Sunrise - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

Overseas Rolling Stones, U2, Bonnie Lat, Divid Lindray, Jackson Brown, Rye Kuder, Richard Thompson, Emil Harris, Leo Kupke, William Ackerman, Peter Finger, Ben Harper etc. In Japan, Nakagawa Isato, Shun Matsuhara, Toshimi Masuda, Masaki Otsuka, Makiteo, Magani Bank, Magnetic Pickup Brand SUNRISE, which is used for well-being artists such as Kotaro Kotaro.

Mr. Gym Cowfman, who began to work as a repairman in Los Angeles in 1978, and opened a guitar repair shop in '84. Since it was difficult for the low high frequency characteristics while the piezo Pu's brightness, he fell in love with the sound of the magnetic PU, and he completes the prototype of the Sunrise magnetic PU in '78. It has a "high feedback threshold (the point where feedback or resonance occurs in the high feedback threshold) he is ideal, and it was close to the magnetic PU that does not lose the sound image of the guitar, but PU It seems that it was not possible to cancel the noise of one. He has been researching over a few years, successfully suppressing the noise by taking the ground inside the PU, and the current specification was settled now in the late '80's.



Reference price 50,400 yen

There was another important factor behind the completion of Sunrise Pu. Mr. Jim, such as Liperman, was a customer who has been a neal musician such as Neil Young, James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Dan Forgelburg, Steven Stirs, David Crossby, so its product. I was blessed with the opportunity to try.

Magnetic PU utilizing magnetics and coils to convert acoustic sound into electrical signals. Although it is the principle that the vibration (sound) of the entire strangular string generates a current (electrical signal) in the coil and outputs it, the material of the magnet used and the thickness of the coil wound around the magnet, the number of turns, etc. It goes without saying that the difference is born. Unlike standard products that are mass-produced in many brands, Sunrise says that Gym has maintained their quality all the homework.
In addition, high-precision bass reproduction is raised as a feature in the sound surface. It is a fact that the sound of the low-sine string of dropped low sine is powerfully reproduced and is excellent in the response to pick up to the top vibration is the biggest reason to use for finger pickers that multifungal tuning.