Shadow - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

Shadow Electronics, known for the Shadow pickup, was established in Germany in 1971. Founder Joe Marinik was a famous guitarist in its home country, led Bruce bands and jazz bands, and has been regular for many TVs and radio shows. He has a wide variety of professional guitarists, and he has already made a guitar amp as a teenager, and had deep interest and knowledge in electronics. Thus, Shadow pickup has been developed by the perspective as a guitar player and engineering that actually form it.
Announced "DoublePlay" blended with infridge piezo and magnetic pickup in the early '70's. While making use of the goodness of piezo and magnetics, we enable a single pickup that can not be reproduced by only a single pickup by covering each other. The system "DoublePlay" is now inherited and is produced in an evolved manner.
In addition, with a blend system that adds a microphone, the guitar is, of course, a big instrument tone reproduction to violin, mandolin, wood base and ethnic musical instruments, and today is a big-up of more than one million pickups in the year · It is a brand.

■ Nanomag


A magnetic pickup with a thickness of 6 mm, a compact size of 5 mm wide. It mounts to the end of the fingerboard and can get a strong noise and a stronger sound.
Reference price 25,200 yen

■ NanoFlex


Inbridge type pickup. Usually, the piezo placed under the bridge picks up the string vibration from above, but this nanoFlex has a combination of multiple piezoelectric materials, but also in the bridge, but also in the bridge. As a result, not only the string vibration on the bridge, but also the tone of the top board or braising can be added to the sound.
Reference price 22,050 yen

Nanomag and nanoFlex

Sonic DoublePlay preamp system that can be used by mixing nanoMag and nanoFlex tones.
Reference price 47,250 yen