A new guitar brand has appeared in this place, which is also known as a famous window surfing, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. NobuWorks has a very high perfection and one -unique personality with the rich inspiration from the vast sea and the overwhelming technology that has been producing wind surfboards for many years. A new sense of guitar appears here.

A guitar that can play the phrase that you couldn't play until now is overwhelmingly easy to play! However, a kind of kind of guitar that can be said to be for experts, which does not end with that alone

Wind surfboard and guitar!

While working as a musician, the builder, Nobu Yoshida, has been working on a wind surfboard at a window surf shop on the Kamakura City Materials Kiza Beach, and has been active as a wind surfing instructor on weekends. However, even in such a busy day, only the passion for making guitar production remains the same, and is working on handmade without any prediction. Mr. Yoshida, who lives like a Superman, talked about the involvement of windsurfing and guitar craft.

A severe world of a wind surfboard where several microns divide the win or loss

Mr. Yoshida "I also work on boards used by Japanese national Olympic wind surfing players. Wind surfboards are very delicate, and how to catch the sea surface depending on the shape of the back arch, angle, paint finish, etc. However, the speed and riding comfort are completely different. In the case of professional tournaments, the difference in micron -level finishing is sometimes the gender. I have a variety of techniques and painting methods for surface finishing. , I've tried paint and so on. The accumulation of these know -how is reflected in the nobuWorks guitar.

  • NOBU's board
  • NOBU Yoshida and Olympic Wind Surfing RS: X -class Japan National Team Shin Tomizawa

Dynamic woodworking technology

Certainly, there are many famous builders from furniture craftsmen, such as the Master Builder of Fender Custom SHOP and Mike Shannon of Jackson because of the inseparable relationship between guitar production and woodworking technology. I also asked Mr. Yoshida about this relationship. Yoshida: "Certainly, woodworking technology is indispensable in making guitar. I have seen many examples of excellent furniture craftsmen becoming an excellent guitar builder, and I respect them. The wind surfboard we are producing is the same, or a world where more accuracy is required. Especially the playability part is a factor that determines the winning or losing. I think that whether or not to respond to the needs of the needs is the common feature of wind surfboards and guitars. "

And to the permanent value

There are many wooden buildings that have passed through a thousand years, such as the location of Kamakura and shrines and temples. What is such an environment affecting guitar production? Mr. Yoshida: I think it's a very blessed environment with a lot of inspiration. Woodwood made a thousand years ago is still shining over time. I am very impressed. Even if my guitar is not a year, I hope you can keep playing for a long time. That is a romance that makes a guitar here. "

I don't think it's a guitar for everyone, so if someone like this will play (laughs)
Nobu Yoshida

One day, the image of the new model under production arrived from NobuWorks. In addition, Mr. Yoshida said that the workshop was newly established in line with the development of the new model. I was excited about my expectations and headed for a new workshop for interviews.

Image of the new model "KARIN" under the production received from Mr. Yoshida

I visited a building close to JR Ofuna Station. When I opened the door, Nobuworks guitar, which emits light instead of a signboard, welcomed me.

When you go down the stairs, there is a reception desk, like a studio. Yes, it is made with a 18 tatami style studio, so that you can immediately check the finished guitar in the studio.

At the time of confirmation and adjustment of the finish, it is a workshop in the field that works while checking the sounds in the ensemble with band members.

At the time of the interview, I was shown in the studio, which was just under construction. It was completely soundproof and large enough for band rehearsal.

And a new workshop that has just been made. The smell of the tree has a new construction atmosphere. Basically, large cuts and paintings are performed in the shop studio, and fretting, incorporating, adjusting, finishing, and finishing here.


A room with a modern and beautiful appearance like a new workshop. There were rare wood and templates on the table.

Drawings on the wall and new model during work

A place where the top arch is being cut out. Can you see the top steps that were shaved in a staircase? This is a smooth and beautiful arch in all sides.

Gradually, it becomes a smooth arch. It is said that there is only experience to finish a beautiful and resonated arch, but Nobu's Kanna handbaki is magical and fun to see.

