TC楽器 短編小説 「可愛いあの子」 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI


As the heat was reaching its peak and the sun was setting early, Takashi was in a hurry. His club activities were dragging on and he was going to be late for band practice. Takashi's swearing at his advisor is the driving force behind his high-speed pedaling like a fireball, his legs showing no sign of fatigue from the rugby team practice.

Suddenly, he saw a cute girl 、、、、 on the other side of the road. The next thing you know, you're looking at a concrete telegraph pole. I wondered if the girl had found out... I was more worried about the way she looked at me than my body, but when I was told at the hospital that I had broken my collarbone, which would take three months to heal, I became disheartened. Naturally, he was unable to go to band practice, the band members laughed at him, he was unable to participate in club activities, and he fell from his position as a regular member of the club, which had almost been decided.

Fortunately, my beloved Fender Stratocaster was safe and sound, with only a chipped nut. Takashi was not happy, but he was fascinated by the girl he saw at that time, and his imagination swelled up while he was in the hospital.



As soon as he got out of the hospital, he brought his beloved Strat to his favorite shop, TC Gakki. I was so disappointed," he said, "I had to replace the nut on my Strat.♪It was a mess. This music shop was very kind to a customer like me who didn't make a lot of money. I asked him, "By the way, Takashi, what's up with your club activities? I asked him. I was too embarrassed to tell him that I quit the club because I couldn't keep up with the others due to my injury. I thought music was the only thing for me..." "Hmmm..." ...I knew they would find out.

I blushed and was about to change the subject when I heard a woman's voice from far away. Oh, it's her! My name is Kikuchi, and I have been working here since this month! Takashi was so surprised and nervous that he almost fell off his chair. He did not remember what he said after that. But the gentle voice with a slightly nasal tone and the sweet aroma... it definitely made him feel like he was getting something out of the deal.



Takashi had been going to TC Gakki frequently. He had been a regular customer of this music store for a long time, but the reason he was there now was because of Ms. Kikuchi. Takashi's brain composition was 9:1, her and the band, and he had not practiced with the band for a long time, but he could not remember the songs and his playing was not good.

One day, the band's singer stood in front of her house with a red face. I lay down on the futon in my room, thinking about how I had been hit in the head with a tonkachi and how I had no idea what I was talking about. The actual "I'm not sure what to say. Takashi, who remembered how long he hadn't touched it since he was a little boy,、、、、、, had tears streaming down his face.


The decision

I'm going to do my best with the band," he said with certainty. He was sure that he would be able to see her again as long as he kept on playing music.♪He practiced hard with his friends so as not to let his impure feelings be known. When a live show is scheduled, one's mind gets tighter and one's appetite for a better sound grows. I needed a delay for one of my songs, so I went to TC Music. Looking around the effects section, I found a lineup of used but perfectly maintained, cleaned, and clean units. The staff was very friendly and let me try out any of the products I wanted to buy. I have decided on a candidate. But my budget is not enough!

I went home and pulled out a Tokai Strat and an Ibanez electric that I haven't used in a few years from the closet, and took them to TC Musical Instruments to trade them in. I gave the body and neck a good cleaning and replaced the strings to show my appreciation for all the work I've put into it. The sound of the neck made my face smile. I'm going to take the Tokai Strat to TC for a quick setup, and if I sell the Ibanez, I'll be able to use the money for effects pedals.

The next day, before my part-time job, I stopped by TC to get a physical exam and an evaluation of the guitar. I got 2,500 yen for the checkup, which included a simple setup, and Ibanez got more than the cost of the effects pedals, so I earned extra money! And now, I have to report to the girl!♪ 



On the day of the show, we were chatting in the waiting room when our opponents came in. They were a little older than us. After exchanging brief greetings, a guitar caught my eye. The paint was peeling and the fingerboard was blackened, giving it the appearance of having seen many battles in the past. It's a vintage Fender, made in '73! It's really cool. I like the sound of it, and it was cheap, and I like large heads. I don't know about the large head, but it sure sounded good. I bought it at a store in Shin-Okubo.

"Um, are you TC Instruments?" "Yes, yes, I go there.♪I thought vintage music had nothing to do with me, but when I saw and heard the actual instruments on the spot, I could tell the difference. I was going to ask him about his guitars, but he kind of slowed down. I was going to ask him about his guitar, but then the tone slowed down. I looked to the side and saw our vocalist looking at me with narrowed eyes.



After our performance, I was still not satisfied with the quality of the live performance. I was still not satisfied with the performance. and "You're running too fast," etc. Curses echoed through the air. I decided to go listen to the performance of the other band member who had just responded to my question in a friendly manner. I was sure they were just taking it easy because it was a copy, but I didn't ask them what they were copying. It seemed that the on-stage set-up was complete and it was dark: 、、、、、

Zu, ja ~~~~~~" Oooh! What is this distortion?

Although I did not recognize the music itself, I was overwhelmed by the music and sound with its presence. After the performance, I called out to him, "No! That was awesome, that was cool! By the way, what are you copying?" and "Deep Purple, don't you know? I said, "Deep Purple, don't you know them? They play classic rock, but I've been listening to them a lot lately. I looked up "Deep Purple" on Wikipedia, and learned that they are a legendary band that has had a great influence on today's music.

Takashi was reminded once again that he was a frog in a well, but at the same time, he could not hide his hot blood for music that was rising in his veins.



The End of Love

The day came suddenly. Looking up at the sky and holding back tears,、、、、 he closed his eyes and tears began to well up. Yes, Kikuchi had a boyfriend. On the way home from band practice, while everyone was chatting and laughing, a voice said, "Wow, that's a Mercedes Benz! It's the latest model," a voice said, and we all looked at each other. In the glorious sunshine of the most beautiful weather, sitting in the passenger seat was Kikuchi-san, with an even more brilliant smile on his face. A man in the driver's seat of the Mercedes Benz, which stopped dashingly in front of the station, was recognizable from a distance as a handsome man. I was alone in thinking about the beginning, and even though I told myself that there was no beginning and no end, only emptiness filled my heart. The vocalist came to me, squaring his shoulders and said, "I understand how you feel, it's a good break for you....

It was the first time I had ever felt so frustrated about being a student and a band member with no money. Afterwards, I bought some alcohol at a convenience store and drank it at home, and my band mates pretended not to know what was going on. I was so thankful for my band mates, and then Deep Purple, a band I had just discovered, came on, saying, "I found a used CD, let's listen to it. It's so cool to hear it now, isn't it! Yes, it's cool! It was an event in the summer of Takashi's life that made him realize that while the band may not be able to continue forever, the music will remain, and he will cherish the friends he has made in building such music together.

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