The 2nd Effect Pedal Modification Contest Judging Results Announced!

TC Musical Instruments Award

Mashiko's work "SPEED STAR

This is the grand prix work, which was finally selected by the TC Musical Instruments staff based on the Web general voting, in which many people voted again this year. The theme of this year's contest was "How to enjoy effects pedals. I thought it was a wah pedal! Using the key to turn it on is just like a car! What do you use it for? It's perfect for children's toys! We received a variety of comments such as "It's great for children's toys! The product won the Grand Prix for its unintentionally eye-catching, out-of-the-ordinary, and interesting features!

Congratulations to ⭐️⭐️

Guitar Magazine Award

Kimura Kakushi's work "ONE FUZZ MK3 Si Ge MOD"

Not only has the transistor been replaced with a silicon one for convenience, but a germanium transistor has also been installed for a different sound, a specification that will make even fuzz freaks groan. This is one unit that presents the possibilities of analog from a new angle. I want to try it out with different types of transistors!


Cool Face" by Burnable Garbage Bin

We all know that vacuum tubes, as well as various other elements and electronic components, change their characteristics depending on the temperature, which in turn affects the sound. Serious or not, I don't know... In honor of this bizarre piece of work, a temperature-controlled effector, please allow me to award you the BARKS Award.

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BARKS Award Interview

Moridaira Musical Instruments Award

Mr. Mannen Beginner's work "Monster Jr.

As a sneaker fan, I was intrigued by the idea of using a child's shoe as a cover for an effector. As a sneaker fan, I was intrigued by the idea of using a child's shoe as an effector housing (cover?). I like that the mini pedal fits perfectly in the shoe. I thought it would be interesting to make a pedalboard full of shoe effectors by reusing shoes.

Arai Trade Award

Excited Muff" by 22incr

I personally like Big Muff, but I was simply struck by the design. I like mechanical things. Just looking at it makes me excited.


unaguitar's work "Mandarin orange squeezer

In recent years, many effectors are digital, and the room for modification has physically become less easy, but there are many fierce players who modify them here, and I wonder if it is a good thing that this place has become a competition of techniques. I also wonder if it is a good thing that this place has become a competition of techniques. So, this "mandarin orange squeezer" is simply an old kit that I changed the exterior because of a flash of inspiration from the naming. I thought it was a very important work for this contest. At the same time, this kit had a very good idea to remove the back cover of the L-type horn plug and attach it to the chassis, which was very impressive. I have no complaints about the practicality of this kit. I chose this kit because it is the origin of the effector.

Studio Penta Award

Gaming Wah for Arcade" by ATC

Guitar and games are both verbs, "Play". Two players are recommended.

Birdland Award

Shiroto's work "iPhone Kai Multi-Effector" by Mr. Inconvenient Shop

We selected this work because of its practicality and its attractive appearance. The appearance of the case is attractive, but the practicality of the multi-effects pedal is what made the selection.

Solid Bond Award

Robotta's work "DoGTaGFuzz" (Dog Tag Fuzz)

Cool name! It's simple to use and has a great fuzz sound!

Kyoritsu Corporation Award

DIY's work "Battery case for ELEHAMO" (Japanese only)

One of the best outings in the history of the Modified Effects Contest! The moment I saw Mike Matthews shining so divinely, I was convinced that I had no choice but to choose this item as a distributor of ehx. It's fantastic! I am (personally) looking forward to seeing more models with more brilliance and color variations in the future!

Kikutani Music Award

Ordinary Bass OverDrive" by Mr. JIGOKU NO SHIGEN

As a bassist, I thought this was a work that I would actually like to produce a sound for. I also thought it suited the theme of this year's contest.

The theme is "How to Enjoy Effects Pedals.
Please feel free to make suggestions, we are looking forward to hearing them!

- Selection method for each award -

Grand Prix

(Votes from the general public + votes from sponsors + judges' votes + TC Musical Instruments will judge the entries)

Sponsors' Awards

Selected by our sponsors
(The results of the public vote will not be reflected. All entries that pass the first round will have a chance to win.)

Guitar Magazine
Moridaira Musical Instruments
Studio Penta
Kyoritsu Corporation

Solid Bond
Kikutani Music
Other companies

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Application Guidelines

Preliminary Screening: Photographic Selection
Secondary Screening: Physical Screening

Preliminary Judging
Please send a photo and description of the modifications by e-mail.
Those who pass the initial screening will be contacted directly.
Second round of judging
The second round of judging will be conducted on the actual works selected from those that pass the first round of judging.
The works must be brought to TC Gakki or submitted by mail, and must be available to be tested in the store.
(Works will be returned after the results are announced and the award-winning works are displayed.)
Works that pass the preliminary screening will be introduced at TC Gakki stores and on our official YouTube channel.
The Grand Prix will be decided by popular vote in stores and on the web, as well as by staff vote.
At the same time, each category award will be selected by our sponsors.
The results will be posted on TC Gakki's official website and BARKS.


Entry Requirements

Anyone can apply as long as it is a modification of your own idea.
Modifications to only the external appearance are also welcome.
The main point is to be able to share the fun in a video, so we are looking forward to seeing your fun ideas.

Application Deadline

July 31, 2023

Guitar Magazine Award


Moridaira Musical Instruments Award

RAT T-shirtMXR cable (10ft)Way Huge pick set

Arai Trade Prize


Rama Amoeba New Album

Studio Penta Award

10 hours free studio time

Birdland Prize

Solid Bond Award

Kyoritsu Corporation Award

D'Addario T-shirt set of 2

kikutani music prize

Sans amp; high school girls T-shirt (not for sale)