He showed me the colored image. In this way, it will be a beautiful arch while actually imagining the color of the finish.

The fret finish is also beautiful. In particular, the fret edge has an extraordinary commitment to have a great impact on the playability, and after hitting it once, finishing the edge and driving it again. It is a careful finish with spare time and effort.

The control cavity is also divided into a small room, and it is fun to see the fineness of woodworking technology. I am looking forward to what kind of wiring is actually incorporated into this.

This is the Nobuworks original sustain block.

Floyd rose has a lot of commitment, collecting tremolo and sustain blocks of all ages. It was designed by repeating various experiments and trial and error to have a huge impact on the sound of the sustin block. By attaching this NobuWorks original tremolo block, it can be dramatically improved, as well as sound separation and overtones.

Here, I heard a sound source that was recorded using a nobuworks guitar. In a nutshell, "the sound of an electric guitar that I have never heard." Sharp standing, tight attack feeling, rich overtone, yet thickness. Sustain with a rich midrange. It is an expression that collects all the praise often seen in the guitar catalog, but it is a sound that makes the electric guitar characteristic of the really good sound. "It's like a mixture of Sustin with the thickness of Les Paul custom in the middle of the 60's in the middle of the 60's," said Yoshida.


Because it was a great opportunity, I wanted to see the workshop of the windsurf shop in Kamakura. When I tell you that, Mr. Yoshida said, "It's good. Immediately, I went to the shop workshop for Yoshida's driving. Needless to say, the flowers bloomed in the music discussion in the car.

When I asked Mr. Yoshida when he started making guitar production, an amazing answer came back. "That's right. I had my parents buy an electric guitar when I was in junior high school, but the next day I peeled it apart and peeled off all the paint. I guess there was something I couldn't understand. , I have got various guitars, but I can't understand somewhere and eventually I have to make the guitar I want to play. "

At present, I was worried about where I remembered the highly evaluated board, especially for intermediate players.
"This was the same as a guitar, and I liked the wind, but I started making it myself because the existing board was a little different." And the ability to actually make it, and an incomprehensible commitment that can be said to be an obsession until it is created. Mr. Yoshida talks happily without talking about this area. I feel like I saw a genius.

"Yes, the studio I'm making now, I want to be able to take pictures in the future so that the walls and lighting can be done so that it can be located on the location of the music video." Yoshida's dream is endless. 。 And the commitment to the details is still odd ...

While talking so happily, the car was quickly arrived at the Kaiga coast.

Immediately, I was guided by the studio.

The opposite of the new and beautiful workshop, there is a dignity unique to the studio that has been worked for a long time.

There is one board made here a month. It feels less, but it seems that it takes so many days to take into account a compromise without a compromise. Of course, the guitar is also poured as well.

Powder with various wood. Originally used for rare materials, etc., are used for recovery or inlay processing. In a unique usage, it is used in combination with paint, resin, and adhesive. You can feel the annual rings that are also used tools.

Mr. Yoshida picks up each of the tools in love and explains each of them happily. During the day, he is immersed in the production of boards, and the guitar is mainly held at night after the shop is closed. He says he goes out to the sea on the weekend as a wind surfing instructor, and is also working overseas as a musician. It is wondering when this person is sleeping. "No, I can't take much time to sleep." There is no color of fatigue. She shines youthful and sometimes smiles like a child. Everything I'm working on is fun and inevitable. Everything is working with all my might and I really enjoy it. This vitality is one of the talents.

At this shop, we also provide custom -made wet suits. It was unfortunate rain, but the sea could be seen near the window.

The body top arch was even smooth and beautifully finished. Perfect processing of frets.

The inside of the cavity was completely shielded and finished like this. Apart from the normal output, a Nobuworks original S.A.W system (Sonic Air Wave) is installed, and the body sounds can be directly output. It is a unique specification.

