Fender Japan Extrad Series


 In the 1986 Fender Japan catalog "TWANG", the PLAYERS, LIMITED EDITION, and EXTRAD models appeared as part of the COLLECTORS SERIES category. The EXTRAD is an "extra-traditional model" that uses rare wood materials that surpass even the original vintage models and is equipped with original USA pickups.

The lineup included '54, '57, and '62 Stratocasters (ST54-140, ST57-140, and ST62-140) and a '52 Telecaster (TL52-120). More than just vintage replicas, these are a group of luxurious gems created through a drastic production system of limited and small-quantity production.

In the latter half of 1989, the series officially became the "EXTRAD SERIES. The "Extrado's basic concept is to use carefully selected woods and a meticulous lacquer finish," and a semi-order system was adopted, allowing the customer to specify the wood material and body color of the body. The lineup includes eight models of the following four types.


As you can see in the table, the price varies depending on the choice of body material. There were also other options such as pickguard color. Probably, there were many variations including store order.

The EXTRAD was listed in the catalog every year from 1990 to 1994, and then disappeared to be replaced by the 1994 Custom Edition model ST54-150AS in the 1995 catalog. Although the EXTRAD was only in production for a short period of 8 to 9 years, its high spec and high quality, which surpassed the USA models, showed the world the power of Japanese craftsmanship.


The first models from 1986 to 1987 do not have the "EXTRAD" decal on the back of the head.

The following year, from 1988 to 1991, the "EXTRAD" decal can be seen on the back of the head.

After that, the "Custom Edition" decal is applied to models from 1992 onward.

Next, remove the neck and look at the neck pocket, where you can see stamps indicating EXTRAD model types such as STS-54, STS-57, STS-62, and TLS-52, as well as stamps such as Ⓢ.

In addition, the neck pocket of the early pieces shows the thin pattern marks from the painting process, and most of the pocket area is unpainted after about 1989-90.

STS-57" and "A" stamps

"STS-62", "A", Ⓢ stamp

"TLS-52", "D", Ⓢ Stamp

"STS-54", Ⓝ stamp, order number "KX-151", "T" for color Once you have confirmed the writing and pocket notation, check the neck end.

On the neck end, you will find the date of manufacture in pencil.
The "EXTRAD" has been on the market since 1987, but the production started about a year ago, and the date of '86 can be seen.

'90 ST54 Custom Order / BLD (#J022199)

Blonde color with gold parts. EXTRAD" decal shines on the back of the head, and the pocket is marked "between BLD (blonde) and YWH (yellow-white)"! This is an amazing special spec that is only possible because it is made to order.
The pickups have been replaced with Texas Special pickups.

'89-'90 ST54 Light Ash / T (#J021833)

In late 1989, EXTRAD officially became a series. This model is an ash body model with a buckle scratch on the body back, but it boasts an excellent sound! EXTRAD" decal on the back of the head, "STS-54" stamp on the pocket, "KX-151 and "T" for the color notation can be seen on the back of the head.

'86-'87 ST57-140 / BLK (#E733378)

Made in early 1987, with price card from that time! This is a collector's item with relatively little use and no replacement parts. No decal on the back of the head as this is an early EXTRAD. The pocket has a clear mark on it from the painting process.

'93-'94 ST62-120 / 3TS (#Q030142)

Late EXTRAD model made in 1993-'94. Alder body with mint green parts and optional specs. The fretboard is made of Hakaranda! Custom Edition" decal on the back of the head and "K-625 ORDER" stamped on the pocket.

L80s-E90s ST62-120 / 3TS (#E972639)

This is an eye-catching one with a variegated maple neck! It has been played and creates an austere atmosphere. The clear vintage tone by the dry ash body is excellent. Recommended for players. EXTRAD" decal on the back of the head. The neck is E-serial and the pot date on the assembly is '87, but the unpainted neck pocket on the body suggests late 80's-early 90's. The neck is a late E-serial neck and the body is a late 90's neck. It is assumed that this guitar was shipped with a stock early E-serial neck and a later body.

'88 TL52-120 / BLD (#3605)

Neck date is September 8, 1987, and the accompanying Warranty Card states that it was made in 1988. This is an early version without the decal on the back of the head and with "TLA-52" stamped on the neck pocket, which is rare. A collector's item with little use!

What made us decide to do this project?

This is a personal aside, but I would like to share an episode that actually happened to me. It was about a year ago, when a friend of mine visited a local music store to sell his 1987 E-serial ST62-140 (EXTRAD).

My friend brought it in with great enthusiasm, thinking that he would get a good appraisal value because it was a rare and wonderful guitar. However, it soon turned out to be an unfulfilled dream, and he was thrown into the depths of sorrow... The clerk mistook it for a VINTAGE SERIES, a so-called "regular line" model, and gave him an appraisal value that was far from what he had imagined. The fact that it was an early model without a decal on the back of the head (see below) and without a specific model name stamp on the neck pocket seems to have caused such a tragedy.

A friend of mine brought that ST62-140 EXTRAD model to TC instruments with a sad expression on his face. At first glance, I could clearly see the outstanding quality of this extraordinary top-of-the-line model. However, since there are not many detailed information on this model other than its catalog, we had to be more careful in our assessment work. We fully utilized the sales data of TC instruments accumulated over the years to evaluate the original value of the instruments to the fullest extent! The appraisal value we came up with swept away my friend's dark expression of sadness and turned it into a smile of great satisfaction.

This joyful smile of my friend was so impressive that I decided to collect rare models such as EXTRAD, JV Serial, LIMITED EDITION, etc. with all my might. Over the next year or so, I made full use of the TC instruments network and succeeded in collecting valuable models not only from Japan but from all over the world. The result was more than 20 pieces, which surprised even me, the person in charge of the project.

Since we went to the trouble of collecting these precious instruments, I have planned this column out of respect for all those who were involved in their development and manufacture, and to prevent anyone else from feeling as sad as my friend (laugh), and to be of some help. I regret that I could not look up the information in catalogs or on the Internet alone, which was frustrating for me as well. I, 28 years old, born in 1988, am a young and inexperienced person, but I did my best to compile the information while studying in front of the actual equipment. If there are any errors, points of concern, or questions, please feel free to let me know.

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