup is equipped with a wide range of functions such as 1 Vol.1 Tone, 3 BANDEQ

Pickups:Original PU-3D X2

GOLD control cavity plate.

In the Gold Adjust Cover with a sense of luxury
"Speed ​​Way" character!!

Position mark is a brass ring type,
Select domestic EBONY (streaked black) material!!

Control is 3 bands of active circuits

Active circuit board in complex wiring
It is equipped with a variety of soundbayerias
You can get it.

Pickup is equipped with original PU-3D.
The pickup cover is ivoryInitial type. T.s.s. Vibrato is a late typeIt has been modified but remodeled.Newly developed pole for the GO seriesIt is possible to fine-tune with a 6-corner wrench with a peel type !!

GRECO GO II 950NT 1979

GO II series Lastly appeared at the last model !!
The body selects WALNUT & MAHOGANY !!
Two switches of mode and phase are equipped with 16 types of sound makeupPossible!!
T.s.s.s. Vibrato is equipped with standards, and this machine is 3 single types.

GO II550, GO II750 will be 2 ham backer specifications

Body: WALNUT + Mahogany + Walnut
Neck: Maple + Walnut 7pcs Speedway-Neck
Fingerboard: Ebony
Pickups: Original PU-250 x 3
Bridge: T.s. Vibrato

Speedeway Neck matte finish.
Use the highest peak material for the upper model.

GO II gives a slim impression Strat
Specifications were changed to 6 series heads of type.

The fingerboard is black and fine ebonym.

Front, rear PU identify the same VOL control,The center is independent VOL control.TONE control.
Center pick-up mode switch(2 single / halftone / serial) & phasepowered by.

Simple passive circuit compared to the first GO.

GO II is PU with three single coils.
# GO II 550, GO II 750, 2 Ham Backer

GRECO GO III1500N 1979

T.S. Vibrato is a standard equipment and PU arrangement is HSH.
GO III has evolved with Development of Gitarist Asano Asano.
It is a model that is familiar with "Asano model".

Body: Maple Arched-Top
Neck: Maple + Walnut 7pcs Speedway-Neck
Fingerboard: Ebony
Pickups: Original PU-3D x2, PU-250 x 1
Bridge: T.s. Vibrato

Celebrity made maple material select, arched top specification.

The head was slightly square compared to the first GO and became simple

In the ebony fingerboard, arabes inlay are beautiful and glamorous.

There is no original but boost switches are added. Each PU is simply VOL and TONE are independent and equipped with 6-type rotary switches that are rich in variations.

Cavity Backs Boot Booter Battery
Equipped with

Front & rear PU mounts the late GO and common pickup "PU-3D".
The center is a pole piece fixing type "PU-250".

GRECO GO II1000DS 1979

GRECO's first 12-string model is quite rare gem !!
Basic specifications are the same as 750 and the body selects a single plate.
The sound increases with the sound by the compound, and the bulging sound is attractive!!

Body: Solid Sen
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Pickups: Original PU-250 x 3

Black aluminum backplate.
Such as a tremolo cover, so it was refreshing.

The 12-string model is voloted to hold the neck strength.

The fingerboard selects rosewood and a simple dot position.

Select the front and rear with the toggle switch, add the center PU to the "front + rear", "front + center + rear", and other variations such as "front + center + rear".

For almost the same specifications, in a pretty simple cavity.

The sustain plate is not mounted. Two bridges dollars are grooved. Pickup is equipped with three "PU-250".

Goat original

GRECO GO Blaler T.S. for Vibrato
Replacement Tremolo Arm

Greco original floating tremolo unit "T. S. Vibrato" manufactured an arm bar. A craftsmanship with a beautiful shape and texture that draws a unique curve.
There are many people who gave up to obtain only the previous model near 40 years? So the TC musical instrument that loves Japan vintage and the TC instrument restored parts that can be said to the super nichch according to this column. Nickel and gold are available.

Selling price
Nickel: 5,000 yen (tax not included)
Gold: 6,000 yen (excluding tax)


How was it?
This time it was a GRECO (Greco) GO Series feature !!

Currently, domestic vintage is evaluated from overseas and has also soared market value.

When the guitar who has been in love with "I will get it someday" is found in TC instruments?
There are also many other branded domestic vintage products, so please search for bargains and come to the shop.
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