The first thing that surprised me when I picked it up was the texture of the neck. The first impression is that it is rough and honest, "What is this!" Then, while I didn't play it for a minute, I felt like this rough feeling was familiar, and it became more comfortable. It's a strange neck, but it's strange that the familiarity comes out as if I've been playing for a long time. According to Yoshida's explanation, this paint has fallen into a rough sloppy by playing it, and if it plays for about six months, it will change to a perfectly familiar neck by changing according to the shape of the player's hand and play style. That's it. In fact, Yoshida touched the neck he played for about six months, but it has changed to a vintage -like texture, which is unlikely to be in recent years. He wants you to enjoy the pleasure of playing and raising yourself.

The right side is a model that has been played in. This painting uses special paint and painting methods that are created after many years of experimentation, so it cannot be imitated elsewhere.

The sound is very solid, and the sound of the low frequency range is particularly comfortable to the body, especially whether this is due to the example sustain block. Immediately, try plugging in to the amplifier. With a slightly higher setting, it is still loud. A very sharp and pure sound popped out. The response is fast and I'm a little confused. Speaking of the feeling of changing from the selection to the Altech 417, is it close? The sound is tight, despite the low frequencies in the raw sound. Of course, the necessary low is so enough, but there is no unnecessary resonance and no low -frequency rampage. Is this a gift of setting? The pickup is Duncan's COOL RAILS at the front desk and the rear is SH-14 Custom5, but the pickup specifications do not decide at first, but carefully select what matches the finished guitar tone and decide. It may be a luxury unique to hand craft. The output is not too high or too low, and it is such an impression that it is output to delicious places for juicy. The playability is perfect, it is very easy to play, but it is difficult to play, or you need a considerable skill to maximize the potential of this guitar. did it.

S.A.W system

This time, I switched to the S.A.W system, where the amplifier was clean and output the body sound directly. It is completely different from the sound from the pickup, which is also a mysterious sound and woody tone, but also different from the sound of Eleaco and fluako. In other words, "I feel somewhat nostalgic, but I haven't heard it." The whole guitar has become a microponic, and it seems to be powerful in recording.

Finally, I asked Mr. Yoshida for the recommended setting. "I don't have this kind of thing, but after all I like hard rock in the 80's, so I think it's suitable for making such sounds. Especially my guitar seems to fit well with the equipment at that time. What is it? If you connect the old RAT or OD-1 with the JCM800, it sounds incredibly comfortable. So it may not be a guitar that everyone likes, but that sounds like that. I would be glad if someone who liked it play. "

At the age of 14, he got a guitar at his friend's house for the first time, and at the age of 15, he asked his parents to buy a guitar, but the next day, all the paint was peeled off and the body was falling apart. He was a junior high school student who had been modified tremolo, pickups, circuits, etc. by fumbling, and used iron stays that were at home like a canna. Since then, all guitars you own will be a production style, componing and customizing what you bought in parts. At the age of 17, the LED was embedded in the position mark and made a glowing neck.

Someday, he began to make guitars from wood, and made use of his experience so far to create works with his own guitar building that uses a large number of original tools. The results of research in other fields, such as painting that can be seen near the grain and the rough neck grip, are also packed with research in other fields, and has a strong commitment to the style that is performed by themselves until the last process.

In 1998, he retired from the apparel planning and production department, which he served for eight years, and went to Canada alone. After returning to Japan, he works for a long -established wind surfing SHOP. On Saturdays and Sundays, we teach wind surfing at sea, and on weekdays, we develop and manufacture windsurfing boards under the same "NobuWorks" brand as the guitar brand name. It is handmade one by one and is produced according to the owner's physique. This board, which clearly disclosed the direction of the world's famous brands, is clearly supported by its layers. In addition, Olympic Windsurfing RS: X -class Men's representative Shinji Tomizawa (Beijing, London) will also maintain board maintenance.

Music activity is the production and performance of music songs for commercials. (Subaru Southern Africa, etc.) In 2011, collaborated with "Claire Johnston" and "Mango Groove" and their song "PARTNER". They are a famous band in South African people who are deeply related to President Nelson Mandela and play a national anthem in the queen Freddy Mercury's memorial concert and sing the national anthem at the ground center in the Rugby World Cup.


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