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Hello, this is TC Gakki Inoue.

Here is the February Acoustic Store Campaign!

"Martin Shaded Top(Sunburst/Ambertone) Purchase Campaign!"

This is a sunburst-colored model by Martin, which is predominantly natural!

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Martin D-18 Ambertone
>Beautiful and highest price is 180,000 yen!


Martin D-28 Ambertone
>Beautiful, Best Price: 220,000 yen!


Martin D-35 Ambertone
>Beautiful, best price: 240,000 yen!


Martin 000-28 Ambertone
>Beautiful, best price 240,000 yen!


◎Martin 1970s D-18 Shaded Top


Martin 1970s D-28 Shaded Top


Martin 1970s D-35 Shaded Top


Martin 1970s D-45 Shaded Top


Purchase Period:February 2, 2023 (Thursday) - February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)until February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)!

Beautiful" refers to a nearly new, fully working item with no signs of use and complete with all accessories.
Actual condition may vary depending on the model, age, and specifications.
*Purchase price may vary depending on the detailed model.

Musical instruments that you have,We will buy your instruments at a high price!

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