This is the famous "Burst" guitar, which is introduced here as an extra edition, although it is in the gold top trend. The beautifully grained wood is not only attractive, but the true essence of this guitar is the sound of the PAF.

The recent Custom Shop models are certainly excellent in terms of construction and sound, but when you compare them, it is obvious at a glance. Burst has a thicker sound. Moreover, the treble is not painful to the ear.

The Les Paul of today has a thin line of sound, and the high notes are painful to the ear. Burst is indeed the sound that the world's top guitarists are looking for.


So, why does it sound so good? The answer is simply put: pickups and materials. For example, Van Halen used PAF pickups on his Strato-shaped guitars, and they sounded really cool. The bottom line is that PAF pickups have a lot of power all by themselves. And the wood. The main reason for this was the availability of well-seasoned, high-quality mahogany, maple, and rosewood at the time. The abundance of wood made it possible to produce the ideal wood for the product, and as a result, the body, neck, and head were all made from excellent materials. And then there is PAF. What more could you ask for in a guitar? In short, the Burst is the best guitar in existence.

This '60 Burst was used by a West Coast guitarist for over 30 years. The serial number is in the 200s, so it is a spec that inherits the characteristics of the '59. The color is tangerine red, not the tomato soup type that does not fade, but fades to lemon drop like the '59. The back of the neck has a few scratches from rings, and the original brown case is covered with stickers, indicating that the guitar was always with the owner. It has a unique aura of having been played by a guitarist, and the presence and dignity of a top guitarist.