T.S factory ニューオリジナルモデル 151A-MO入荷!! - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

A workshop known to those who are proud of Japan,[T.S FACTORY]!!

ECO RRR projectIt is familiar in manufacturing, but this time from the T.S FACTORY brandLatest model151a-MO] Appears! !

For body shape based on Fender Swinger (alrow, Musiclander)Long scale, custom -made PUA model that combines both individuality and practicality! !

same151a-MOHowever, coloring, pick -up layout, body material, etc. change for each individual.T.S FACTORYAppearance point!

That one,It can only be obtained by that individualI feel attractiveIt's a guitar!


Introducing the 151A-MO that arrived this time!


151a-Mo Light Blue Glitter

Light blue color 151A-MO

It is an individual where you can get a glimpse of craftsmanship's skills with lacquer paint!

It is 151A-MO with no doubt that the stage shines!


151a-Mo Black


Black color 151A-MO

 Equipped with two P-90 PUs and have a bitter look!

Because it is a lightweight individual, it is also recommended for those who are not good at heavy!



Introducing the above individuals in the video ↓


T.SFACTORY is like this!