TC楽器 短編小説 「悩めるタカシの金策編」 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

Takashi was worried, so that his expression was distorted by agony.
The source of trouble is gold.
10 years after I moved to Tokyo for a musician, the main band was dissolved, and I used to have a lot of back band in recent years.
While I was eating in a day labor work, an apartment was updated.
Of course, there is no reason to have a lot of money, and you can't move.
The more you think about borrowing from town finance or selling organs, the more you think about it.

At the end of my eyes while holding my head, the bass is a favorite machine musicman, Stingray.
The bass that I finally bought after going to high school and doing a bite every day.
He is a partner who has been struggling to date. That's it. If you sell the base! , No, no, this is an important partner, such a family ...
However, if you leave it as it is, you will become a tramp ...

After a few days of barren conflict, the answer that arrived was "Let's let go of the bass once ...".

Takashi once decided to sell the bass, but he did not know where to go. There is no money and you can't buy a magazine.
I had few acquaintances in Tokyo for a long time.
Wandering around the city with free time, sitting in the park when tired, and when I was repeating such barren things, the voices of two bandmen, who seemed to be back in the band, came to my ears.

(Bandman 1) "I sold the base during this time."
Mmm, this conversation! Follow the bandman as a chance for a thousand treatment.
(Bandman 2) "Eh!
What is the same as my base! 。
(Bandman 1) "I felt quite a feeling, but I bought it surprisingly high."
Is it true! ! Where is the place! ! At that time, when the voice of the heart is likely to come out of the throat.
(Bandman 2) "Where did you sell?"
Just Mi ~~~~! ! It's the best timing, then, where is it?
(Bandman 1) "Chu Kogakkiya".
A word I had never heard came back.
Chuko Gakkiya ... still, it's probably a used instrument store that handles used, but it doesn't go ahead.
While seeing off the bandman's back, he returned home with the keyword Chukogakuya.


It is good to think that there is only the Internet to obtain information, but it is good to get the only information to get information, but even if you know the existence of personal computers. , I was almost all handled.
However, in this era, the Internet is indispensable to seize this information, and it is unreliable to know the meaning of the "chukogakkiya" that sounds faint from that bandman.
The ward office allowed to browse for free, raised a heavy waist to use a personal computer.
Although it was a PC that I thought was a troublesome thing, it was easy to do the Internet search behavior due to the kind response of ward office staff.

By the way, input to Ju Woo Ka Ga Ki Kaya, the word "used instrument store" is still in the line! Click on without permission.
Somehow, when I was immersed in a feeling like an IT expert, a great number of instruments jumped out of the screen, this is a used musical instrument store, a variety of musical instruments, and other columns. There was an easy -to -understand site search, so I was able to search very easily.
By the way, the road was opened, and Takashi laughed with a map that was printed out.


With a Stingray relying on the map, we arrived at the used musical instrument shop and arrived from Shin -Okubo Station on the Yamanote Line in just 30 seconds.
Stop at the store because it is too much.
When you enter a musical instrument store, you are surprisingly nervous.
Go into the store while biting the memories you felt at such a young age.
Although there was some information on the Internet, he was unable to call out to the clerk with the starting point, which was focused on the number of instruments, and became a justified person.
Well, it's different! There is a purpose here, and it's just a word, "I want to sell musical instruments."
I can't say it! 。
While playing such a conflict, he was wandering around and looked back.

Yes, the clerk talked.
"If you like, I will keep the instrument," he is easy to smile.
Alright, this is the timing! 。
"Ga -musical instrument! Please buy me" ... 。
The clerk gently, "Thank you! Please give me a little time for the assessment, please look at the store slowly!"
He kept the instrument.
While blushing, about 15 minutes have passed around the store, and after about 15 minutes, "I have been very waiting for the customers who buy the Stingray," the clerk's voice, hope and anxiety. When you walk up.

"I've been waiting very much, the purchase price will be XX,000 yen." ! The phrases that could be updated, such things, such things, and things like that, could you do something like that! ! 。
He immediately let go of the instrument and left the used musical instrument store while floating.


I managed to update my apartment, and when my calm life came back, I had a self -destructive break without doing anything.
Suddenly turn your eyes to the corner of the room ...

There is no Stingray that should be there.
I know, but I repeat the same action over and over again.
Close your eyes to take a barren action, dream while falling into a shallow sleep.
"Among the super crowded spectators, I have a sting ray and make the bass sound with an overwhelming presence, suddenly, the audience suddenly flirted and pointed to me. And, there is no Stingray that should have been held! "
Awakening, unpleasant sweat is transmitted throughout the body and falls.
It's useless! I was running into a used instrument store.
Arrive at a used musical instrument store and overlook the base counter. Stingray, my Stingray, ... when I reached out to the base,
"Is it a trial, please put it on a chair if you like."
The clerk called out.
"Oh, the other day, I sold the Stingray, thank you, please take a look."

The clerk smiled easily.
I can't hide the awkwardness of the people who sold the Stingray I am now, so I started playing the bass to dispel.
Oh, it's very easy to play, oh, it's up to the sound here, but it's fixed, and when you look closely and look closely, the body is polished quite beautifully.
Yes, this Stingray is not mine. 。 。
I couldn't hide my sense of loss, so I left the store with a fascinating store, and on my back, "Thank you, I'm waiting for you again."


That was so beautiful that my stingray was polished neatly, adjusted well, and decorated in the store.
The clerk who knew that he was a person who sold the Stingray, but did not make one of the unpleasant faces, and responded to the trial.
My feelings became clear while I was looking back on everything.
A few years after that, one day, a band friend contacted me, who has been in a regular job and has settled down, and I can live enough to be in a poor but bad to eat.

"I'm not going to be a professional as before, but I won't do the band again!"
It was an unexpected word.
"I say this, what are you selling guitars, I want it, but don't you know it's good?"
Takashi "Oh, I know !!"