TC楽器 短編小説 「可愛いあの子」 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

"Will troubled Takashi's gold work"

"Cute child"

● Meet

The heat was faster when the heat and peaking will be faster, and Takashi was upset. Club activities are likely to be delayed for prolonged band practice. Tachashi that rotates the pedal with fireballs with a leg strength that does not feel fatigue by the practice of the rugby club with a legal force that does not feel tired by the practice of the rugby club.

PhotoIf you look at it, a girl pretty girl , . The next moment was in front of a concrete telegram, she runs hard on her shoulder, and she dressed in her heels quietly away. She didn't barre to that child ..., her lesion was worried about her body's worries, but she at the hospital and she said that she is a three-month-old broken bone fracture . Naturally she can not go to the band practice, and it was laughed from the members, not in club activities, and she also falls from the club's regular locus that was decided.

Her unhappy her fortunes were safe with her love machine fender, stratocaster's nut, who had her love machine. "A ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , The delusions are only bulged.


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● Reunion

As soon as I was discharged, I brought her Aida Strat to the TC musical instrument. "I was scattered, I exchange strat nut♪". This instrument is also gently supported by customers who do not have their own gold. "If so, how is Takashi-kun." I have a painful place, I can not go to everyone with this injury, and I'm embarrassed and I'm embarrassed. "After all, I thought that I could only do music for myself ...", "Fu ~ ~ ~ ~" ... still barre?

PhotoWhen I tried to change my face red and talked, I heard a woman's voice from afar. A child! "I say Kikuchi, I will work from this month!" Takashi was so surprised and tensioned to fall from a chair. She then not remember what she talked about. She is a sweet scent with a gentle voice that suffered from a slightly nose ... She no doubt that she got something I got.

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● Conflict

Takashi went to the TC instrument to add. It was a good instrument store before, but now the reason was that Kikuchi. Taka's brain composition is 9: 1 in band with her. She was a long time since the longing band's practice, I was not remembering the song, and I was a crisis of dismissal, and I was happy to think about her things in that way.

PhotoOne day, the vocal of the band had a red face and standing in front of his home. "I have something I want to say, but only a word, choose a band or a woman," I was scolded with a tonkachi, I think that I can't say anything I said that I can't get along well, I'm horizontal Became. A love machine strat caster was a rusted string and a row of rusted strings at the end of a gaze like a space. She was not touching so, but ,

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● Determination

Photo"I'm going to do the band." If her true scene is music, her is also her, yeah♪I worked hard to practice her friends to not realize her impure feelings. If the plan is decided, her feelings are also tightened, and it will be greedy to seek a better sound. She was dated by the song and was joined to TC instrument. If you look at the effector sales floor, it is a secondhand, but a beautiful individual who has been completely developed and cleaned is lined up. I like the clerk who can try to play a good time no matter how many chooses, this store. Candidate was decided. But the budget is not enough!

PhotoI went back to her home and pulled the ibanez's election of TOKAI Strat, IBANEZ, which was not used for several years. Please bring it to the TC instrument and get it down. The body and neck were flooded with the gratitude so far, and the chord was replaced. Holding the neck and the face is also soared to the sound with love. Yes this TOKAI STRAT goes out to TC's "Instrument Health Diagnosis" to make a quick setup. Selling IBANEZ will be the addition of effectors.

PhotoThe following day I have a TC instrument before the byte and get musical instrument health check and guitar assessment. You can see the state of the neck, the electric system, etc. and see the simple setup of 2,500 yen. If IBANEZ has been assessed above the effector price after assessment, it has been revisited! And report to that child♪ 


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● Meeting

When I was chatting at the live room on the day, people of van came in. If we exchange greetings more than we, guitar will stop at the eyes. "It is a shibu guitar" painting, peeling fingerboard also drifts the brave figure of the game. He responded to "Fender vintage, 73 years"! Isn't it really cool? "Don't worry about the sound, you like it is cheap and you also like the large head." Daisaku ... I'm not sure I'm sure I'm sorry. "I bought it at the new Kubo shop""That, TC musical instrument?" "I'm going to do so♪"Vintage I thought that I was not related to myself, but this is a monster that I can see that I can see and listen to the actual machine in the field. "The girl who is there is a girl who is there, it's pretty cute," "Oh, Kikuchi-san ... Ne" Guitar's roots digging leaf digging, but something tone down. What is the result of rivals. If you look at the side side, the vocals of Uchi will look at me with a thin eye.

● Shock

After my performance was completed, I could not get it at the work of live. "I'm not going to do it for the first song B Melo!" And "I'm going to run too much." Once I decided to hear the performance of the van who answered me a precaution last time to cool my head. Certainly because it is a copy, I was doing comfortable, but I was answered but I did not hear until what I copied. It seems that the setting on the stage has been completed, and dark turns ,

"Z, J-~ ~ ~ ~"! ! This distortion is a well-known sound that does not lose to the sound, which is clearly scored, despite being listening to the rear behind, is a well-vintable sound, which is a vintage.

Although the music itself has no recognition, it was overwhelmed by music and sound with a sense of presence. After the performance, I spent a voice "I'm amazing, it's cool !! What is it copied at the place!" I'm listening. " Deep Purple or then a lot of checks, but says Wikipedia, but it was a legendary band and knew it a band that has a great influence on the current music.

We knew it again, and it was a tacashi that could not hide hot blood turning on the music that is in the well.

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● End of love

I came suddenly for that day. Looking up looking up the sky, tears have full of tears when the eyes were closed. So I had a boyfriend for Mr. Kikuchi. Band's practice, let's talk with everyone, "Square Benz, it's the latest model!! It's the latest model," he went to the passenger's good brilliant sunshine at the voices of the weather. It was Mr. Kikuchi who had a brilliant smile full of smiling. In the driver's seat of the Benz, who stopped in front of the station, a man who is a handsome, a man who was separated from a distance, and Mr. Kikuchi went down Benz and shook the place and left the place. Even if you think of the beginning, you will not be able to fill your mind, even if you say that it will not be the beginning and the end. Vocals crossed the shoulders, "You can not understand your feelings,". ".

It was his first experience that I was regrettable that myself was a student and no money. He then bought a liquor at a convenience store, and the band companion pretend to not know the circumstances. At that time I felt a band companion, I felt "I found it on a used CD" and a deep purple who just knew the other day has flowed. There are many songs that have also been heard or BGM that are also flowing in CM, etc. "It's cool even if you listen to now !!" It was a summer event.

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