[第一回] 改造エフェクターコンテスト - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

The first remodeling effector contest
These 30 works that have passed the primary examination!


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The application acceptance has been completed.
Thank you for your many applications.

The final result announcement
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<1> Mr. Kanno's work "ZOOM G2.1NU + external foot switch remodeling"

Can be operated with an external self -made foot switch. There are more opportunities to use at home, and the switch is used for the switch to prevent it from hurting even barefoot. By adding a switch with a simultaneous pressing function, it can be easily shifted to loopers.

<2> Naoki Tanimura's work "Small Stone"

Boldly remodeled the 1980 vintage. Added depth, tone, drive and feedback control. The waveform can be switched to three stages with sawtles, triangular waves, and sine waves with a mini -switch.
* This work will be modified by Soul Power Instruments based on Tanimura's ideas. In addition, Soul Power Instruments has no relationship with this application.

<3> Tomoki Okuyama's work "D & Sii Mod."

A switch is added to the 70's famous D & SII and the clipping diode can be switched to three steps without silicon/germa/clip. In addition, LEDs have been added, and it is possible to turn on/off on True Bypass.

<4> HIROSHI Andrew OHGAKI's work "Orange Squeezer Mod."

Transplanted the familiar Dan Armstrong's Orange Squeezer to BOSS chassis to make it control with your feet. The switching is a mechanical switch type, and a convenient volume control has been added.

<5> Lenheyvan's work "Cry Bear"

Add a motor to the guitar pickup and reproduce the sound of the so -called "drill playing method". You can also adjust the motor sound tone at the motor angle. It is also practical to install a Momental Switch that works only when you step on it.

<6> WHITE EYE PEDALS's work "Lick Muff N"

A model that reproduces the Big Muff of the Ram's head period. Not only the replica, but also adjusts the tone circuit to achieve a thicker tone. "N" of NIPPON is written in connection with the fact that most of them are particular about Japanese parts.

<7> Combustible garbage box's work "BRIGHT MUFF"

Little Big Muff, which was converted into three channels due to digital control. You can switch memory of three types of settings. The setting status is visible with vivid LEDs. The illuminance can also be adjusted.

<8> Hirinzumi Kobo Noriyama's work "DESPARADO"

A model inspired by DynamicoverDrive in the land graph and created by research. It is one of the luxury of the circuit adjustment, as well as the parts and platform.

<9> Salty Guitars's work "Tentoro Distortion"

A model with a unique appearance that you can see at a glance. Originally, it is a cheap effector, but the protrusion on the back is made three -dimensionally, not just paint. A buckwheat bullet is used for the eyes, and it shines slightly in the dark.

<10> Fujimoto's work "OD-2MOD"

The level, tone and gain of both normal and turbo can be set independently. Mode switching can be switched by the switched switch at the top of the pedal, increasing practicality. The housing is also repainted.

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<11> Mr. Sato's work "BOSS MT-2 Mod."

In addition to switching the clipping diode with the switch of the main unit, various clips can be connected to a board that can be replaced with one touch and checked. By connecting the test board of the operational amplifier, you can switch switches on the operational amplifier.

<12> K.Kobayashi's work "Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mod"

Added a booster that can be turned on/off at the end of the wow. By adjusting the output impedance as well as the boost function, the effect on the models to be connected later can be controlled. A bypass method without pop noise is also used.

<13> Konishi's work "Metal Zone CDS"

The middle -focus in the metal zone is an optical sensor, and the frequency changes depending on the strength of brightness. Since the middle is fixed to the full boost, it generates a roaring sound like a ground according to the brightness.

<14> Gen McGinez's work "TUBE SCREAM BISCUITS"

TS -based overdrive contained in a delicious cookie can. The naming of Tube Scream Biscuits also shines. Switch on/off with a registered field instead of a foot switch.

<15> Suritation's work "Boss OS-4"

Write OS-4 and "Oshi". Its name is also sector. The contents are ordinary OS-2, but even if you change the design a little, you may be reborn as a model that you can attach.

<16> LOZ's work "FUZZ FACE MINI MOD."

Modifi that is concerned with parts and wiring materials. Maniac remodeling has been made, such as using wiring materials of different materials in parallel. Psychedelic paint is added to the exterior.

<17> Flying V love Club's work "Everything"

Condenser and wiring material sound quality checker. You can check the sound quality by connecting various materials to the crocodile mouth, and the sound quality when the volume changes with the volume can also be confirmed. There are infinite possibilities depending on the one connected to the crocodile mouth.

<18> Hull's work "Wow Pedal"

Wow painted in a refreshing color. A modifi suitable for the stage where the acrylic plate is installed on the bottom to increase the visibility, and the entire bottom surface shines with the LED. The buffer is also buffer with True Bypass specification.

<19> Noboru Taoda's work "Cosmetics storage box"

From the idea of ​​defeating the effect board more and a bigger Excuse! If you fold it, it will be compact and will you throw a stone in the future effect board design!?

<20> Hideaki Onuki's work "Knockdown"

Knock down the famous machines such as Boss OD-1, Maxon CP-101, and Pearl AD-08. Can be used in AC on the original power supply circuit. The base can be removed and detached and can be used back to the original compact housing.

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<21> TJ MODS's work "Boss OC-2 Bass Edition"

OC-2 arranged for the base. With a thugal switch, you can switch in three stages from sound like synthes to dark bass. Chic brass is used for the control plate.

<22> DIY -sama's work "Digital Adelay"

Added vintage capacitors to digital delay. High cut gives a mellow tone like an analog style. The capacitor is lit up by the added switch.

<23> FFFWORKS's work "Boss CE-2R"

Added effect level control to CE-2. The name of the CE-2R is named for the facts from PH-1 to PH-1R. The arrangement of the tone circuit and the troo -bypass using latches are also applied.

<24> Kobayashi's work "BOSS SD-1/Crybaby"

Boss SD-1 and JEN's Cry Baby Super are half-racked. Each can be used as a single unit and can be used on batteries. It is a half -rack considering the combination with ROCKMAN.

<25> Koske's work "Ping -Pin Generator"

Press the button to sound the "ping -pong", and the sound of "pin" and "pong" can be adjusted with two knobs, yellow and green.
。 You can switch between bypass and ping -pong mode with a foot switch.

<26> Kudo's work "Boss OD-2 Mod."

The tone circuit of the OD-2 is arranged for treble and base control, and switching the turbo mode is also a field. The power supply circuit is also modified, and the exterior is a marble painting based on green.

<27> Sekine's work "Big Muff/BD-2"

The Boss BD-2 base is docked as it is on the BIG MUFF housing. Of course, each is possible, and clean, backing, and leads can be switched with alternative sounds.

<28> "Returned" The idea of ​​"Lost Technology"

Modifi finished with the concept of "the future after 12,000 years." There is a scene where the later mankind solves the mystery of the OD-2 that became an ancient archeological site and revived.
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<29> Dear neighbor's work "Deadpool"

One with a bold decoration. A sword is stuck in the position where the knob was, and the battery box decorates small items full of living. On the bottom is a collage of DeadPool.


One that was born from the respect to the fuzz face. A model that aims from a clean booster that can be used alone, aims from a destructive sound to a stretchy lead tone, and a clean bell sound by a voluminous control.

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Thank you very much for applying and voting.

The results of the examination results and the announcement of each sponsorship prize

December 13 will be held on guitar magazine, our website, and BARKS.

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