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T.S factory is the pride of Japan, and is known by those in the know,T.S factory!!

ECO RRR ProjectT.S factory is well-known for its production ofThe latest model151A-MOis now available!

The body shape is based on the Fender Swinger (also known as Arrow or Musiclander).Long scale, custom made PUThis model has both individuality and practicality!

The same151A-MOBut, the coloring, pickup layout, body material, etc., changes from individual to individual.T.S factoryis that the coloring, pickup layout, body material, and so on change with each individual instrument!

One of them,You can only get it from that one individual.You can feel the charmIt is a guitar that you can feel the charm


A brief introduction of the 151A-MO that we have just received!


151A-MO Light Blue Glitter

151A-MO in light blue color

Lacquered with lame paint, you can see the craftsman's skill!

This is a 151A-MO with specifications that are sure to look great on stage!


151A-MO Black


151A-MO in black color

 Equipped with two P-90 type PUs, this guitar has an austere look!

This lightweight unit is also recommended for those who do not like heavy guitars!



Watch the video to see the above model.


This is what T.Sfactory is all about!

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