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Hello, I'm Martin.

I'm Inoue, the acoustic guitarist at TC Musical Instruments.

There is only one month left in the year 2022.
On the acoustic floor, we are going to close out the year with a bang!Big Eventto close out the year.

This year, we have held various fairs such as Showa Headway, Gibson Small Body, Ovation, etc., and the last one we chose wasMartin's flagship model, the D-28.

And it's a D-28."late 1960s vintage."Vintage!

In the 1960's, Martin made many moves to keep up with the acoustic guitar trend, such as the establishment of a new factory, the introduction of the D-35, and the revival of the D-45.
Focusing on the guitar itself, the shape of the headstock was changed, the bridge saddle was changed from long to short, and many other minor specification changes were made.Interesting eraAs was the case with Gibson, Martin is also in a dizzying and interesting period of change for acoustic guitar lovers.

One of the most significant specification changes is theNeck reinforcement (truss rod)One of the most significant specification changes is the neck reinforcement (truss rod).
The Martin D-28 has basically used a T-shaped steel T-bar rod since the prewar 1930s, but in 1967 it was replaced by a square tubular steel square rod.
It is an interesting aspect of the instrument that one material can change the way it sounds, and I feel that the truss rod is one of the major factors.

In the 1990s, however, square-rod models were sometimes re-released as limited editions, and the high-end Authentic series sometimes uses a T-bar rod. In the 1990s, limited editions of square-rod models were sometimes re-released, and in the high-end Authentic series, T-bar rods were sometimes used, and it is true that both types of rod are still very popular today.


This time, we would like to introduce a D-28 Fair from the late 1960s, a transitional period for truss rod changes.

The number,7 pieces.

The fact that Hakaranda is still being used at this time of year is also a major attraction.
Please take this opportunity to feel the sound and appearance of each one, and choose the one you like best that will last a lifetime.


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If you trade in your guitar, we will give you an even better offer!


Fat T-bar rod period
Martin 1967 D-28 #223446



Martin 1967 D-28 #226968



Martin 1967 D-28 #227930



Fat square rod period
Martin 1968 D-28 #232767



Martin 1968 D-28 #237851



Martin 1969 D-28 #245815



Martin 1969 D-28 #246355



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