[第一回] 改造エフェクターコンテスト - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

The 1st Modified Effectors Contest
These 30 works full of individuality passed the preliminary screening!


Web voting for the second round has started!
We are no longer accepting entries.
Thank you very much for your many applications.

The final results will be announced at
Guitar Magazine, our website, and BARKS, which will be on sale on December 13.
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You can see the details of each piece in the video.
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<1> ZOOM G2.1Nu + external footswitch modification" by Mr. Kanno

The ZOOM G2-1Nu can be operated by an external foot switch. The switch uses the controller buttons of a video game console so that it doesn't hurt even if you are barefoot. The addition of a switch for the simultaneous press function makes it easy to transition to loopers and other functions.

<2> Naoki Tanimura's work "small stone

A bold modification of a 1980 vintage. Depth, tone, drive, and feedback controls were added. The waveform can be switched between sawtooth, triangle, and sine with a mini-switch.
This work was based on Tanimura's idea and modified by Soul Power Instruments. Soul Power Instruments has nothing to do with this submission.

<3> Tomoki Okuyama's work "D&SII Mod.

The D&SII is a famous machine from the 70's with an additional switch that allows the clipping diode to be switched between silicon, gemma, and unclipped in three different steps. Also, an LED has been added and it can be turned on/off with true bypass.

<4> Orange Squeezer Mod." by Hiroshi Andrew OHGAKI

Dan Armstrong's Orange Squeezer is transplanted into a BOSS chassis for foot control. The switch is a mechanical switch, and a convenient volume control has been added.

<5> Cry Bear" by lenheyvan

A motor is attached to a guitar pickup to reproduce the sound of so-called "drilling technique". The angle of the motor allows you to adjust the tone of the motor sound. The momentary switch, which is activated only when you step on it, is also practical.


This model is a reproduction of the BIG MUFF from the RAM'S HEAD period. Not only a replica, the tone circuit has been adjusted to achieve a thicker tone. The "N" of NIPPON is used to represent the fact that most of the parts were made in Japan.

<7> Burnable Garbage can like this "Bright Muff

This digitally controlled 3-channel LITTLE BIG MUFF can switch between 3 different memory settings. The setting status is indicated by bright LEDs. The illumination level can be adjusted.

<8> Harinezumi Kobo Hariyama's work "Desparado

Inspired by Landgraf's Dynamic Overdrive, this model was created after much research. The circuitry, parts, and even the circuit board have been carefully adjusted.

<9> Salty Guitars like work "Ladybug Distortion

This model has a unique appearance that can be recognized at a glance. The back of the distortion is not just painted, but three-dimensionally made. The eyes are made of luminescent BB bullets and glow in the dark.

<10> Fujimoto's work "OD-2MOD

The level, tone, and gain of both normal and turbo modes can be set independently. A switch added to the top of the pedal allows switching between modes, making it even more practical. The chassis has also been repainted.

VideoPart 1

<11> Sato's work "BOSS MT-2 Mod.

The clipping diode can be switched by a switch on the main unit, and various clippers can be connected to a one-touch replaceable board for checking. When an operational amplifier test board is connected, the operational amplifier can also be switched.

<12> Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mod" by K.Kobayashi

A booster that can be turned on and off is added to the second stage of the wah. The output impedance can be adjusted to control the effect on the model connected later. A bypass system without pop noise is also employed.

<13> Konishi's work "Metal Zone CDS

The middle frequency of the Metal Zone is an optical sensor, and the frequency changes with the intensity of the brightness. The middle is fixed at full boost, so it even generates an earth-shaking roar in response to brightness.

<14> Gen McGuinness's work "Tube sCream Biscuits

A TS-type overdrive in a delicious-looking cookie tin, the Tube sCream Biscuits is aptly named. The name "Tube sCream Biscuits" is aptly descriptive of this overdrive, which is turned on and off with a toggle switch instead of a footswitch.

