TC楽器 短編小説 「悩めるタカシの金策編」 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

"Will troubled Takashi's gold work"

"Cute child"

First episode "Loving Base Goodbye."

PhotoTakashi was troubled, so that the expression is distorted.
The seeds of her troubles are gold.
Aiming for the musician, the main band was dissolved and the main band was dissolved, and the back band work has never been a few years.
The apartment update came in the middle of eating at the day of the day.
Naturally there is no reason to move, it can not move.
If you think about it from the town's finance or sell organs, if you think about it, there is a self-going to the Tsubo.

PhotoThe base is the base, so on the base, the base is the love machine music man, sting tray.
While passing high school, I was a base I bought every day and finally bought it.
It is a partner who has a hard trip to the present. That's it. Selling the base! , Is, Ikko, I'm an important partner, so my family ,.
However, as it is, it will be a vagrant person.

At the end of the day when I repeated a few borefit conflicts, I came to see, "Today's base let me let go ,"

Episode 2 "The Day of the Wandering Day"

PhotoTakashi has decided to sell the base once, but he did not understand where he could go. He has no money and does not bought a magazine.
He had less acquaintance for a long time in Tokyo.
Walking your spare time, walking in the city, tired, and when I was fascinated in the park, when I was repeatedly repeated such a barren, the voices of the bandman who seemed to be back home with the band came in my ear.

Photo(Bandman 1) "I sold the base for this time."
Mu, this conversation! Change after the Bandman with a chance of the treatment.
(Bandman 2) "Eh! That, stinglay used for a long time".
What is the same as my base! .
(Bandman 1) "I had a feeling of use, but I bought it unexpectedly."
Is it true ~ ~! ! Where is that place! ! At that time, the voice of the heart is likely to appear.
(Bandman 2) "Where did you sold it?"
Just Mi ~ ~ ~! ! The best timing, the other, there are anywhere.
(Bandman 1) "Chu Kogacchier".
I have never heard of words.
Chu Kogakkiya · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
While looking at the Bandman's back, I returned to the chest of the keyword called Chu Kogacchija.

Third episode "one-streak light"

A few days have passed a few days in the chest, and there is no one, I thought that there is only the Internet, but it is good, but the analog human Takashi knows the existence of a personal computer , I was about to handle it hardly.
However, in this time, to grasp the information about this, the Internet is still essential, and to know the meaning of "Tyu Kogacchier" that he hears from that bandman, I can not relieve it.
The ward office has allowed you to browse for free, raised a heavy waist with a personal computer.
It was a personal computer that I thought about it, but I was able to do the Internet search behavior with kind response of Ward Office staff.Photo
By the way, the letters of Chu Uko Gi · Ki · Ya, Input, and the letters are in the "Used Eggshore" character, still this! Catch and click.
Somehow, when I was immersed in a feeling like an IT expert, a great number of instruments flew into a screen, this is a used musical instrument store, various instrument county, and other columns, etc. Site searches and access methods were easy to understand easily.
Well, the road was open, and it was a tacashi that smiled in one hand.

Fourth Episode "Residents living in Oasis"

We arrived in the old musical instrument and arrive in the old musical instrument and arrived in only 30 seconds from the Yamanote Line's Shin-Okubo Station.
It stops at the store at the storefront.
It is surprisingly tense when entering the musical instrument.
While making memories that I felt like such a young age, go into the store.
It is said that there was an information that is the Internet, and it was a clerk, and the clerk could not be heard of the number of instruments, and the clerk could not be heard, and it became just a side operator.
I'm different! There is also a purpose here, and it is decided that it is said that "that, I want to sell the instrument".
Why can't say! .
While doing such a conflict, I went back and looked back in the eagerness.

So I talked from a clerk.
"Good luck, you will be able to store the instrument," I am kind and smiling.
Yes, this timing! .
"Butterfly! Buy!" .
Sakuro is also kind to me, and the clerk is gently, "Thank you very much! If you have a slight assessment, please see the inside of the store slowly!"
He took a musical instrument.
While being blushed, it was too much for 15 minutes, and when it was too much more, "Stingray purchase customers, we have been waiting for you." And the voice of calls from the clerk, the voice and anxiety of the call. , Walking up.Photo
"I've been waiting very well, the purchase price will be ○ ○ million yen," , ! It is not possible to update, such a thing, such a thing, such a thing and such a thing, and it will be possible ~ ~ ~! ! .
I left the instrument in the immediate answer and turned the used musical instrument while floating.

Episode 5 "Nightmare and Reunion"

Somehow the apartment has been updated, and when the calm life came back, I had a self-fall holiday without doing anything as usual.
I look at one corner of the room ,PhotoThere is no stingray that should be there.
I know it, but I repeat the same behavior many times.
Close your eyes to scratch the hairless behavior, and see a dream while falling down.
"Suddenly, in such a sense of su t t t tsing tray, with a sense of overwhelming presence, suddenly, suddenly, the audience is pointing up, I'm pointing down , And, there is no stingray that should have had!
I wake up, and I'm going to communicate my bad sweat in my body.
It is impossible! I was running out to a second-hand musical instrument.
I arrived at a second-hand instrument, and I overlook the base sector. Stingray, my stingray, when, when I reached the base involuntarily,
"If you're a try, please try it on a chair if it is good."
A clerk has called out.
"Oh, I would like to sell stingray the other day, thank you very much."
PhotoThe clerk smiles and smiled.
Now I could not hide the thing that I was selling the sting tray I was able to sell the sting trees I could play the base to wipe out.
Well, I'm very easy to play, here, here, it's right to be clogged, so I'm calm and look good, and I look at the body quite clean.
Yes, this stingray is not my object. . .
I could not hide my sense of loss, and I was in the back, and I'm waiting for you to see you, "Thank you very much, and I'm waiting for you." And the voice of a well-known clerk sounds from the back.

Final story "sublimation"

PhotoThat's it, it is difficult to say beautiful, my stinglay was brushed cleanly, and it was coordinated and decorated with a gorgeously adjusted.
Even if it was solved as a person who sold stingray, it is a clerk who responded to the trial without a disgusting face.
The feeling was wonderful while remembering everything.
Since then, I got a job, I've been calm, and I have been poor, and I got a life that I could not get a life that I could not eat, one day, there was a contact from old band companions.Photo
"I'm not going to be a professional as before, but I will not do band together!"
It was a unexpected word.
"I say something like this, but I want to sell a guitar, but don't know how good it?"
Takashi "Oh, I know !!" (Laughter).