Gibson 1960 Les Paul Standard


Although it is a gold top flow, it will be introduced as an extra edition, not saying. It is of course the attraction of the looks, who arranged beautiful 杢, but still the speech is the sound of PAF.

Certainly as well as custom shop manufactured by custom shops in recent years, it is certainly great, but he is obvious compared to listening. Burst is thick. Moreover, the high-hearted sound is painful to the ear.

The current Respol has a slight line of sound, and he hurts a high tone. Burst is the sound that top guitarists around the world are looking for.


So why is the sound good? It is a pick-up and material. For example, Van Hayaren had a PAF attached to Strat Shape's guitar and put out a pretty cool sound. Where PAF pickup is that PAF pickup is that it has a great power. And wood. At that time, it is the greatest reason to be able to get good quality mahogany, maple and rosewood enough. Since there was a wealth of materials, woodration is also commercialized in an ideal form, and as a result, it is said that the wonderful material was produced from the body to neck and head. It is PAF there. What do you want to ask for a guitar any more? The best guitar that the best pickup matches the best wood is the best guitar ... The highest peak of the existing guitar is burst.

This' 60 years burst that the west coast 某 guitarist was loving over 30 years. Since the serial is 200sts, it is a specification that has taken over the characteristic of '59 years, and the color is also not a non-fading type that is called tangerine red, tomato soup, and it is faded to the lemon drop as well as the '59 year. The back of the neck has an overall attack that would have been a ring, and the original brown case has a sticker and it is always stuck and always telling it with the owner. It is an inserk that makes a unique aura and the highest peak that one guitarist has been backed.