<15> BOSS OS-4" by Scitortion

OS-4 is written "Sushi". It is also called "Sushitortion. It is an ordinary OS-2 inside, but even a slight change in design can transform it into a model that you can love.

<16> Loz's work "Fuzz Face Mini Mod.

This modification was made with a lot of attention to parts and wiring materials. The modification was done in a maniacal way by using different wiring materials in parallel. Psychedelic paint was added to the exterior.

<17> Flying V Lover's Club "Nandemo kun

Sound quality checker for capacitors and wiring materials. You can check the sound quality by connecting various materials to the alligator, and also check the sound quality when the volume is changed by the volume control. It has infinite possibilities depending on what you connect to the alligator.

<18> Hal's work "Wah Pedal

A wah pedal painted in a fresh color. The bottom of the wah has an acrylic plate for visibility, and LEDs light up the entire bottom. True bypass with built-in buffer.

<19> Cosmetics Storage Box" by Futozao Ascending Man

The idea was to use a cosmetics box for the effect board. This is a fortification made from a cosmetic box. It is compact when folded up, and may create a stir in the future of effects board design!

<20> Hideaki Onuki's work "Knockdown

A knockdown of famous machines such as BOSS OD-1, Maxon CP-101, Pearl's AD-08, etc. into a rack type. The original power supply circuit can be used with AC. All the boards are detachable and can be used back in the original compact chassis.

VideoPart 2

<21> BOSS OC-2 Bass Edition" by TJ Mods

OC-2 arranged for bass guitar, with toggle switch for 3 levels from synth bass sound to dark bass sound. The control plate is made of chic brass.

<22> DIY-esque "Digital a Delay".

A vintage capacitor is added to a digital delay. The high cut gives a mellow analog tone. The added switch lights up the capacitor.

<23> fffworks like work "BOSS CE-2R

Effect level control was added to the CE-2, named CE-2R in honor of the legend from PH-1 to PH-1R. The tone circuit was rearranged and latch was used for true bypass.

<24> Kobayashi's work "BOSS SD-1/Crybaby

BOSS SD-1 and Jen's Cry Baby Super are half-racked. Both can be used as stand-alone units or with batteries, and were half-racked for use with ROCKMAN.

<25> Ping Pong Generator" by Kaseke

The yellow and green knobs can be used to adjust the pitch of the "ping pong" and "pong" sounds.
The "Ping Pong Generator" can be bypassed with a footswitch or turned on with a footswitch. The footswitch can be used to switch between bypass and ping-pong mode.

<26> Kudo's work "BOSS OD-2 Mod.

The tone circuit of the OD-2 was rearranged into treble and bass controls, and the turbo mode was toggled. The power circuit was also modified, and the exterior was painted in green marble.

<27> Sekine's work "Big Muff/BD-2

A BOSS BD-2 is docked into a BIG MUFF chassis. Each can be turned on and off, of course, and clean, backing, and lead can be switched with an alternate sound.

<28> Lost Technology" by "Guitar Works" like "Lost Technology".

This modification is based on the concept of "12,000 years in the future. Can the future mankind solve the mystery of OD-2, which has become an ancient ruin, and bring it back to life? A scene is created in which the question is "Can the future mankind solve the mystery of the ancient ruins of OD-2 and revive it?
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<29> Dear Neighbor's entry "Deadpool

A boldly decorated unit. A sword is stuck in the place where the knob used to be, and the battery box is decorated with small objects that give it a lived-in look. The word DEADPOOL is collaged on the bottom.

<30> Valkyrie Spear KENZO's work "Fat Fuzz Booster

This unit was born out of respect for the fuzz face. A clean booster that can also be used alone has been added to this model, aiming for a destructive sound, a smooth lead tone, and even a bell-ringing clean with the volume control.

VideoPart 3

Thank you very much for your submissions and votes.

The results of the judging and the sponsors' awards will be announced at

December 13th in Guitar Magazine, our website, and BARKS.

Please look forward to it.

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