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Half a century since I was born in this world, I haven't lived in Date for a long time!?
Let's ask when you are in trouble!

Then♪ As a staff of TC instrument, 20 years or more ...
OGA -chan's laugh (phase) talk room ~~ !!\ (-O-)/ (Don't say the emoticon specific to your uncle ..)

Old guitars, basses, effectors, etc. you have
"What is this?"
"Is it worth it?"

Did you pick up a used, got it from your dad, pick it up at the garbage dump?!
The instruments at hand due to some edge

Although I used it without any pleasure, I became a lifelong companion who liked, loved, loved! ...

Boys and girls who have become interested in the identity of their buddies, uncle Mochi -san is also OK ( ^ ^;) b
In the case of a problem, the help man OGA is planning to make it refreshing.

Well, I said so
There are a lot of things that I don't know even if I have survived in Date, so let's look together!

Of course, it is OK even if it is not Japan
Electric, Ako, bass, effector!
We will be happy to come and talk about musical instruments and musicians together, so please do not hesitate to nominate.