The living room becomes a concert hall!

A campsite becomes a live music venue!

- Effects on live sound? -Effects on live sound?

I have been playing acoustic guitar for a while now, and I have been thinking, "If only I could have the same great sound at home as I do in a concert hall, I could play live in a campground!
I would be able to practice with more enthusiasm, and I would be able to play it for my family.

In my search for an exciting item, I finally found something that fit the concept and was able to commercialize it.

The most important point is...

The ability to apply effects to live sound.

〜Introduction to the function

Effects functions are controlled from the preamp mounted on the side of the body.

This preamp is rechargeable via USB-Type C.
Press and hold the round dial button in the center (for about 2 seconds) to turn the power on and off.
After the power is turned on, check the knob to make sure the volume is turned on.
There are three types of effect functions: reverb, chorus, and delay.
Parameters can be set by pressing the button for each effect and turning the dial.
When combined with the sound without effects, you can enjoy 7 different combinations.
If you want to adjust the master volume again, press the center dial briefly and turn it.
It is also possible to connect the instrument to an amp and output as an electric acoustic without changing the effect function.
In addition to the piezo sound, you can increase the amount of vibration given to the body by pressing the Mic. button.
In addition to this, Bluetooth functionality is also included.
By connecting to a smartphone, you can also play music from the acoustic guitar.
It is expected to be used in a variety of situations, such as sessions to the music played back, or performances with backing music.