TC楽器 短編小説 「悩めるタカシの金策編」 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

Takashi was distressed, so much so that his face was distorted with anguish.
The source of his worry was money.
It has been 10 years since he moved to Tokyo to become a musician, but his main band has broken up, and he has had no backing band work, which used to be frequent, for the past few years.
While I was trying to make ends meet with a day job, the renewal of my apartment came up.
Naturally, there was no way he could afford to move out.
The more I thought about it, the more I found myself stuck in Tsubouchi.

As I was thinking about it, the more I thought about it, the more I found myself stuck in Tsuchitsubo.
I finally bought this bass while attending high school, working part-time every day.
It was a partner with whom I had shared many hardships and joys up to the present. That's right. Sell the bass! No, no, no, no, he is my precious partner, yes, my family. 、、、、
But if we don't, he will become a hobo. 、、、、

After several days of barren conflict, the answer I arrived at was, "Let's let go of the bass once and for all、、、、.

Takashi decided to sell the bass once and for all, but he did not know where to go. He had no money and could not afford to buy magazines.
Although he had been in Tokyo for a long time, he did not know many people.
He wandered around the city with his spare time, sitting in a park when he got tired, and was repeating this barren routine when he heard the voices of two band members who appeared to be on their way home from band practice.

(Band member 1) "I sold my bass guitar the other day.
(Band member 1) "I sold my bass the other day! I took this as a once-in-a-thousand chance and followed the band members.
(Band member 2) "What? Um, the Stingray I've been using all along".
What, it's the same bass I have!
(Band member 1) "It was pretty well used, but they paid a surprisingly high price for it.
Really~! Where is that place! At that time when the voice of my heart seems to come out through my throat.
(band member 2) "Where did you sell it?"
Just me ~~~~t! Great timing, now where is there 、、、、、.
(band member 1) "Chuukogakkiya".
The words I had never heard came back to me.
Chuukogakkiya・・・・・ is exactly as it sounds,,, perhaps it is a music store that deals in used music as I imagine,,,,, I still don't go any further than that even if I think about it.
I saw the band member's back and went home that day with the keyword "Chuukogakkiya" in my mind.


A few days passed with the keyword "Chuukogakkiya" in mind. With nowhere else to turn, Takashi decided that the Internet was the only way to get information.
However, in this day and age, the Internet is indispensable in order to have a handle on so much information, and in order to know the meaning of "chuko gakkiya," which I faintly heard from the band member, I had to rely on the Internet.
The ward office allows free access to the Internet, so I took the plunge and used a computer.
I had thought that computers were a bother, but the kindness of the ward office staff made it clear that Internet searches were a piece of cake.

I typed in "Chu-Ko-Ga-Ki-Ya" and found the words "used musical instrument store" in the list of letters! I clicked on it, convinced on my own.
While I was feeling like an IT expert, a huge number of musical instruments popped up all over the screen.
The way was clear, and Takashi was smiling with the printed out map in his hand.


With the map in hand, he headed for the used music store with his Stingray in just 30 seconds from Shin-Okubo Station on the Yamanote Line.
He stopped at the storefront, feeling that it was too easy to get there.
When it comes time to enter a music store, I am surprisingly nervous.
I went into the store, thinking about the memories I had felt in my younger days.
Although I had some information on the Internet, I was still too shocked by the sheer number of instruments to speak to the store staff, so I was just a bystander.
No, no, no! I had a purpose, and I knew what I was going to say: "Excuse me, I'd like to sell my instrument," was all I had to say.
Why can't I say it?
While I was wandering around with such conflicting feelings, I was caught off guard and turned around.

Welcome! I was so surprised.
The waitress spoke to me.
If you like, I can take care of your instrument.
Good, this is the right time!
I'll take care of your instruments if you don't mind! Why is my accent coming out here? ~~~~.
The shopkeeper gently said, "Thank you very much! Please take a moment to look around the store if you like. I was so surprised and puzzled that the shopkeeper said, "Thank you very much!
She took my instrument and left it with me.
After about 15 minutes of wandering around the store with a blush on my face, the clerk called out, "Sorry for the long wait, Stingray buyer! I walked up to the store with hope and anxiety in my heart.

We are very sorry for the wait, the purchase price will be XX million yen. 、、、、、 Natsu natsu natsu~! I could update it, and then I could do such and such and mufu~~~~~~~!
I immediately gave up the instrument and left the used music shop in high spirits.


After renewing my apartment, I was back to a more settled life, but I was still having a self-indulgent vacation with nothing to do.
Suddenly, I turned my eyes to a corner of my room..,

The Stingray that was supposed to be there was already gone.
I know this, but I keep repeating the same action over and over again.
I close my eyes and dream as I fall into a shallow sleep, trying to soothe my barren behavior.
"I'm in the middle of a packed house, holding a Stingray, with an overwhelming presence and bass tone, and suddenly the audience starts to murmur and point at me, and when I look down, the Stingray I should be holding is gone! ...
I wake up with a start, a disgusting sweat falls down my body.
No, I can't! I was running out to the used music store with all my might.
I arrive at the used music store and take a look around the bass section. Stingray, my Stingray was 、、、、, when I unexpectedly reached for the bass,
I reached for the bass, and as I reached for it, he said, "Would you like to try it, sir?
The clerk called out to me.
Thank you very much for selling Stingray the other day.

The clerk smiled at me easily.
I couldn't hide the awkwardness of being identified as the person who sold the Stingray I was holding in my hand, so I started to play the bass guitar to get rid of the awkwardness.
It was supposed to be clogged up, but the sound was fixed... I calmly took a closer look and found that the body was also polished quite nicely.
Yes, this Stingray is not mine.
I couldn't hide my feeling of loss and left the store in a state of love. I heard the cheerful voice of the waitress behind my back.


My Stingray, which could hardly be called beautiful, had been polished and adjusted to perfection and was displayed in the store in a gorgeous way.
I was also impressed by the store clerk who, even though she knew I was the one who had sold the Stingray to the store owner, was willing to let me try it out without a single grim look on her face.
As I thought back on everything, my feelings became brighter.
A few years later, I had found a regular job and my work had settled down, and although I was poor, I was able to make a good living.

One day, I received a call from one of my old band mates: "I'm not aiming to be a pro like before, but I want to play in a band with you again!
It was an unexpected word.
I don't know how to say this, but I sold my guitar, and I'd like to buy it. I'm sorry to tell you this, but I sold my guitar and I want to get one.
Takashi said, "Oh, I know! (laughter).

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